Questions About Anita Ponder

So, as regular readers know, we’re having a mayors race down here in Macon. One the questions everyone is too polite to ask is whether Macon is ready for City Council President Anita Ponder to be mayor. Most people probably don’t know what the Stonewall Democrats are, but they are having had a fundraiser for Anita in Atlanta. (thanks to nraller for the comment pointing out it happened back in May)

Beyond the progressive possibilities of Macon having its first lesbian mayor, it’s also interesting that Sherman Golden is on the Host Committee. Mr. Golden, a bond attorney, has been retained to help the city with the very unpopular Noble Investment Group hotel deal. While not de facto unethical, a lot of people seem to be unhappy with Mr. Golden participating so directly in the Noble deal and also throwing a fundraiser for Anita Ponder.

[UPDATED:] I’m told that Doug Selby, another one of the hosts, was also actively involved in the hotel deal on behalf of Noble. So is Anita bought and paid for?

[UPDATED 2:] Now, isn’t this a bit more ridiculous? The fundraiser happened back in May and two of the people working on Noble’s behalf were hosts at the fundraiser? That seems improper to me. At least Henry Ficklin is rumored to have given back the money.


  1. nrallen says:

    ummm….just to help you out with your facts…

    The Stonewall Democrats are not having a fundraiser…they HAD a fundraiser for Anita Ponder about a month ago.

    and I could be wrong, but I think saying that the Atlanta Stonewall Democrats hosted a fundraiser could be overstating it. ASD was on the host committee ($250 contribution), but on all of the invitations I received, it said that the fundraiser was hosted by Allen Thornell and Cathy Woolard.

  2. Decaturguy says:

    Hey Erick,

    Why does allowing Stonewall Democrats to host a fundraiser for you automatically make you a lesbian? They have held funraisers for any number of candidates who are not gay or lesiban.

    But even so, what does it matter?

    If she’s hooked in with the hotel deal then go after her, but don’t raise questions about her sexual orientation.

  3. Bill Simon says:


    Maybe next week will be a better one for you and I, but this week continues to be the week I find fault in you:

    “Beyond the progressive possibilities of Macon having its first lesbian mayor,”…

    Does Macon have public orgies in which this might be a problem for YOU personally, Erick?

    What does a “lesbian mayor” have to do with the price of beer at your local Hooters?

  4. liberator says:

    Macon hasn’t had a real public orgy since the Old Sandtrap Lounge closed back in the 80’s! Those were of a heterosexual nature.

  5. katurner says:

    Be careful that you don’t even give the appearance of accusing Anita Ponder of being a lesbian unless she is documented as declaring herself a lesbian or some other credible irrefutable source declared her as such.

    If you meant that there was a possibility of her being a homosexual or that unknown parties would be a lesbian mayor vs. that she was a homosexual and possibibly would be mayor your language should have better reflected this.

    I like you but do be careful.

  6. oh lord, i feel all your pain… now someone is saying there is a picture of Robert Reichert, me and Anita near a rooftop… to understand this, you’d have to read the rooftop story in South Carolina. Anita & Robert know i love them both, as does Lance, Thelma, Arlan, David, Henry & Jack…

    Erick, i think you need a vacation until all this Mercury retrograde stuff passes or maybe take some of TPSoCal’s advice.

  7. But i’m pretty sure that Rev Henry Ficklin is the first to refuse or give back the money in question. (1,000 bucks)…one thing is for sure, he was the first person brave enough to address it on tv. … good job Rev Ficklin and to whomever else refused the campaign contribution from whoever gave it out. you proved to me that you can’t be bought.

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