Help Me Ben Harbin, You’re My Only Hope. . . . Er . . . Nevermind.

Ben Harbin’s legacy, such as it is continues to unwind under the ire of Sonny Perdue. Of course Harbin is not the victim, the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame is.

A committee of local leaders joined forces Wednesday in hopes of finding a way to save the Georgia Golf Hall of Fame’s botanical gardens from its scheduled closure June 30.

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  1. Holly says:

    Oy vey.

    The city of Augusta depends way too much on federal and state money to make the city work, and the Golf Hall of Fame is a prime example. I’m quite proud that some of the business community has stepped up to maintain Augusta Golf & Gardens , because it is a pretty area. However, I’m not sorry that the Golf Hall of Fame project was vetoed from the state budget. If we can’t finance it by ourselves, we don’t need it.

    The same should be true for other recreational and entertainment venues / groups around the state. That is not the responsibility of the state government. If anything, it should be locally or privately funded.

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