Georgia Will Never Be The Same Again

This morning, Larry Munson told the Atlanta Journal Constitution that because of health challenges, he will most likely only be calling the play – by – play for the Bulldogs’ home games at Sanford Stadium.  Scott Howard will call the road games.

H/T AJC, Chip Towers


  1. Donkey Kong says:

    Ok, Buzz, you showed a lot of class by your support or Larry Munson. I’ll take the low road. I laughed really, really hard when I heard about the wreck of your Wreck. Seems it follows in stride with the status of your football team……

  2. Buffalo Bob says:

    I am a die hard GA fan, and think that Munson is the best. But, if someone has to fill in for him Scott Howard is the best choice.

  3. Seth Millican says:

    Scott Howard is a good choice.

    Buzz, you should count your blessings that Reggie’s also no longer around to lower Tech’s aggregate GPA by .27…

  4. Three Jack says:

    Where are the pictures? Georgia fans will undoubtedly contribute to the repair fund if pics offered.

  5. liberator says:

    I’m a proud UGA Grad 1977! We went to the Sugar Bowl that year and unfortunately lost to Pitt and Tony Dorsett. We won the SEC that year. Munson is the greatest of all time. The man is a legend. May he get better. A UGA game being called without Larry would never be the same.

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