Johnny, Judson, Cecil, Bill, and Me

You’re just going to have to excuse this tedious post.

The other day, I put up two different posts at Peach Pundit. In one, I openly questioned whether Johnny Iaskson had gotten a sweet committee spot in exchange for his vote in favor of cloture on immigration. I asked “Was Johnny Bribed?” I was mistaken and, as soon as I realized it, updated the post to make it clear, writing, “It looks like Johnny was not only not bribed, but may vote against the bill.”

Additionally, I put up a post the other day entitled simply, “Senator Hill.” As I indicated in the comments, the reason I put up the post was that I had a conversation with some friends who have become downright hostile toward Senator Hill. This was followed by an unrelated tip line post hurling wild invective in Senator Hill’s direction. Lastly, another friend of mine, a lobbyist, sent me an email going on a tirade against Senator Hill. These three things were not related, but having all happened on the same day, I figured it was worth an open thread wondering what was up to be getting all the hate toward Senator Judson Hill.

Unfortunately, Bill Simon used the opportunity to pee on Peach Pundit over his outrage that I’d dare accuse Johnny Isakson of being bribed. First, he openly speculated about whether I would or would not publish information related to Senator Cecil Staton having an affair. To be sure, Bill was not accusing Senator Staton of that, just wondering if I would put up something like that. Well, several people took Bill seriously and assumed Bill and I were discussing something of this sort. Then, Bill, digging in further at my “Was Johnny Bribed” post, has littered several threads speaking as fact that my original “Senator Hill” post was originally entitled in a way to accuse Senator Hill of bribery — something that has not been suggested by anyone, unless Bill is suggesting it.

This is all to say, I understand the point Bill is making about my “Was Johnny Bribed” post. Unfortunately, a lot of people have taken as truth Bill’s assertion that Judson Hill was found guilty of bribery (he was not and no one has made that allegation) and other things.

Hopefully we can put this matter to bed now and those of you under some mistaken impressions are now clear.

[UPDATE:] Bill actually now asserts that I did change the title about Senator Judson Hill being investigated for bribery. In fact, I absolutely did not do that. Now, this gets into technical wizardry, but here’s the deal: when we post something here at Peach Pundit, and I assume every other WordPress v.2.0 blog works the same way, the link generated to the original post will stay the same regardless of how you change the title. So, for example, in this post, were I to go back and change the title to 3 Senators and Bill’s Crazy Allegation, the link to the post would remain even though the title was now changed to something else.

As you can see from this: the original title was and remains “Senator Hill.”

Bill, apparently, is off his meds.


  1. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    People really need to learn how to read carefully. Geez, I really think it all started with Dumbass Douglas and his rant about how you were being irresponsible…blah blah blah.

  2. rightofcenter says:

    I do believe that I was the person who first mentioned “Judson Hill” and “bribery” in the same sentence, and it was done as a joke ( in a reference to the Isakson thread). The heading for the original post said nothing about bribery.

  3. Jason Pye says:

    Geez, I really think it all started with Dumbass Douglas and his rant about how you were being irresponsible…blah blah blah.

    That was uncalled for.

  4. andrew_claxton says:

    “…I figured it was worth an open thread wondering what was up to e getting all the hate toward Senator Judson Hill.”

    Should anyone be surprised or concerned that a lobbyist is frustrated and angry with Senator Judson Hill? Or should anyone really be concerned that an anonymous, overheated e-mail was sent to your tip line about the man?

    It is characteristic of most of our strongest leaders to garner some enemies along the way. I would be more than happy to have those e-mails forwarded to me so that Senator Hill can resolve the problem.

    What is absolutely unacceptable however is to besmirch a man’s character anonymously and without any basis. I think that it is absolute cowardice and immaturity on the part of those that have made these suggestions. Erick, for you to steer a discussion in this direction with vague and unspecific charges is irresponsible.

  5. Seth Millican says:

    LIMH – thanks for the compliment, but I’m going to have to fight you on this one.

    Wordnet defines a dumbass as “an utterly stupid person.”

    Just because Douglas is right wing and might disagree with you doesn’t make him a dumbass. He graduated from North Georgia and got his masters from Mercer. No thoroughly stupid person can do that.

    Douglas served in the United States Army for 17 years. I don’t care how much you may personally dislike him but you should respect his service and his office.

    Disagree with him and say that he’s wrong all day long: that’s what we’re here for. Back off the arsenic laced personal stuff.

  6. Erick,

    Which industry group is angry at Judson?

    Judson Hill Committee Membership

    Health and Human Services
    Reapportionment and Redistricting – Chairman

    Special Judiciary – Secretary
    Transportation – Ex-Officio
    Urban Affairs

  7. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Seth. I actually don’t disagree with him all that much on many issues. But I do think he gives conservatives a bad image with his balck and white analysis, liberal/conservative analysis, activist/conservative judge analysis….it’s just so tiring. And yes, I do respect him for his service, how could I not? And I do think that I’m much too harsh on him…but, I still think he’s a dumbass.

  8. ToddH says:


    “Just because Douglas is right wing and might disagree with you doesn’t make him a dumbass. He graduated from North Georgia and got his masters from Mercer. No thoroughly stupid person can do that.”

    Maybe, but Bush graduated from Yale and he can’t put a coherent sentence together. College degree no equal smarts.

    “Douglas served in the United States Army for 17 years. I don’t care how much you may personally dislike him but you should respect his service and his office.”

    Before I reached my U.S. Army unit there was a guy, a sergeant, who had served for nearly eight years and he was caught in Central America having sex with a twelve year old girl. Should I respect him based solely on his military service, or should I base it upon his totality as a human being. I hate when people automatically demand respect just b/c someone served in the U.S. military. Respect is earned by accomplishments and not titles. It isn’t his military service that should demand respect, it would be what he did while he served, or it should only be one aspect of why he deserves respect.

  9. Seth Millican says:

    Totality as a human being, eh?

    Todd, do you know Senator Douglas? Not have you shook his hand, but have you observed and interacted with him?

  10. Buffalo Bob says:

    Yes, John Douglas is a very smart man and he deserves respect for his service to the country. But, he does and says some very stupid things sometimes. I wonder if sometimes he just does dumb things for attention and media coverage??

  11. Jeff Emanuel says:

    What is absolutely unacceptable however is to besmirch a man’s character anonymously and without any basis. I think that it is absolute cowardice and immaturity on the part of those that have made these suggestions. Erick, for you to steer a discussion in this direction with vague and unspecific charges is irresponsible.

    Go read the original post. That wasn’t done and you know it.

  12. 2nd attempt to post comment:

    Which Industry Group was riled up at Judson?

    Sentor Judson Hill
    Committee Membership

    Health and Human Services
    Reapportionment and Redistricting – Chairman
    Special Judiciary – Secretary
    Transportation – Ex-Officio
    Urban Affairs

  13. andrew_claxton says:


    Rightofcenter, Know Nothing and Loyalty all took part, whether in jest or not. I am not going to rehash their statements or try to explain how all of this was specifically irresponsible, it should be self-evident.

    The original post was an open-ended invitation to criticize a state senator based on Erick’s vague rumors. Fortunately there were only a very few insipid comments against the senator. Most readers realize that it was a generally tasteless sort of specualtion usually reserved for old-ladies in knitting circles.

  14. Jumpin Jimminy Andy,

    Very bad form on your closing sentence.

    This place has gone from accusations of accusations of accusations of slander & libel to slandering & libeling all elderly women who knit, sew flags and such…

    Andy, Yo Momma wore knit one, pearl two, yellow booties under her combat boots, or maybe she made you wear them, which would explain your closing argument!

    p.s. here is one defintion of pundit, we have the “authoritative manner” down pat, now let’s work on our precision of execution…

    1. a learned person, expert, or authority.
    2. a person who makes comments or judgments, esp. in an authoritative manner; critic or commentator.

  15. Thanks Erick.

    If the Health Care “INSURANCE” industry is yelling at Judson, that’s a feather in his cap. Especially after his 40,000 page attempted HC Ins Legislation which got hammered early on.

    Can’t say the same if it’s just the little ole “Health Care Industry” peons that actually do the menial and subordinate tasks of saving people’s lives and such, yelling at him…

    dang those comma placement rules…

    This deserves further observation. Please ask the lobbyist to pick a fake name and step up to the open debate in Georgia Government debate.

    hope to see ya at city council cmte meetings today,


  16. andrew_claxton says:


    The entire Healthcare industry? That is curious, I didn’t know that hospitals (GHA), doctors (MAG), health insurers, pharmacists, dentists (GDA/GDHA), health maintenance orgs (HMO) and pharmaceutical companies all had the same interests.

    The entire healthcare industry is angry with him? Erick, that stretching noise is your credibility…

  17. CobbGOPer says:

    Andy (AKA The Blade),

    You still in town? Give me and Steve a call, brother, we need to get some beers.

  18. Bill Simon says:

    Wow…speaking of being off one’s meds…

    1) Yes, you CAN change a title on WordPress after you’ve posted it in one way. It’s called “editing”…

    2) If your original post on Judson Hill was so innocent and innoculous, what do you think prompted my post on Cecil Staton? A simple post titled “Senator Hill…what’s up with him”?

    3) If the post was so innocently titled, what would cause Brian Laurens’ post to read: “Poor taste Erick.”?

    What would be in “poor taste” as something merely titled “Senator Hill?”

    Here’s Brian’s post-link:

    WHICH, as an FYI, I now have a copy of because, again, titles of articles can be changed in WordPress without changing the Time-and-Date Stamp.

    Erick, you used the word “bribery” in the original title of the Judson Hill post which caused my post and all subsequent posts to it.

  19. Bill Simon says:

    Follow-up post:

    I just edited the title of my Mike Jacobs post from yesterday…I added the word “testy” to the title.

    As you can see, the Time-and-Date Stamp of the original post did not change:

    This entry was posted by Bill Simon, on Tuesday, June 19th, 2007 at 10:10 am and is filed under Rumors.

    Here’s the link to the article, just in case you think I make this stuff up:

  20. Apologies probably accepted Andy, 🙂

    You can see them ebil, darning, wimmenfolk in action at:

    She even won the sexy shoe contest at age 77. And her credo was “She who dies with the most yarn wins.”

    Which reminds me of a true yarn. While subsitute teaching our 8th grade Latin Class, circa 1971, my Mom made the whole Stratford B team football crew
    learn to do needlepoint, over the course of a week… I hear some of them still do subscalpo cuspis…

    carpe georgia vexillum,
    p.s. a wool gathering mind is a good thing…

  21. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Bill, are you serious? Read it again. You can change the title, however, the url does not change.

    Your own example proves this: you added the word to the title of your Jacobs post (and it shows up as the new title), but the url retains only the original title. Take a look at it.

    Come on, Bill. There really is no “there” there, and I think that if you re-read this thread — including your own example — you’ll see that.

    Andrew, what the heck is wrong with you? Are you being thick on purpose, or do you have a severe reading-comprehension disorder? Read Erick’s response to Vic’s question. Read Vic’s question. Put the two together. If you really think that Erick was saying “The entire healthcare industry” is complaining about Sen. Hill, rather than “all the complaints about Sen. Hill came from the Healthcare industry,” then I highly recommend you enroll in your nearest Sylvan Learning Center or Montessori School and go over the whole “reading” and “comprehending” thing.


  22. Doug Deal says:


    Look at the first post by “rightofcenter”, he clearly states…

    “Yes, I heard he was accused of bribery.
    Don’t know any other details. “

    If Erick had ALREADY accused him of bribery instead of just saying that there was a lot of hate in the tip line, why would “rightofcenter” suggest that it was due to bribery accusations? Instead, any normal human being would have written “I heard that too” or something to suggest agreement with the OP.

    Instead of creating some complicated conspiracy theory, why not go with the easier answer that you misread his title, or attributed the first reply to him?

  23. andrew_claxton says:


    Thanks for explicating Erick’s comments and throwing in the ad hominem attacks for good measure.

    What you miss is that some of us are asking WHICH pressure group is angry with the senator. There is no such thing as a monolithic “healthcare industry” lobby in Georgia.

    As Victorat pointed out, it matters greatly exactly which group in the healthcare industry is mad at him.

  24. andrew_claxton says:


    As far as: “what the heck is wrong with you?”

    I would say that I suffer from too many night jumps, damn PLF’s! But as CobbGOP pointed out my nickname is “the Blade” so I manage to stay sharp, sans Montessori!

  25. rightofcenter says:

    Doug is right, and let me state for the record that I am a “normal human being.”

  26. TPSoCal says:

    As a disinterested third party and someone who doesn’t know anyone from this site, let me throw in my 2 cents. I remember the original post and there was no mention of bribery in the title. At first I thought the post was about Hillary Clinton (Senator Hill). If I had read bribery with the post, I would have clicked on it with glee! I have to side with Erick on this one.

    Boy, people are moody today.

  27. TPSO, bounce this off of our left coast buddies first, but mercury is retrograde for a few weeks, which is going to magnify the moodniness and conglobulated conversation, or so they say. 🙂

  28. TPSoCal says:

    Oh, I can fix that problem…just put 7 crystals in a felt bag and wear it around your neck. Then fashion some tinfoil in the shape of a pyramid and wear it as a hat. Trust me, that last thing you will be is moody. 🙂

  29. Bill Simon says:


    I saw what I saw. Now, whether it was IN the title OR in the first paragraph of his post, Erick used the term “bribery” in conjunction with “Judson Hill” and he CITED his “Tip Line” as his source.

    AND, he changed it after about 24 hours of it being up there.

  30. Donkey Kong says:

    Hey now, I feel hurt. No one has slung any mud at me in this clothesline of dirty laundry. Doesn’t anyone on this blog hate me too??????

    I was trying to think about who I could trash just to get in on the fun, but nobody has ticked me off lately. Man, I feel left out. 🙁

  31. UGA Wins 2006 says:

    Many of the regulars here on Peach Pundit remind me of loud Chihuahuas, trying to impress with noise, trying to look important with struting, but making no impact whatsoever and coming off as nothing more than damned fools and idiots.

  32. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Andrew_Claxton, that’s why it pays to jump HALO, my friend 😉

    Not kidding. The only reason to do basic ABN is to get to HALO — and once you’ve done that, you never, ever want to do the T-10/PLF gig again.

  33. meaculpa says:

    In defense of John Douglas:

    a) He is not Mike Crotts. Thank GOD.

    b) Whether you think he is whacky or not, he stands on principle, and seldom waivers from his principles. That, to me, is commendable … and somewhat rare in our General Assembly.

    c) He doesn’t compromise his position (watched him upclose) for the sake of political expediency.

    d) He had the guts, when no other Senator did, to tell the NRA that their bill to criminalize business/property policies against firearms on their land was bad policy and excessive government regulation, and that the NRA was acting like “hysterical teenage girls.”

    e) He speaks his mind. As with all of us, sometimes that’s good and sometimes we say things we later wish we hadn’t, or wished we’d said differently.

    But I credit Sen. Douglas for being “in the arena” and willing to speak his mind candidly.

    About how many of our legislators can you say this?

  34. debbie0040 says:

    Let me see if I understand this.

    Judson stood up to a health care lobbyist and this angered the lobbyist.

    This angered the lobbyist so much that he took advantage of his so called friendship with a well respected and well known blogger to start false and unfounded rumors about Sen. Hill as retribution.

    WAY TO GO JUDSON!!!! Keep standing up to the lobbyists and keep making them angry.

    I would imagine Judson and other State Senators have a pretty good idea who this lobbyist is. Word of advice to this lobbyist – avoid the State Senate for a while.

  35. Romegaguy says:

    Watching Debbie applaud people for standing up to lobbyists is rather bizarre. Obviously this wasnt the case for the person she supported in the Lt Gov’s race last year…

  36. Donkey Kong says:

    Thanks Icarus. I feel much better now.

    I’ve been involved in politics long enough to not be surprised by all the personal attacks and vicious hatred within the party, but it kills me to read this crap. What’s wrong with you people?? Seriously. I love this blog, and I know some of you well. I’m glad to see that my friends on this blog are taking the high road. Bill Simon, Loyaltyanddecencyisabsent, its people like you that drive good people from being active in our party. I don’t mean it personal. But would it kill you to be cordial to others? You never, ever change people by pissing them off. You never, ever produce positive results by shooting ad hominems like Kobe Bryant on game day. If you care more about the cause and the party than your personal vendettas, you’ll try to reform through personal relationships and cordiality, letting your kindness and reason win the day, rather than your vile contempt.

  37. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Geez Donkey Kong, all I did was call Douglas a Dumbass and pointed out the things about him I don’t like because Seth wanted to know why I would call him a Dumbass. I didn’t attack his family, falsely accuse him of any crimes, or questioned his morals or passion. I just don’t like his style.

    For God’s sake, the man was in the military and I’m sure he had to put up with a lot worse BS and flak from his superiors than from me calling him a silly name. That said, I will refrain from calling Douglas or Hill anymore names.

  38. Donkey Kong says:


    Its just simply not productive. I do have some problems with a number of state politicians, but what good does it do ANYONE to call them epithets on a blog under a pseudonym? If you think someone else can do a better job, find him/her, get him/her to run, and help them win. Reform from within instead of trashing from without.

    Thank you for your pledge to maintain cordiality. I think if we all follow this standard, our party will be much stronger for it.

  39. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    Donkey Kong, no problem. But PLEASE, stop rolling wooden barrels at me! Too tired to jump anymore.

  40. Bill Simon says:


    You said this: “Reform from within instead of trashing from without.

    Really? Isn’t that how the Politburo worked?

    Except, if you “trashed from within,” that usually got you shot.

    Sorry, Dude/Dudette, but appearing to “worship in public while gnashing one’s teeth in private” may have been good for the dems, but, we GOPers feel the “right to free speech” includes the right to publicly disagree, as well as publicly assail our esteemed elected public servants (sic).

    Not all of us have time to go find a candidate to run against someone.

  41. Donkey Kong says:

    Hey there Bill.

    Your points are absurd. My post had nothing to do with free speech and constitutional rights, and everything to do with self restraint in the name of cordiality for the sake of building a united and strong movement.

    “Not all of us have time to go find a candidate to run against someone. ”

    Bill, it doesn’t matter whether you care about politics, or if you do, how much you care, unless you have the courage to act. The same goes for me, for Erick, for Jeff, for everyone, even for Bull Moose. IT DOESN’T MATTER. What do our political beliefs matter if we sit at home and do nothing?

    The real question, though, is: What do our political beliefs matter if we are not reforming and deriving positive change? That’s the issue at hand. I’m saying that your hostile approach destroys your credibility, and then no one listens to you. Disagreement with someone that violates conservative principles is good. But you attack personally. If you have a problem with the way a politician votes, get rid of them. Period. You won’t change politician by calling them names, and your tirades on this blog only turn people off to your points that are occasionally sound. Simply put, if you care about the movement, start acting. Get involved in your local GOP. And then bring your neighbors in. If you go to church, bring your fellow church members. We are Republicans because we believe something, and its our responsibility to bring those around us to understand why the GOP holds the principles that are best for our nation.

    I know what you’re going to say: the GOP ticks me off, they are losing their conservative spine. Bill, if you recruit 10 families to your local GOP, guess what. You now have some clout within your local GOP, because your recruits will likely support your efforts for reform. Let’s say those 10 families each recruit 3 new families. That’s a total of 40 families in your local GOP that will likely support your efforts. Get my point? The pyramid of support keeps growing. Get people involved. Get them interested. And reform from within.

  42. Bill Simon says:


    FYI, by me getting GOOD people elected to office, that in itself acts to recruit more families than “10.”

    So, I DO do my part…and, I reckon I do it more effectively than you do.

  43. Holly says:

    Bill, the funny thing about statements like that is you never can be sure who you’re talking to with a pseudonym. You might well be surprised. 🙂

  44. Donkey Kong says:

    Its a circular process Bill. You get good people elected by having the majority of the voters wanting good people. That is accomplished by recruiting the right type of people. And then, good candidates just attract even more good people, and the cycle continues. The best place to start is with the base. The rest will follow.

    Haha, maybe you do, Bill. Though I’m just getting warmed up! 🙂 Who do you think can recruit more people faster?

    BTW, which county GOP are you in? Maybe I’ll run into you sometime!

  45. Holly says:

    Can’t, Bill. I don’t out IDs here. I will tell you Donkey Kong definitely does his / her share for the conservative movement in Georgia, and I’m glad to know him / her and count him / her as a friend. 🙂

    Also, since Donkey Kong is reading this thread, I’ll mention again that I want him / her to come to Augusta for the 72-hour push in July.

  46. Bill Simon says:


    I’ll be at the Cobb BBQ on July 4th. You mentioned in another post that you will be there.

    Lots of people who I know will be there, so they will be able to point me out…but will you have the courage to “out” yourself to me? 🙂

  47. Donkey Kong says:


    Thanks for the compliments. I’m honored to count you as a friend as well. And you can count on me being there. I’ve been in Chicago this week for my job and had to prep for it over the weekend; I was disappointed I couldn’t make it to the last 72-hour push.


    Come get some popcorn or cotton candy and we’ll get to meet. But you’ll have to buy one of the two before I tell you my name 🙂

  48. LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

    All this talk about Him/her she/he and coming out has got me thinking I’m on the wrong blog. 🙂

  49. recalling Eric’s original title something like, “what’s up with Judson?”

    then rightof center chimed in and everything went into the sewer from there… and 64 posts later…

  50. MarkedExcess says:

    Do you think Konop has a point about Erick using the Pundit for baseless attacks?

    “Erick Erickson founder of the PeachPundit and executive at has used his popular political blog to attack people for sport and to drive readership. It is one thing to point out flaws in policy differences, but to personally go after people with no facts or on flimsy rumors is wrong.”

    “Erick admitted to posting a nasty rumor about State Representative Judson Hill based on nothing more than an e-mail from someone he does not know. This would be the same as if I got one random e-mail claiming Erick Erickson had beat his wife and I posted it is a discussion piece.”

    “Erickson has pattern of this kind of irresponsible behavior; attacking based on rumors with no purpose other than to destroy reputations.”

    “Erick also accused Senator Isakson of taking the coveted fiancé committee as a bribe for his support of the immigration bill. The only problem with Erick’s fantasy is Isakson got appointed to the thankless ETHICS committee, which very few Senators want. A blogger with “ETHICS” would have taken down the post and sent an apology to Senator Isakson.”

    “I have been very outspoken about my disagreements with congressmen like Isakson on our immigration and trade policies. But to falsely attack the personal character of Senator Isakson, as well as State Senator Justin Hill, on baseless rumors and without facts is flat out wrong!”

    “I encourage you send an e-mail to Erick asking him to stop using his website as a tabloid with the intent of destroying people’s career based on his whims. “

  51. Donkey Kong says:

    No, I don’t think he has a point. Konop has consistently demonstrated he’s more interested in pathetic personal attacks than in dealing with the issues.

  52. Bill Simon says:


    Ohhh…I see…are you one of those folks who curls-up in a ball when dear Tom Price gets assailed for his voting record in Congress?

  53. Bill Simon says:


    Konop assailed Price’s voting record all last summer. That is what he was known for…so, though DK did not mention Price by name, that is who he/she was referring to with regards to Konop “peronally attacking” someone.

    Lazy-minded politicos always resort to accusing someone of making “personal attacks” when, in fact, they have no other defense for the truthful and accurate attacks on their political record.

  54. Donkey Kong says:


    You really shouldn’t assume. Know what happens when you do?

    I was referring to Konop’s personal attacks on this site. I didn’t really follow his challenge to Price, and though I heard some about how his attacks on Price were unfounded and inappropriate, since I never saw them first-hand, I can’t really comment on them. His behavior on PP, similar to yours, Bill, tends to cross the line of decency and intellectual discussion and enters the realm of personal attacks.

  55. Bill Simon says:


    John Konop recently regained posting privileges to PeachPundit. So, I’m kind of curious as to how, in so brief a span of time, you could conclude that John Konop is “personally attacking” anyone?

    If it was Erick, then it was only playing the game of “How does it feel to have your character maligned” that Konop was engaging in.

    How interesting that you completely gloss-over the comments made by Rpolitic.

    You remind me of Jimmy Carter who looks at the current situation in the Middle-East and blames Israel for attacking Palestinians after the Palestinians have spend months shelling Israel and feeding suicide bombers into their cities.

  56. Donkey Kong says:


    Obviously you don’t know what happens when you assume. The saying is that you make an @ss out of you and me. Though, admittedly, you are only making an @ss out of yourself.

    You assume I’m new to PP. I’ve been a PP reader for quite some time, including during the time of Konop’s primary challenge against Price when Konop posted regularly on PP. That’s how/when I came to this conclusion.

    I have realized that it is a complete waste to speak with you, because regardless of what I say, you assume the worst, all for someone you haven’t met. My first assessment of you was correct–it really is people like you that kill our party. Good riddance, Bill.

  57. Bill Simon says:


    Based on your immediately previous post, I did not “assume” anything, but nail it right on.

    You just admitted “I’ve been a PP reader for quite some time, including during the time of Konop’s primary challenge against Price when Konop posted regularly on PP. That’s how/when I came to this conclusion.”

    Prior to that post, you said “I was referring to Konop’s personal attacks on this site. I didn’t really follow his challenge to Price, and though I heard some about how his attacks on Price were unfounded and inappropriate, since I never saw them first-hand, I can’t really comment on them.”

    My assumption was dead-on. You concluded everything about Konop based on his political challenge to Price. You equated his challenges to Price to be “personal attacks.”

    But first you lied, and then you answered the truth.

    Me “destroying the party?” Hardly. I just don’t like putting up with liars. Like, say, people like you.

  58. Donkey Kong says:


    Once again, you assume. I had a problem not with his attacks on Price, because I wasn’t following that race. It wasn’t exactly considered a serious challenge. Regardless, My problem with him was with how he talked to the other bloggers, with contemptuous arrogance. I formed my opinion during the primaries, but not because of Price. So no, I didn’t lie. You assume the worst about everyone. What’s that say about you?

  59. John Konop says:

    Donkey Kong

    Do you think this is personal or about issues?

    Please tell me why you support Tom Price knowing his voting record and support of out of control spending and big government failed programs?

    Out of Control Spending

    Tom Price has not found a pork bill he did not like: from the Highway Bill with its Bridge to Nowhere to the Energy Bill that gave billions to oil companies away while gas prices soar.

    Tom’s irresponsible spending has put America close to $9 trillion in the red. The General Accounting office has warned Price that his addiction to pork spending will bankrupt our country.


    Tom Price is a strong supporter of the scandal-ridden, pork-filled No Child Left Behind legislation. Any honest school administrator will tell you this Big Government program has failed our kids and driven school expenses way up. The only winners are corporate lobbyists (who buy support for the program though campaign donations).

    Tom Price does the bidding of his globalist, corporate masters by falsely claiming we need more unfair trade, more outsourcing (to countries like China and India), and more immigration to:

    Fake Job Ads defraud Americans to secure green cards


  60. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Hi there, John Konop. Yep, me again — amazing how people can read multiple threads on this site. So you say that you’re just Mr. Civility here at PP — always have been — and that DK saying that he has had a low opinion of you for quite a while is all “spin no facts”?

    My, how brief your memory is. I seem to recall having to write you a letter on the front page last year suggesting that you stop being an ass to everybody on this board if you actually wanted them to listen to, and vote for, you. Clearly you didn’t listen.

    You want examples of your incivility from wayback? (Bill, listen up — here is why DK dislikes Konop, and it has nothing to do with Price or with Israel) Here are just a couple examples: look here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here, and here
    — just for starters anyway. Need more? We can rustle ’em up in no time.

    Cut the crap, folks. Bill not everybody who thinks Konop is an ass loves Price or hates Israel. Fact is, Konop is an ass.

    And not everything’s about Israel or anti-Semitism. You won’t find much stauncher a supporter of “the Zionist entity” than yours truly — I’ve worked with AIPAC, and will actually be traveling to Israel later this summer — but I still recognize (a) that Konop’s an ass, and (b) that Erick never changed a single thing about his Judson Hill post.

    Bill, like I said — I’ve never had a reason to dislike or to lie to you. Why in the world would I start that now?

  61. Bill Simon says:


    My comment about DK and the analogy about Jimmy Carter and Israel was just that: an analogy, not a presumption of anti-Semitism.

    I could have used the Rodney King incident where if none of the previous 15 minutes of the tape were ever shown, then, yeah, it looked like rogue cops just went on a beating spree.

    I used the Jimma Carter analogy because that was the freshest in my mind.

    Konop is a pain in the ass sometimes, as am I. BUT, as far as the Judson Hill post goes, it may not be that you are lying per se, but that you saw the post AFTER Erick had changed his words on it, and you wish to bolster Erick’s story that there was never anything wrong with his original post.

    The reason why Erick will not admit it now is that it would open the door to a libelous charge. Which is the reason why he decided to alter the original post.

    MAN, I am tired of having to repeat myself…but, I will keep repeating myself on this every time it is brought up.

  62. Jeff Emanuel says:

    And you’ll continue being wrong. I saw the post from the moment it went up, as did many others. I’m sorry, Bill, but when the only man standing with you is John Konop, it may be time to reassess.

  63. Bill Simon says:

    Jeff, Part 2

    You term Konop’s posts of




    and, likely every other one you cite as Konop engaging in “uncivil discourse.” Demonbeck didn’t appear to be floored by the dialogue.

    If “personal attacks” means challenging someone on their arguments, then I guess every conversation anyone has with anyone where they don’t say “Yes, I agree 100% with you” is someone engaging in uncivilized discourse.

    I wish William F. Buckley was still taping debating shows…THEN you’d recognize good debating with clever ways to hide “Jane, you ignorant slut” rebuttals.

  64. Rpolitic says:

    Why look for facts now. YOu and bill use them as an option.

    FACT John Konop can not get attention for his blog so he advertise here with trash

    FACT John Konop can not get a radio show by merit he pays for it. So that makes it more of an infomercial for his blog.

    FACT Bill Simon was a consultant for Konop

    FACT John Konop spent an entire meeting and even distributed flyers attacking a member of the Cherokee GOP because no would pay attention to his campaign against T0m Price

    Those are the facts besides the one that really says it all 83-17 FACT

  65. Bill Simon says:

    Robert Trim, Part 2,

    Have you told your girlfriend/candidate that you’re a well-known jackass in Cherokee County? And, that her race for Sheriff will not be one based on any issues, but your relationship with her?

  66. John Konop says:


    You sound like you came from the Robert Trim School of journalism.

    The truth hurts sometimes.

    If you are that blind you cannot see the difference I will pray for you.

  67. John Konop says:


    I did something right in Cherokee gettting close to 30% of the vote!

    For a person with no name recognition most said that was very good in your business.
    As far as the radio show we are up 360% in ratings!

    BTW thank you for listening to the radio show on WGKA 920 Saturday 2 to 3 PM!

  68. Holly says:

    If you are that blind you cannot see the difference I will pray for you.

    Full disclosure: I work at a church.

    That said, I really dislike that comment. If you want me to truly believe you’re a committed person of faith, do not hurl it as an insult. That’s disrespectful to actual people of faith.

    I’m done with these threads about John Konop. I don’t know him and don’t care about this bruhaha that’s gone beyond petty. I’ll still be reading other threads, though.

  69. Rpolitic says:

    Are you jealous? Tired of the inflatable date you keep in the closet?

    Bill I will stack my record on races to yours any day.
    And the fact that I have real women as girlfriends not ones made of latex

  70. Donkey Kong says:

    Jeff said it better than I ever could. Thank you Jeff.


    Was that from an old press release?

    Anyway, I’m sitting in the Chicago airport talking to a member of our armed forces waiting to receive the remains of a deceased American soldier coming home from Iraq. Sorry Bill, John, I’d much rather converse with him. Good day.

  71. Donkey Kong says:

    Oh, and btw, Bill, meant to mention before. If you still want to meet me, one of the two guys selling popcorn and cotton candy knows who I am. I’ll be all over the place at the BBQ, but if you ask them for Donkey Kong, they will call me and we can try to meet up. After you make a purchase, of course! And, one of those two is another PP poster! So, you might be able to meet two PP posters in one day! How fun!

  72. Donkey Kong says:


    I laughed really hard when I read your response: “Thanks Bill.” It’s perfect. Reminds me of the way a parent talks to a child when the child tries to call the parent dumb. “Yeah, thanks Donkey,” my father would say. A spanking would soon follow. Seems like ol’ Bill Simon could have used a few more of them back in the day.

  73. Donkey Kong says:

    (Oh, and Bill, I mean the above in the best possible way. No one outgrows their need for a good beating, just their ability to get it without fighting back.)

  74. debbie0040 says:

    I don’t know what happened with the post , but I do know one thing –
    Bill Simon despises Judson Hill almost as much as he does ASH. He would not be pressing the issue if he did not believe it was true.

    Can’t you all just forget about all of this and let’s move on more important things? Like the Immigration Bill and the dirty tricks Trent Lott, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, John McCain have planned to move this bill forward.

    “According to a report published by Kathryn Jean Lopez on National Review’s website:

    We expect Reid, in conjunction with support from McConnell, Lott and Grand Bargainers Kyl, Martinez, Graham and McCain, to introduce a brand new piece of legislation – and use Rule 14 to put the bill immediately on the Senate calendar without going thru committee – which of course, the first bill did not do as well.”

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