Whitehead and Marlow(?) In a Runoff

I tire of this race. Whitehead has won, but not enough to get by without a runoff. I suspect Mr. Marlow will make it into a runoff with him.

I am now tuning out.


  1. GabrielSterling says:

    It’s 9:07 and with the boxes that are still out I think Broun may actually squeak past Marlow.

    half of Columbia being the biggest set of precincts out.

    Also Whitehead will get to about the 43% mark, which is what I think they were anticipating.

  2. Icarus says:

    Marlow barely beat Broun in Richmond County? Looks like it will be an R vs. R runoff. The dems in this state need to regroup, again.

  3. John Walraven says:

    Its 10:13 now and all but the absentees are in from Columbia Co. District-wide, its 32 votes in favor of Marlow to make the runoff over Broun. A good chunk of the Habersham Co. precints are still out. Other than that, its absentees. What’ll happen? Will Democrat absentee-voting efforts (were there any?) consolidate their absentee base in the count benefiting Marlow, with the GOP absentee vote scattered? This might be the case. It’ll be a long night and maybe a couple of days to see who gets to be the challenger for a frontrunner with a tremendous amount of support, Sen. Whitehead. Who from the mountains can tell us had the best Habersham operation? That might tilt it.

  4. DeacfromGA says:

    Nice call on whoever said there weren’t that many Republicans in this district. They only got 63 percent of the vote tonight….

  5. drjay says:

    w/ 94% in marlow is up about 30 votes–habersham is the biggest number of boxes out–don’t know where the votes will break—i assume they will recount to certify the 2nd place finisher?

  6. taurusdc says:

    With 96% in Broun trails Marlow by all of three votes. Whitehead has 44% , and GOP candidates have about 69% of the total votes. I understand that the outstanding votes are absentee in Columbia County and Habersham. That should give Broun what he needs, and enough for an all GOP run off.

  7. Observer says:

    Interesting that Whitehead had more votes than Broun and Marlow combined. Given that each of their supporters are very unlikely to support the other candidate, I don’t see where either can truly believe they stand any chance in a runoff.

    To further complicate their efforts, most of the other GOP candidates are likely to endorse Whitehead not Broun, while the African American vote is unlikely to return just to vote for Marlow.

  8. bowersville says:

    John, I’ve been posting on another thread about this on the Pundit. I grew up in Habersham, have relatives, friends, business acquaintances etc. in Habersham.

    What I heard prior to today is that Broun would give Whitehead a run for it in Habersham. Habersham has no local elected D for any office. IMHO, it now depends on how well Whitehead does in Habersham as to whether the runoff goes to Broun or Marlow.

  9. MountainThinker says:

    well Broun is coming in first among ALL candidates in Habersham by everything so far, and having driven through Habersham just today, I can can tell you I counted over a dozen Broun signs, while I never saw one of anyone other than 1 Marlow and 1 Green…

  10. bowersville says:

    Go down to the next thread “Um…with updates.” Eric has a link.

    BTW MT, I support Whitehead, I was trying to give an honest assessment.

  11. Doug Deal says:


    I know it won’t happen, but if the person who finishes second concedes before the runoff, will they still have the runoff, or declare whitehead the winner?

    Has that ever happened before in Georgia?

  12. drjay says:

    barnes just barely missed a chance to win outright and massey who was a distant 2nd did in fact concede–there were other runoffs–so i’d have to check to see if there was an actual vote…

  13. MountainThinker says:

    regardless…unless Broun gets something awfully cherry from the state/nat’l gop, he’s in this to the end…

  14. MountainThinker says:

    By the numbers:

    U.S. House District 10

    322 of 322 (100 %) Precincts Reporting
    Jim Whitehead, GOP 23,336 44 %
    Paul Broun, GOP 11,043 21 %
    James Marlow, Dem 10,928 20 %
    Denise Freeman, Dem 2,537 5 %
    Evita Paschall, Dem 1,773 3 %
    Bill Greene, GOP 1,603 3 %
    Nate Pulliam, GOP 904 2 %
    Jim Sendelbach, Lib 699 1 %
    Erik Underwood, GOP 377 1 %
    Mark Myers, GOP 371 1 %

  15. MountainThinker says:

    For the record, I’m astounded and disappointed by Bill Greene and Nate Pulliam’s ballot box performance. I thought they both acquitted themselves well one-on-one and in the debates.

    And Marlow my dear boy, welcome to what it feels like to be a fiscal conservative with anything to offer a rural voter as a candidate of the Georgia Democratic Party…200 votes and you’d have kept the (quixotic?) dream alive. To those of you who voted for Evita Paschall or Denise Freeman…WOW…BRILLIANT! Go team!

    And Mr. Kahn, I want to offer you something of an…equivocation…(I don’t owe an apology that I know of…) How could anyone be expected to maintain order when they’re asked to herd cats…?

  16. Holly says:

    Hi, all. I’m about to crash, but I wanted to first say thank you for all those who voted – regardless of whom you voted for. What an embarrassing turnout, no?

    Secondly, I wanted to answer the question about the other candidate conceding. I asked this same question last night and was given a good answer, so here it is: if Broun conceded, then it would be Marlow in the run-off unless he conceded. Then it would be Denise Freeman in the run-off unless she conceded. And so on and so on. It’s a moot point, though. Broun wouldn’t concede; however, I thought it was a fact worth sharing. 🙂

  17. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Nicki, you’d vote for Marlow, but then for Broun in a runoff? What? You’d vote Dem, but then for the nuttiest Republican in the bunch?

  18. JayHanley says:

    I am proud to say that I was one of the 584 Whitehead voters in Oconee County. No Broun Kool-Aid for me!

  19. GabrielSterling says:

    OK. For the record I called Broun in the runoff early. I think that Whitehead wins huge in the runoff.

    The Dems are showing their total weakness in Georgia.

  20. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Nicki, get over yourself. That stupid bomb quote was from a couple of years ago, and it was clearly meant as a joke. And I believe the intended target of said joke were pointy-headed, liberal, pinko faculty members, and NOT the University itself.

  21. Bill Simon says:

    “Nice call on whoever said there weren’t that many Republicans in this district. They only got 63 percent of the vote tonight…”

    Yes…I think that blogger was named Federalist who doesn’t know sh*t about what districts are composed of.

  22. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Good point, Bill. From the Hotline:

    “Collectively, GOPers took 70.3% of the vote, while Dems divided 28.3%. GOPers slightly outperformed Pres. Bush’s numbers here in ’04.”


  23. drjay says:

    holly, i guess that makes sense if broun actually conceded, conceded–like i said in 98 massey “conceded” but there was still a vote in the runoff–massey just announced (iirc) that he would not campaign and to please vote for barnes–he did not drop out and thus put david poythress at 3rd place into the runoff–considering the huge gap between 1st and 2nd it is unfortunate broun would not do the same thing…

  24. drjay says:

    “To those of you who voted for Evita Paschall or Denise Freeman…WOW…BRILLIANT! Go team!”

    again considering the numbers-i think a runoff for marlow would just be throwing good money after bad (or however that saying goes) also you cannot assume that the freeman and paschall voters would have voted marlow-they might have stayed home, they might have voted for underwood, they might have tried to write someone in, there are a lot of things other than vote for marlow that could have happened w/ those votes…

  25. Jmac says:

    And I believe the intended target of said joke were pointy-headed, liberal, pinko faculty members, and NOT the University itself.

    So he just enjoys joking about killing people who disagree with him (and are also smarter than him), rather than the entire community.

    Well, good then. I feel better.

  26. Observer says:

    Whitehead is not alone in thinking that the liberals are taking over our universities. The reason so many people believe this is because it is true.

    Just look at the Athens vote compared to the rest of the district. Think there might be a few liberals at the university trying to indoctrinate the kids?

  27. drjay says:

    i see now why the dems were so anxious to throw holley under the bus and get behind marlow. i mean he ALMOST got into the runoff, well at least he doesn’t have to pretend to live in district anymore.

  28. Lee Benedict says:

    As a UGA student…yeah, it’s rather liberal to beyond liberal.

    Yes Holly, voter turnout was PATHETIC…Columbia County was what, 21%? I’ll bet the biggest whiners about who is in office are the ones who do not vote. Sad.

  29. Lee Benedict says:

    We could do what is done in Australia; fine people who refuse to vote. Extreme? Perhaps. But it’s better than some Arizonan’s or New Mexican’s idea of a lottery for those who vote.

  30. Chris says:


    I don’t want people who have no knowledge of the issue or candidates voting. We have enough politicians focusing on bread and circuses, and avoiding real issues and solutions. Last thing we need is the American Idol viewers deciding economic policy.

  31. Doug Deal says:

    Lee that is an awful idea.

    As more people who have no idea about what’s going on vote, their vote will either be more random (as in the case of lessor known races) or more swayed by matters of lesser substance like attractiveness of the candidates (in the case of the bigger races).

    To use an analogy, think of a radio signal. In radio transmissions, there is a signal, and there is random noice. As the main signal (the informed and determined voters) get swamped by the noise (people voting for one or the other candidates based on random chance), the reception is lousy (bad candidates win).

    Plus, if we truly live in a free society, the choice to vote should be up to the individual.

  32. Lee Benedict says:

    It was just an idea thrown out there. I agree that we do live in a free society, and with that comes the choice of the individual to vote or not to vote. I really wonder what the hell happened to time after time have pathetic and minimal voter turnout.

  33. Doug Deal says:


    I think it is because people did not have any stake in the freedoms that they current enjoy.

    They act like your average renter rather than a landowner in the maintenance of our freedoms. Years ago, when Americans had fought and died to secure “blessings of liberty”, there was a more serious attitude to those freedoms. Now, since no one has lived under any obvious threat of tyranny, few people give the possibility much thought.

  34. Nicki says:

    Get over it? Get over what, my right to choose to vote as I see fit?

    As for “indoctrination,” wrong. First, students don’t generally vote, and if they do they usually vote in their home counties. So there’s little to no correlation there. Second, political inclination varies from program to program. Show me a “liberal to beyond liberal” accounting major, for example.

  35. Chris says:

    I really wonder what the hell happened to time after time have pathetic and minimal voter turnout.


    I think the reason voter turnout is so low is because things are going pretty well. Sure people are griping about gas prices being high, and folks are being inundated with bad news about the war, but lets face it: unemployment is low, medical care is at a historical best, people are living longer, they are enjoying much more leisure time, food is plentiful. Its a great time to be alive. Instinctively people are content and see no need to involve themselves in politics.

  36. Jmac says:

    I’m actually a rather lighthearted kinda guy actually jackson. I mean, I’m a Democrat in Georgia … I kinda have to be, right?

  37. Lester Maddox says:

    Well, if that accounting major, or any business major for that matter, grows up to be a CFR one worlder like Bush, Trent Lott, and Micheal Adams, then I certainly don’t consider them “conservative.”

    Frankly, I think there is a gigantic shift in the way people are looking at politics, and government in general these days. Terms like “liberal” and “conservative” are losing their meaning and becoming irrelevant. Maybe “nationalist” and “globalist” are more apt terms.

  38. Holly says:

    Hey, Erick, since when were ghosts granted access to comment at Peach Pundit?

    Seriously, though, I see your point, governor, and it’s somewhat of a valid one. That said, I think what the real issue with my end of the political spectrum is that Republicans never seem to be fully conservative. Recently, the trend has been to be socially conservative, but not fiscally conservative. In the 70s, I believe it was the opposite. Perhaps we’ll see a trend back, or better yet, conservatives become conservatives on both ends.

    There are, of course, exceptions. I’m talking about the overall group.

  39. Observer says:

    So, Nicki, I guess you are saying that all the liberals who live in Athens really congregated there accidentally and not because they work as liberal academics at the university.

  40. Donkey Kong says:

    Ahem. Nicki, you came to the right place. I can find you one if you want. And the problem of academic political orientation lies not in the students, but in the professors.

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