Um . . . [With Updates]

it’s 7:22 p.m. and there is no link on the Secretary of State’s page for the election results.

Who dropped the ball?

UPDATE: Here we go. Unfortunately there is no direct link. Thanks to Andre for figuring it out.

Well, Whitehead trashed Broun in the earliest of numbers, namely two precincts in McDuffie County. But then Broun came on strong in 4 of 16 precincts in Oconee County. Likewise, Mr. Jackson’s come on strong in McDuffie County.

7:49: Greene’s not putting up much of a fight. Paschal is packing more heat and eroding Marlow. But, again, it’s damn early.

7:54: 3 out of 9 in Lincoln County just came in. Marlow is definitely getting the Democrats and Whitehead and Broun are the Republicans getting votes, with Whitehead pulling the largest share. Could we have a Whitehead v. Broun race? I suspect if Marlow keeps it close to Broun, Clarke County might help him inch ahead. Still early though. One thing is clear: Whitehead will keep the lead.

8:00 p.m.: Whitehead at 30.5%, Broun at 22.8%, Marlow at 26.1%, and everyone is fringe.

8:04: In the 24th District: Jackson at 59%, Nichols at 27.9%, McGuire at 10.6%, and Benedict at 2.5%.

8:10: As i suggested earlier, Clarke has come in and put Marlow ahead of Broun. In fact the filthy liberals gave Marlow 891 votes and Whitehead 108 votes. This with 5 of 15 precincts in.

8:12: Whitehead is getting crushed by Broun in Oconee County. Right now, with 9 of 16 precincts in, Broun has 855 votes, Marlow has 404, and Whitehead has 258. The overall percentages right now is 29.8 for W, 26.7 for B, and 24.3 for Marlow.

8:16: In the 24th District: Jackson at 54%, Nichols at 30%, McGuire at 11%, and Benedict at 3%.

8:20: Marlow continues to crush all comers in Clarke County. With 16 of 26 precincts in, he has 2,181 votes to 361 for Whitehead to 740 for Broun. Marlow and Whitehead are now tied. Columbia County, however, will change that.

8:37: So, I’m calling District 24 for Jackson.

8:45: 57% of precincts are reporting. Whitehead is in the lead with 33.6%, followed by Marlow at 26.4% and Broun at 22.0%.


  1. Burdell says:

    There is a link at the bottom of the SoS homepage, between “Georgia Home” and “Check out Your Charity.”

    It labeled, ever so inconspicuously, “Election Results.”

  2. Erick says:

    Burdell, you’re right. I didn’t notice it before. But, if you jump straight in to the elections homepage there is nothing there.

    Likewise, if you go to the “Elections Results” page from the Elections Division website, there is nothing past the 2006 General.

  3. Bill Simon says:

    Erick Sez: “it’s 7:22 p.m. and there is no link on the Secretary of State’s page for the election results.

    Who dropped the ball?”

    Maybe Karen Handel was bribed to not broadcast the bad news for the losers, eh, Erick?

  4. TPSoCal says:

    I noticed that Columbia county has the greatest number of precincts. Is Columbia County a stronghold for Whitehead ?

  5. TPSoCal says:

    Thanks Erick. Since none of those precincts have reported, it won’t be as bad as it appears now for Whitehead.

  6. buzzbrockway says:

    23% reporting

    Whitehead: 30%
    Broun: 26.6%
    Marlow: 24.1%

    I think it’s safe to say there will be a runoff but the question is if it’s Whitehead v. Marlow or Broun. I’m thinking Broun.

  7. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Broun’s been running for this office for a long, long time; if he somehow missed the runoff, I don’t even want to think about how crushed he’d be.

  8. TPSoCal says:

    It appears that neither Columbia nor Richmond county have report any results. The two counties by far outweigh the others with 81 precincts. Columbia should be strong for Whitehead (per Erick above), what about Richmond County, any favorites there?

  9. Bull Moose says:

    With 33% reporting, Whitehead is only pulling 29.1% to Marlow’s 28%. I’m very surprised.

    Might we be seeing some foreshadowing for 2008 Congressional elections?

    It’s still too early though. Talk to me at 50% reporting!

  10. Icarus says:

    If I wasn’t too lazy, I’d go back and look at the numbers from Chuck Eaton’s runoff, specifically the Republican vote strength from Columbia county. Since I am lazy, I’ll just reference it and let any of you do that. Whitehead will cruise, but be short of 50%. Marlow finishes second, in runoff.

  11. I Am Jacks Post says:

    With less than 40% in, Broun is still holding a commanding lead among Alabama homeschoolers.

  12. Icarus says:


    Do you have that prediciton ready, or are you waiting on the 9 precincts in Wilkes county to put Lee Benedict over the top?

  13. Bull Moose says:

    Had the DCCC gotten behind Marlow, this could have been an interesting race. Whitehead will win. End of story. Everyone resume normal blogging!

  14. joe says:

    In the 24th,
    with 61% reporting, Jackson has 61%. Does that mean that when 100% report he will have 100% ?

  15. bowersville says:

    Habersham, unreported so far, will probably knock Marlow into third for the rest of the evening.

  16. Sarawara says:

    I was in Habersham on Sunday and saw a lot of Marlow signs, more than any other candidate in fact. I think he will hold his own there and Broun won’t make up enough ground to overtake.

  17. TPSoCal says:

    Clarke county only has 1 precinct out. Columbia has a little less than half outstanding and all Hebersham is out. About 400 votes separate Marlow & Broun. Any more predictions on second place?

  18. joe says:

    Not counting Habersham, Broun will have a 1500 vote lead over Marlow. Broun takes second by 1000-2000 votes.

    2 cents

  19. bowersville says:

    Habersham is starting to come in. It’s as I heard, Broun will give Whitehead a run for it. As for Marlow being 2nd, it know depends on how well Whitehead does in Habersham.

  20. TPSoCal says:

    Marlow has a 207 vote advantage over Broun. A little less than half of Columbia county still out.

  21. TPSoCal says:

    Marlow now has a 3 vote advantage, Columbia came in except for 1 precinct. Looks like it’s up to the last half of Habersham. Recount anyone?

  22. Mark Rountree says:

    Habersham has five precincts, Rabun has three precincts left. Rabun was a split, though, and with 7 of 11 precints in, Broun should exit there with only a 30 vote loss or so.

    Habersham is a win for Broun. With 9 in, he’s winning 448 to 278 over Marlow.

    So, assuming trends continue, and assuming absentee ballots are actually already counted in the reported results (which is ALWAYS questionable) then Broun eeks out a runoff spot by winning a net of around 70 votes from Habersham, additional votes from where we are now…

    If ture, Broun would overtake marlow by a net 30 votes or so.

    We’ll see…

  23. Icarus says:


    Don’t let yourself believe that.

    Read the NY Times tomorrow. They’ll be glad to tell you all the reasons why these results show that the Republican party is in desparate trouble and beyond repair.

    (And if they don’t, just re-read any of IndyInjun’s posts…)

  24. modcon says:

    How is it that news websites show 96% reporting when the Secretary of State still only shows 94%?

  25. bowersville says:

    I wonder if any of the Democrats that did all the negative attack ads on Whitehead will take any credit if Broun should come in 2nd.

  26. Icarus says:

    Just went back to read the AJC’s version of what to watch in this race:

    If Marlow pushes Whitehead into a runoff, it’s because Republicans are in the wrong position on Iraq (and not because in a field of 10, it’s almost a certainty that there would be a runoff). Doesn’t look like that’s it.

    If Green finished strong, Republicans aren’t strong enough on illegal immigration. Is 2.9% strong?

    If Nate Pulliam does well, Republicans should be critical of how we’ve conducted the war. “They’ve totally ignored me and my message,” said Pulliam. Apparently, so did the voters, all but 1.7% of them. (How many relatives and Athens Banner Hearald staff live in the 10th?)

    The AJC doesn’t say what a strong Whitehead finish with a strong second by another Republican would mean, but I’ll bet they’ll have a great re-write for tomorrow.

  27. Icarus says:

    “What’s the deal with Habersham county? Can it be that difficult?”

    I’m guessing it has something to do with Ned Beatty and pig noises.

  28. Icarus says:

    I’ve been doing that a lot lately. You need to convert to Catholicism and get to confession.

  29. DeacfromGA says:

    The reports of the Republican’s demise have been greatly exaggerated…at least in the Georgia 10th district.

    Broun should just concede if he wins 2nd, otherwise he’s just wasting time and money.

  30. Ben Marshall says:

    94% in, Whitehead has 43.7% of the vote among 10 candidates, and the Dem’s front-runner is ahead by only 32 votes over the next candidate. I think its pretty much been proven wrong in those who hoped that new media could influence this race…because it obviously didn’t do a damn thing. Actual campaigning has won once again.

  31. modcon says:

    NBC Augusta now shows Broun leading Marlow by 115 votes, somehow they know this before the secretary of state.

  32. Icarus says:

    “Broun should just concede if he wins 2nd, otherwise he’s just wasting time and money. ”

    Consider for a moment the following post just a few hours ago from Lee Benedict (3.7%) about Nate Pulliam (1.7%):

    “In the loop: I also heard that Nate may challenge Saxby. I didn’t hear that from Nate himself or anyone from his campaign…that’s just what I heard.”

    If that gives you any idea of the reality most of these candidates are dealing with, I wouldn’t expect any early concessions from Broun.

  33. buzzbrockway says:

    IIRC, if Broun and Marlow finish within 1 point of each other (which they most likely will) there will be an automatic recount. With the machines we use the number of votes changing will be extremely small, but with things this close who knows?

  34. Icarus says:

    I thought the rule was if a democrat gets within one percent, a lawsuit must be filed, Jessie Jackson and Rosie O’donnell come to town, and homeless people are given posters to carry around screaming “my vote didn’t count…”

  35. bowersville says:

    Ned Beatty and the pig noses were in Rabun, NOT Habersham.

    I don’t know, maybe new media brought Whitehead down a few points and pushed Broun into 2nd. Give new media credit where credit is due, they attacked Whitehead, never Broun, and failed to promote Marlow.

    What is taking so long in Habersham?

  36. TPSoCal says:

    I wonder if the fine folks at the SoS’s office or Habersham county have gone home for the evening and plan to pick up tomorrow.

  37. TPSoCal says:

    Dems are nothing if not predictible! Unfortunately, I was in South Florida during the 2000 recount. It brings back nightmares!

  38. Mark Rountree says:

    Habersham is refusing to answer the phone.

    The Probate Judge is doing the counting there–and she is refusing to make public the results, apparently…”refusing” by simply not getting on the ball and finishing it on time, like every other county in the 10th district.

  39. TPSoCal says:

    Finally! The SoS updated and Habersham has reported! Broun is a little over 100 votes ahead of Marlow.

  40. MountainThinker says:

    looks like Habersham has put Broun into the run-off…

    Hey Buzz…you know you’re a die-hard when you’re staying up to see the results of a race that’s going into a run-off that’s not even your district! LOL

  41. SugarHillDad says:

    This is a horrid vote total for








    I thout Greene was going to do better?!!

  42. ToddH says:

    Hmm, with a runoff b/w Whitehead and Broun what will all the Dem voters do? Will they stay home or vote for Broun to spite Whitehead?

  43. ToddH says:

    Also, I think this eliminates any plans to try to draft Marlow to run for U.S. Senate. If he had placed a strong second and ran competively in the runoff it would be one thing, but to finish in third and miss a runoff in his “home” district has to be disappointing. Dems should look elsewhere, he doesn’t appear to be a strong candidate.

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