Time for Mayor Ellis To Veto The Plan

The Hotel plan passed. But there is not enough to override the veto.

The Macon City Council voted moments ago to approve a contract to build a hotel in the parking lot of the Wilson Convention Center and Macon Coliseum. The measure passed by a vote of 9-6. About 120 people showed up at the council’s meeting, most of whom were against the hotel plan.

Earlier today, Rick Hutto explained why he was voting for the plan. You can read it here.

What it boiled down to was that he wants an apartment in London, but because he can’t afford it, he won’t get it. But, he has no problem indebting Macon’s taxpayers for a hotel they cannot afford. Typical Democrat — more responsible with his own money than the taxpayers’ money

Of course, he then voted against the plan. Kudos to him. But why all the hand wringing on your website about how you are voting for the plan if you decide to change at the last minute.

Oh, wait, I get it! You know there are enough votes to pass the plan without you and you desperately want the FOP endorsement, which won’t endorse you if you vote for the plan! Shrewd. Very shrewd. Or is that being a gutless wonder?


  1. HeartofGa says:

    I was not there , but someone who was said that Hutto voted no. If that’s the case, then I am surprised. I understand that the yes votes were: Lucas, Ponder, Chambliss, Ross, Timley, Youmas, Thomason, Jones and Mullis.

  2. liberator says:

    I was there and Hutto voted no. Cole Thomason a Republican voted yes with the other 8 Dems. Nancy White a Republican voted no with 4 dems and Mike Cranford who won a special non partisan election.

  3. Erick says:

    Duly noted guys. Rick issued a statement earlier today that he was voting for the plan. Of course, with it clear that it would pass and if he voted for it he would make the police angry, Rick changed his vote.

    Glad this was an election year or he’d have voted for it.

  4. liberator says:

    BTW Ellis will not veto this. That liberal clown had the gall to do a television interview and say the 9 million that will be spent by taxpayers on this was no big deal. Funny how spending our money is no big deal for politicians. I gave interviews for all 3 tv stations giving the Libertarian view.

  5. mercergirl says:

    i was there but had to leave early…. however i very much enjoyed whats his name with the poster.

  6. According to the City Attorney, the across-the-street plan puts Macon on the hook for three times as much debt as the one council just voted on. Who’s right here?

  7. Erick,

    Ya gotta show up to be in the loop & get the scoop. Glad we have some city council people that are willing to change their opinion as more evidence gathers. Didn’t the neocon chickenhawks praise Bush for being “unwavering” right before he got us in this mission accomplished, Iraqi mess.

    I addressed this Hotel deal-City Council meeting report to Charles Richardson on the Telegraph’s website.



    You’ve gone and done it now Charles.

    Alveno and Henry were on fire about you using the “S” word and Alveno made us sit through an eternity of self enamored eloquence because of it.

    Before the meeting, James Timley & Cousin Charles Jones ganged up on Hutto over intrpretation of Robert’s rules of order and talked pretty darn nasty to him as he tried to read them the passages in question. But he held his own.

    Alveno said there are 47 tax increment issues in the works but all anyone paid attention to was this one. Lance Randall quoted Mark Twain. Dr Holliday painted a vision including Ocmulgee National Monument becoming a National Park & asked that the hotel issue be tabled until the next administration takes office. Mark Thornton made a billboard out of himself. Marshall Burkette said everything council did from the time they were born was unequivocably all wrong. Al Tillman talked about Church & family, he must be running as a republican. Shirley Gray said Macon needs cleaning up and she wants our streets to look they way they did in 1941. Miram echoed Rodney King and asked why can’t we all just get along. Mike C. said they FINALLY understood the bond deal ramificatons after the white-David Lucas-bond expert et al explained it to them YESTERDAY.

    Hutto said that in order for the Hotel to be built across the street, the School Board & County would have to approve the 27 million in bonds but at least one of them was unwilling to do that. A lady asked him this week, “how can y’all commit to 9.3 million in bonds when y’all can’t even come up with 5 million for a Public Safety Pay Scale?”

    Another person said if the hotel was built across the street on Earl Barr’s land, the 27 million in bonds would still have to be backed by the city in order to be compeitively marketed.

    Brenda talked about the Consultant that National & Noble both agreed upon and how they even went through Mediation at a later date.

    I got distracted when others were speaking by Travis Fain of Lucid Idiocy, trying to learn his new 12x zoom camera. He should use rechargeable, cam quality duracells or energizers, as his cam takes 4 batteries and he kept having to borrow disposables from Grant, who had two giant cameras strapped over his shoulders. I now have camera envy but have them both whipped in the shoe department.

    After cousin Brenda spoke, i found a big basket of chocolates in council chambers, snuck by Cheif Burns & Deputy Chief Carswell and missed the rest. i put a hurtin on the chocolates and probably owe the city some money.

    A Noble rep told me construction would “probably” start in 6 or 7 months. The joint was packed and there was extra security and press at every turn.

    Mark Rafuse, Maurion Zimmerman & Ekow Wilmot were here to represent Noble Investment dot com. They move real fast and all wear black leatherish shoes. But Nancy White & Lauren Benedict tied in the red shoe contest.

    On the website, J.W. Marriott said some nice things about Noble. Colin Powell once said “Noble is a noble company embarked on a noble mission.”

    Someone said that everyone on council got a $1000.00 check from someone but some of the checks were returned to whoever gave them.

    Florine Brown is the only one that knows the whole story.

    You’ll have to find out who voted yes, who voted no and the rest of the story from Matt Barnwell & Travis Fain in tomorrow’s Telegraph.

    if i misquoted anyone, they can correct it here.

    Life is like a box of chocolates.

    -Posted by: witness from head to toe

  8. MYD,

    If the hotel had been built by National on Earl Barr’s land across the street, $27 million in bonds would have had to be issued vs the 9.3 million in bonds for Noble to build the Hotel on the Coliseum site.
    The 9.3 million deal passed tonight.

    I couldn’t find anyone in the city, county, press or politics that realized or would publicly acknowledge that the $27 million in muni bonds would also have to be backed by the taxpayers in order to be competitive, tax advantaged, marketable securities.

    Attorney, Councilman Cranford acknowledged the misnomer tonight, about the $27 million deal bond structure tonight. But it was only after bond consultant David Lucas (not rep Lucas) explained it to council yesterday.


    p.s. i posted a full report but Eric’s having to hold it until he wakes up from his nap because it had a link in it. In the meantime, you can read it under comments at macon dot com’s, columnist charles richardson’s, recent “stupid is that stupid does” column… we got a lot of pots calling the kettle black around these parts but there ain’t no place like home and there is nowhere else in the world one can have so many colorful cousins…

  9. Rick says:

    Wrong again, Erick. Perhaps if you attended a few of these meetings where we are discussing what you think is the most important issue facing the City – the hotel – you would have a better understanding of the workings of the issue.

    I did not “issue a statement” – I put on my website (which my constituents have been using for almost four years) my rationale concerning the debate about the hotel. In it I said, “At Tuesday’s Council session on the subject (which the most strident local critics and Council candidates failed to attend), I expressed quite a few reservations, the most important ones concerning protection of our current employees at the Centreplex. If those questions are addressed satisfactorily, I will vote for the proposal. If they are not, I will vote against it. ”

    Our meeting with the bond expert on Monday (which you again did not attend nor did your favored opponent in my election) I learned that, if we issue $9.3 million in bonds for the hotel, we might be in danger of not being able to obtain future bonds including a TAN to pay our employees. I am the only member of Council who has voted against borrowing a TAN each of the last three years but I still think we should keep that option open in case of a terrible economic downturn. That’s what education does – gives you information from which you can make an informed decision. But that’s not something that would interest you.

  10. liberator says:

    Mercergirl that was Mark Thornton whose dad owned Thornton Realty (He Died recently) with the sign. Victor was nice to talk to You last night. My position of course is government has no business putting our tax dollars on the line for either project. That is our money not theirs to put up period!

  11. liberator says:

    Ellis stated on the Jami and Shane talk show this morning that he would hold a press conference Thursday at which he would sign the bill before departing to Los Angelas California for yet another trip at taxpayer expense. We taxpayers just got nailed yet again.

  12. David, good chattin with you too. Mercergirl, you left too early & too quickly, which is a habit that you might get growled at about once you pass the bar and worst of all, i didn’t get a chance to snap a pic of your bearskin colored shoes to add to the current myspace georgia improper slide show… that was you sitting to the left of the wolf in sheeps clothing, wasn’t it? 🙂 Thanks to all for paying attention, now if we can just get Erick out of the hood long enough to better understand what’s up at City Hall…

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