Feinstein vs. von Spakovsky

I’m a few days late to this, but Hans von Spakovsky is a former Georgia GOP District Chairman and a darn good attorney. He’s served in the Bush DOJ and for the past 18 months has served as a recess appointment on the Federal Election Commission. He’s being considered by the US Senate for a regular spot on the Commission when California Senator Diane Feinstein launched an attack on von Spkovsky and was deftly dealt with:

For example, the career bureaucrats were incensed when the Justice Department found that the Texas redistricting plan (which cost the Democrats a batch of seats, reversing the absurd arrangement under which the Dems, decidedly a minority in Texas, held a majority of the state’s seats in Congress) was not “retrogressive” from the standpoint of minority representation. The Justice Department was of the view that the number of “minority” congressional seats in Texas remained the same under the redistricting plan, so that the plan could not be retrogressive. According to von Spakovsky’s testimony, the career bureaucrats’ contention to the contrary flew in the face of a then-recent court decision which had opined on the existing number of minority seats in Texas. Moreover, the disgruntled career people wanted to deem one seat a minority one even though an African-American candidate for Congress had obtained a majority of the black vote in the district yet lost the election to a white Anglo.

In the end, the U.S. Supreme Court reviewed the plan and found that only one of the 32 districts had been in violation of the Voting Rights Act. And that seat violated a totally different section of the act than the one the Justice Department had applied — a section for which the attorney general lacked the statutory authority to forbid the plan from going into effect. In short, the DOJ position was fully vindicated.

A letter from the career people also claimed that while von Spakovsky was at DOJ, the department used the Voting Rights Act exclusively to challenge practices in states controlled by Democrats. Von Spakovsky pointed out that this charge is demonstrably false — DOJ had challenged practices in several states controlled by Republicans, and this was clear from the Department’s web-page.

One would hope that, after yesterday, Feinstein would drop her opposition to von Spakovsky out of sheer embarrassment. But that assumes that Feinstein and her fellow liberal Senate Democrats have the intellectual honesty and decency required to be embarrassed.

Bravo Hans!

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  1. Mike Hauncho says:

    Hans was a great Fulton County GOP Chairman and has done a great job on the FEC. I hope he is able to get through this process as he has earned the right to be on that commission. Democrats and Republicans alike should be proud to have someone like him there.

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