Did I go to an Elaine Lucas for State Rep. fundraiser?

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Last night I went to an Elaine Lucas for City Council party. Rep. David Lucas is her husband. Elaine has said in the past that if David ran for Mayor of Macon she would not run for City Council again.

Well, word on the street is that David was out collecting commitments this past weekend for an independent run for mayor. If so, he’d have to resign his seat in the State House, which would force a special election, for which Elaine could run.

I do find it interesting as well that he’s contemplating running for mayor. The long standing rumor is that he’d prefer to see Jack Ellis succeeded by a black mayor who’d run the city competently and restore trust with the white community. Given the number of black candidates in the mayoral primary, it’d be very difficult to get into the runoff with Robert Reichert, assuming there will be a runoff.

Assuming Lucas can collect the signatures, he’d have a fair shot at winning.

[UPDATED:] Amy Morton has more information on this.


  1. liberator says:

    He would need over 2,ooo valid signatures to be on the ballot as an independent. A write-in campaign is more likely. He has until September 7th to qualify as a write-in candidate.

  2. Dadgummet Erick, i’ve been trying to show you for over a year that David was fixing to switch hats:


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