You Got A License To Operate That Blog?

Take a listen to Andrew Keen as he sputters about trying to come up with reasons the Internets is ruining society. (Remember, it’s all YOUR fault.)

Dude reminds me of Laura Mallory, another person hell-bent on using the perceived “unbias” of mainstream media attentions to somehow validate her displeasure of a cultural phenomena she did not personally approve.

Aren’t people funny when they try to defend the continuation of something no one even wants anymore? (Mainstream media status quo in the case of Boy Andrew.) Not even the marketplace wants MSM. How many (paper) newspaper subscriptions are going to be sold or ads placed on ’em with, for instance, the iPhone I ask you?


  1. TPSoCal says:

    Honestly, nothing makes me angrier than some arrogant know-it-all like Mr. Keen. When he talked about how the current state of the web “undermines the authority of the MSM”, I thought to myself…”that’s the point!” As a free people, we shouldn’t be beholden to the “gatekeepers” of the MSM. ARGH!

    I wonder what his solution would entail? Does he think we should limit those who are allowed to search the web. I mean, we wouldn’t want the riff raff clogging up the net with thier little opinions now would we?

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    “Need to be managed” is an expression used for more than just the internet. People only object to government control when it is something that they are interested in.

    My reading of this blog has left me with the impression that you lean to the left. How common in the philosophy of the left is the “need to manage” to protect the people used as justification for expansionistic policy? Now that the “need to manage” has encroached into your interest, suddenly it is not valid.

    Why not generalize this disdain of government encroachment into other areas like the economic affairs of individuals, control of education or who one associates with?

    (Don’t read this to mean I do not think the right doesn’t have similar trouble).

  3. liberator says:

    Abolish the FCC! Trent Lott says we need to do something about Talk Radio and he is a Republicrat. A vote for the Libertarian Party is a vote for Freedom!

  4. Lester Maddox says:

    Well, interpretation of what the Andrew Keen thing is saying is that the critics’ interpretation of the music or the book is more important than the music or the book themselves. My internal alarm is going bonkers!! The deconstruction dragon is out and about!!

    But the Keen thing is taking it a step further. He is saying all us unwashed need to be ruled by an exclusive deconstructive elite. More scary than Trent Lott yapping about the need to “do something about talk radio.”

    We do, indeed, live in very, very interesting times folks.

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