You can do better than this, Rick

This amazes me. There appear to be enough votes tomorrow night to pass the bad hotel plan in Macon. Rick Hutto, who is sensing public opposition against the hotel he supports could hurt him says this:

“There’s more than enough votes to pass it anyway, even without mine,” Hutto said.

So, will Hutto, who has advocated this hotel for a good while, now vote against it knowing that it will pass even without his vote?

This is like Johnny and Saxby voting for cloture on the immigration bill and then voting against the bill itself. They know it has enough votes to pass without their votes, so long as they can get it out of debate. So the vote to get it out, then vote against it. It’s their vote on cloture that voters will be looking at. In this, Rick’s advocacy will be looked at.

Don’t get me wrong about Rick. He’d be my choice for City Council President if he gets re-elected. But advocacy for this hotel plan is a disqualifier for me. Voting to indebt Macon’s taxpayers to the tune of $17 million for a hotel, just because you think we need a hotel, is a bad idea and fiscally reckless. I just can’t support that.


  1. Erick, what’s your fetish with Hutto? The one man who reads the ordiances, attends the committee sessions and has, from all appearances, worked tirelessly to correct the deficiencies in Macon government.

    What is your platform for correcting the issues in Macon?

  2. Don’t get me wrong, I am not supportive of a government giveaway, however, this area could easily be developed and create many revenue streams for both government and private enterprise, as well enhancing our downtown area.

    The problems in Macon government are far larger than this hotel, yet few are addressing them.

  3. Erick says:

    Maurice, I think you are ignoring the hard work of Nancy White, one of the two Republicans on City Council, who has been tireless in reading everything, looking into everything, and opposes the hotel.

    You are right. The hotel is not the only issue. But the Republicans and most of the Democrats on City Council, people who disagree on everything, agree that Rick has burned too many bridges with too many of them.

    He has been great at rooting out problems. But he’s not the only one. He’s just the first one to rush to the microphone.

  4. I’m not ignoring Nancy, she’s a diligent public serveant. You reference Rick and consistently criticize him, and for what? Because he differs from your hotel position? It seems a bit petty to behead someone over one issue.

    “””He has been great at rooting out problems. But he’s not the only one. He’s just the first one to rush to the microphone. “””


  5. Some really good sources to rectify the issue of a blighted downtown.

    Cities on the Rebound , William Hudnutt III

    Governing by Network: The New Shape of the Public Sector (Hardcover) . Stephen Goldsmith

    The Entrepreneurial City: A How-To Handbook for Urban Innovators (Paperback) , Rudy Guiliani

  6. Erick says:

    Maurice, I think it is interesting that there are other Democrats on Council who are more likely to vote with the Republicans on Council than Rick. And I think that’s another reason to vote for an opponent of his like Keith Moffett.

  7. Bill Simon says:

    All this Macon chatter has piqued several people’s interests…my “Tip Line” is full of e-mails that excerpt some of your commentary, Erick, on the Lance Randall of several years ago…when you ran a candidate against him. Randall apparently had a video of himself doing some perverted porn stuff, and you couldn’t get the story out well enough to defeat him.

    And, now, you’re endorsing him for the city council seat? Strange times indeed.

  8. Bill Simon says:

    Well, Erick’s endorsing Randall for something, which is a switcheroo from a few years ago.

    I wonder, does that mean that Erick has been bribed for his endorsement of Randall this year? Hmmm…

  9. Erick says:

    No Bill, no bribe at all. It is interesting that lots of folks are passing around that information now. They seem to think there is a connection because Lance Randall supports the opposing hotel scheme.

    Apparently, these people have not read enough to realize I oppose both hotel schemes.

  10. Bill Simon says:

    But, Erick, why are you endorsing Democrats up and down the ticket? How else would that help you other than via a quid pro quo arrangment of “I supported you…if you win, you will support my legislation on the Council.”

    SAME concept you accused Isakson of…though, in Isakson’s case, you were dead wrong. Isakson didn’t visit the White House, Bush and Chertoff visited the Senate. That was reported in the mainstream media.

  11. Erick says:

    Bill, I’m not supporting Democrat candidates as quid pro quo for supporting my legislation. I am supporting Democrat candidates because I think they’d be more interested in moving Macon forward than playing the usual politics on City Council.

  12. Erick says:

    In fact, I know there are at least two people I’m supporting who I suspect we will never, ever agree on anything on City Council, but at the end of the day it comes down to competence vs. incompetence.

  13. Bill Simon says:

    Okay, Erick. That’s the kind of reasoning that works for me.

    BUT…if my e-mail box gets stuffed in a year or so with accusations of collusion amongst city council folks, you and I may have to revisit this issue. 🙂

  14. 1) Macon’s Coliseum and Centreplex are most noted for being a second tier entertainment venue.

    2) Macon & Bibb County Residents do not, as a regular rule support Big Name Acts when they do agree to visit. The biggest draws are Southern Baptist Conventions at the Coliseum and Zell Miller at the City Auditorium.

    3) ATL business people and Georgians from other regions have echoed similar themes about the way Macon/Bibb conduct business. i.e. :“I drive through Macon/Bibb County but never stop because in order to do business in Macon & Bibb County, Georgia USA, you have to be someone’s cousin.”

    I’d like to see the Macon City Council deep six the hotel deal once and for all tomorrow night. If a proven-track-record, private-industry Hotel Chain can’t step up to the plate and take the Hotel Deal on as a profitable venture, then it most likely will be a continuous financial drain, for our already, near bankrupt City.

    Victor Jones
    Macon, Georgia

    p.s. Guests at the existing Ramada Plaza on the Corner of First Street & Riverside Drive can drive to the front door of the Centreplex/Coliseum or walk three blocks to the City Auditorium in five minutes or less. I’m not comfortable watching Municipalities compete with existing industry on this issue. And I don’t think that anyone in Macon or Bibb County, including our Elected Officials and Macon Telegraph understand the Municipal Bond & financing scheme of either proposed deal. Don’t’ get me started on voting on a hotel, allegedly without seeing architectural drawings.

  15. mercergirl says:

    I was told by someone that the reason why some on city council are voting for this particular hotel deal is because legally they have to, anyone care to elaborate?

  16. liberator says:

    Mercergirl there is certainly no legal reason why they have to vote yes on either hotel deal. If this is such a great deal why don’t the developers do it without a sweetheart deal putting our tax dollars at risk?

  17. liberator says:

    The Macon PD has now approved lap dancing at Club Sinsations. Hopefully this will increase tourism and help our city get more conventions like the ATL!

  18. mercergirl says:

    That wasn’t what I meant… I was told that they cannot vote on National’s deal because of some legal reasons. Unless I misunderstood.

  19. liberator says:

    That is true tonight. However that means we would be better off as taxpayers if they killed the Noble deal tonight. Come to the City Council meeting tonight and enjoy watching the circus.

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