Why do they have to lie?

I’m not putting this squarely on Marlow, or saying that he’s the only one who does it (Miami-raised “product of the North Georgia mountains” Ralph Reed comes to mind immediately as another example), but he’s the one who sparked my ire a bit tonight. I’ve been out of touch for a few days, but I just saw on the TV for the first time Marlow’s commercial about “learning values” while “growing up in northeast Georgia.”

Dude. Sir. Mister Marlow.

You live in Atlanta.

Why do you need to obfuscate the truth to make it sound like you live in the district you’re running in when you don’t? Why not just be honest? You can still run.

And yes, I’d be saying this to any Republican who did the same, if they were important or memorable enough for me to even notice where they do or don’t live (which is to say, if it ain’t Marlow, Broun, or Whitehead — two of whom live in the district — then they don’t really matter, for practical purposes).


  1. andyl says:

    “learning values” while “growing up in northeast Georgia.”
    FACT: James Marlow was born in Lincolnton
    FACT: James Marlow’s dad was the mayor of Lincolnton
    FACT: James Marlow grew up in Lincolnton
    FACT: James Marlow car is registered in Lincoln County. Right Now.
    So how again does Marlow “obfuscate” the truth by saying that he GREW UP in northeast GA? (Wow was the word of the day on your calender or something?)

  2. Common Sense says:

    Sonny claimed he was in the military while all he did was castrate higher ups pets.

    How does the phrase “grew up” obfuscate current residency? Whitehead’s people are so scared the district voters might actually realize he’s a nut they keep him hiden and you’re going after Marlow for an acurate statement?

    And Reed grew up in Miami, came to GA in what was it, high school? Marlow grew up in Lincolnton, he didn’t come there.

  3. I Am Jacks Post says:

    So Marlow’s car has been registered to vote in the District longer than has its owner?

  4. AlanR says:

    Its not as though he got cut and pasted out of this district as has happened to others in the past.

    He grew up in Lincolnton and left. He’s a suburban Atlanta guy, with a lake house. He’s an opportunist.

    Where would his car be registered if this wasn’t an open seat. Where would he be registered to vote if this wasn’t a special election. Where was he registered to vote in 2006? Where did he vote in last November’s election?

  5. Jmac says:

    Echoing the point made by the first commenter, you surely recognize the difference between growing up in one community and then moving to another for understandable reasons (for Marlow, it was the pursuit of a career), don’t you?

    I was born and raised in Augusta, but I live in Athens-Clarke County now. If I seek office here, am I an opportunist?

    Furthermore, there are two important things to consider here …

    – Until the state changes the law that permits non-residents to run in districts they don’t live in, don’t criticize the individual candidates (the majority of whom are practicing this in the special election are Republican, mind you), but call for folks to fix the system.

    – Let’s be honest too. If a great conservative candidate moved into this district a few months prior to the election, would those who decry Marlow for muddled and misleading reasons back him/her? Of course they would, because you evaluate the candidate and how they represent you. I could care less where the candidate is from, but would rather see if they share the beliefs and values I have.

  6. SpaceyG says:

    Gee Jeff… welcome to politics. At least he will admit he’s from a country-fried cracker town. I rarely like to do that myself, given that the “values” I found there were about as rigid-Southern Baptist conformist, and as contrived and plastic as the Dupont factory products manufactured nearby.

    Marl0w must have had a better experience he’s, like, sincerely proud of.

  7. Nicki says:

    Let me point out that Marlow technically does live in the district. And lived in the district at various points for a lengthy period of time. Unlike some of the other candidates who do not live in the district, have never lived in the district, and will probably never live in the district. Republican candidates, not that it matters.

    So, if your point is to address the problem, why don’t you start by addressing the candidates who do not even technically live in the district? Or is your true intent to get an anti-Marlow story up for election day?

  8. Nicki says:

    Spacey, I’m also from a cracker-ass small town. And while I do love it, it mostly taught me stuff like the importance of religious and racial tolerance since it didn’t really display any.

  9. Bill Simon says:

    Is there a difference between a “cracker-ass small town” and a “cracker-jack small town?”

    Just trying to keep-up with the lingo of the times…

  10. drjay says:

    no jmac–you would have been an opportunist if you “moved back” to augusta and registered at your parents home address to run in the special election for whiteheads seat–or walker’s when he went to jail or howards when he passed away…or something like that…esp. if you spent the whole campaign talking up your augusta roots as you campaigned from your home in athens…

  11. CHelf says:

    I’m not sure why we’re tying where someone grew up to where they now live. I think it is a stretch to say Marlow is lying by saying he grew up “in northeast GA”. There are cases all over of people conveniently moving back home to run for office if the opportunity arises…out of loyalty or whatever. So to say Marlow is lying is not exactly honest in itself.

    I can understand trying to make him look like some opportunist carpetbagger. But he is no Hillary Clinton. He grew up here and still has family here. Try defeating him on something with a little more substance than him ‘lying’ about where he’s from or lives. In all honesty he’s probably more plugged into the needs of the district than a few of the other candidates. While still maybe not the best choice for the district, you can defeat him on something a little more honest than where his house is. John Linder had this issue. Many who have been vocal against Greene and Marlow are ones who defended others who had to relocate to run in certain districts.

  12. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Nicki, I explained why in the post very clearly. I’m not arrogant enough to think that I’ll sway folks for or against Marlow with an 11th hour post lamenting something that many people (unfortunately, in my opinion) do.

  13. Jeff Emanuel says:

    andy1, I was born in Little Rock, Arkansas. My father was born in Tokyo. What would you say if either of us tried to run a race for office there (from our homes in GA), saying “I was born there and learned my values there growing up,” and never mentioning the fact that we now live (and have long lived) elsewhere?

    If you’d be honest instead of automatically defensive, I think you’d agree with me.

  14. Jmac says:

    Still Jeff, you have to acknowledge the very important distinction at work here that I feel you’re glossing over (aside from the fact that it’s impossible for you to run for office in Little Rock, Ark., let alone Tokyo) … which is all Marlow is doing is stressing his roots.

    The man has considerable connection to the district, does actually have residence here now and is far from an opportunist (and I don’t think any of the numerous GOP candidates who don’t live in district are opportunist either).

    Again, to me it’s more important that the candidate shares my beliefs and is willing to work hard for his constituents. Whether he/she moved her yesterday or 18 years ago, doesn’t really matter to me.

  15. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Again, to me it’s more important that the candidate shares my beliefs and is willing to work hard for his constituents. Whether he/she moved her yesterday or 18 years ago, doesn’t really matter to me.

    Me either, John. All that matters to me is that they don’t try to hide that fact.

  16. drjay says:

    regardless of where they live–of course they are opportunists–do you really think marlow would have loaded up his truck and moved back to lincolnton to face norwood in 08 had he lived–and don’t get me started on dr. deathwatch broun…

  17. Federalist says:

    No person who wants to win an election in the 10th would have sparred with Norwood. The 10th district is not a “thinking” district. They vote for Republicans, pure and simple. Regardless of fiscal responsibility, or any other issue that requires a rational decision making process to conclude…the 10th will vote GOP. I live in the damned district and it pains me that the consituents want the wealthy assests represented, and not themselves.

  18. andyl says:

    Yeah I think Jmac pretty well covers what I’m saying:
    you have to acknowledge the very important distinction at work here that I feel you’re glossing over (aside from the fact that it’s impossible for you to run for office in Little Rock, Ark., let alone Tokyo) … which is all Marlow is doing is stressing his roots.

    All Marlow says is that he grew up in Lincolnton and that the values he learned there have influenced his way of thinking, which is true so what’s the big deal?

  19. bowersville says:

    Marlow must have thought it, being from the district, was a big deal or he wouldn’t have stressed it.

    And/or , he must have met some resistance with people thinking he was from Atlanta.

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