That Special Session

David Shafer points out why the Democrats probably are eager for a Special Session.

Given that a special session for any purpose would force the immediate transmittal of the Governor’s vetoes and almost certainly result in an intraparty confrontation over the budget, I suspect the Democrats would embrace virtually any reason to meet in special session.

First for the gas tax and now for Genarlow. Heck, Governor, you might as well pardon Genarlow now considering how much taxpayer money has already been consumed on his behalf.


  1. Oh please. I don’t remember seeing any Democratic names in that story last week about the big veto overturn pow-wow down on the coast. Wishful thinking Mr. Shafer.

  2. Teddy C. says:

    Shafer nails it! The Dems are always whining about how “expensive” special sessions are — until now, with their amateur hour stunts trying to get the Repubs into a bitch slapping match.

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