Greene’s election party

Here are the details:

Bill Greene, Republican candidate for U.S. Congress, announced today that his campaign’s Election Night Party will be held beginning at 7:00 p.m., at the “Hickory Wind BBQ” on Highway 53 in Braselton.

“Braselton is where I’ve chosen to live, to raise my family, and to educate our children. This is our home, and this is our community,” said Bill Greene, considered to be the leading conservative candidate in the special election to fill the late Charlie Norwood’s seat. “If elected, I’ll be representing all of the Tenth District — but Braselton holds a special place in my heart. It’s only fitting to hold our celebration here on Election Night.”

After spending the previous few days visiting Augusta, Thomson, Washington, Lexington, Athens, Cornelia, Young Harris, Hiawassee, Clayton, Clarkesville, Jefferson, Evans, Greensboro, Madison, Hoschton, Commerce, Ila, Danielsville, Carnesville, Toccoa, Watkinsville, and Bogart — all in successive days — Greene and his family will be spending election day both out in the district campaigning and making “get out the vote” phone calls to last-minute voters.

“Hickory Wind BBQ” is located just west of I-85 on Highway 53; take Exit 129 and go west for half a mile, and the restaurant is on the right. The address is 6072 Highway 53; the phone number is 706-654-9463. The public and the media are invited to attend.


  1. Federalist says:

    probably. Greene thinks, if he ever thinks at all, that he is the leader. It is always funny hanging out with the candidates that do not stand a chance. like myers, greene, freeman, paschall, underwood, sendelbach, and pulliam.

  2. Federalist says:

    What would they do at a party held by a nazi like bill greene? Is drinking and dancing allowed? Can women at the party wear pants, or are skirts required? Is smiling permitted?

  3. buzzbrockway says:

    Hey Federalist, Marlow and the other Dems in the race should be at the top of your list of candidates with no chance.

    Also, calling Bill Greene a Nazi is very very mature of you. Run out of substance to debate with?

  4. Federalist says:

    Buzz, have you met him or his family? Obviously not. Marlow probably will not win the seat, but will definitely make the run off.

  5. Federalist says:

    When we “liberals” refer to an individual as a nazi, it does not mean that they ascribe to the nazi’s as Germany portrayed in the ’30’s and ’40’s. National Socialism (for those that never actually bothered to study this revolutionarily detrimental political philosophy) fits Greene’s perspective quite easily.

  6. buzzbrockway says:


    I’ve never met Marlow, but I know Bill Greene fairly well. You may not like the way he lives his life but the Greene’s are just like multiple millions of other Americans.

  7. Federalist says:

    read what you just wrote and make sense of it. I have no idea what you just wrote.

  8. Bill Simon says:


    So, how do you “liberals” refer to Hillary Clinton…who wants to NATIONALIZE this country into her own brand of nazism, whether it be healthcare, illegal immigration, or the tax system?

  9. Federalist says:

    You obviously know nothing about national socialism. Try again later….say many weeks (if you are intelligent) or months (for the not so smart) of studying the political philosophies of the ideology. I will humor you though…
    healthcare: how can the greatest country on earty allow 45 million americans not be able to afford to see a doctor?
    illegal immigration: what? I thought you fiscal conservatives wanted to allow money to stay in the pockets of americans. Sending immigrants home will not only require incarceration costs, but price increases due to a drop in supply from the drop in labor. I don’t know about you Bill, but I prefer to not tax the people because of a free market.
    Taxes: progressive income tax. It is the only FAIR tax option ever made in the history of taxation.

  10. joe says:


    As you know, Wikipedia is entirely dependant on user input for its articles. You might want to consider spending some time over there. Right now, it says:

    “…the term has been used in Europe and North America almost exclusively by political parties with racial nationalist views.”

    If that is true, then I would have to say that the national socialists would qualify as frigtards.

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