GaDOR Hates Small Business

First they screw up the license plate and now this outrage.

We recently received notice that the Georgia Department of Revenue has decided to change the rules that apply to tours at breweries in Georgia. The new proposal calls for a limit of a 2 oz. pour of each beer style on the tour with a maximum limit of only 16 oz. The 16 oz. pour is only possible if a brewery has eight different styles of beer to offer on the tour. If a brewery only has four beers available to taste, then only 8 oz. can be poured at the tour.

No Sunday sales and now this too. Absofreakinglutely ridiculous.


  1. Lester Maddox says:

    I would say that this is very bizarre, not to mention byzantine, but I lived in Louisiana when Edwin Edwards was governor. Also lived for a few years right on State Circle in Annapolis, MD., across the street from the State House. So, my appologies if I’m a bit cynical. Bizarro happenings under the Golden Dome are bush league compared to those locals.

  2. Lester Maddox says:

    BTW, my first night posting on your blog. I’ve been looking for a good state pol place to post. Yours seems very lively. Good to be here.

    I’m geographically very close to you btw. 20 miles to the west.

  3. Jas says:

    What a shame. Wonder who made the call this time. Maybe Leebern….whoops I better be careful, a collapsed lung may be in my future.

  4. Rusty says:

    I’ve been on tours at Sweetwater and ABC, and they’re hella good times. Those two companies are being targeted specifically, as their tours have become very popular.

    I will say though that few people actually tour the breweries in a learning-how-the-sausage-is-made sense. Most just sit around and drink good beer on the cheap. But what the hell is wrong with that?

  5. Jas says:

    Actually it isn’t even cheap anymore at Sweetwater. Now you basically get 2 beers for $8. Which really isn’t any cheaper than any other happy hour in the state.

  6. Jas says:

    Honestly though….who are they hurting with this? I’ve heard they’ve gotten some complaints from bars in the immediate area but really, they have a cop checking ID’s, # of beers is strictly regulated, hey’re a small business based in Georgia, paying taxes in Georgia, and being a good corporate citizen.

    F*ck you GADoR.

  7. Gmac says:

    Geez, whiners…

    At least you *have* microbreweries to tour that allow you to sample their products.
    I’m in Alabamistan, no microbreweries can make anything beyond 3.2% content. A bill to raise the allowable limit was recently defeated by our village idiots.

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