SevenHillsDem Gets Schooled

I’m actually somewhat astonished by this. Jim Thompson, with the the Athens Banner-Herald, devoted an entire column to smacking around Peach Pundit commenter SevenHillsDem for a comment SevenHillsDem left in this post about the ABH endorsing Nate Pulliam, despite his far right positions about “Christmas holidays” and “In God We Trust” on currency.

Well, at least they are in touch with the blogosphere.

[UPDATE:] I’m coming back to this one. You know, I’m flattered that someone at the Athens Banner-Herald felt the need to respond to a commenter at Peach Pundit, but it strikes me as totally lame and very silly that a newspaper felt the need to set a blogger straight and, mind you, not even the blogger at whose blog is referenced, rather a commenter to a blogger at a blog. The post was not linked to online either, which is plain and simply dumb.

In my post that was critical of the ABH’s endorsement of Pulliam, I asked how out of touch they were. While I appreciate the coverage of Peach Pundit, I think this kind of reflects just how out of touch they are.


  1. Mike-El says:

    I’m honked off because I slagged them too and I could really use the publicity.

    BTW, my toddler doesn’t drip as much snot as that column did.

  2. griftdrift says:

    I wonder if he recognizes the irony of rolling out that old media bugaboo of we all use “fake names” and then promptly endorses Jmac.

    Really the whole thing has me cracking up.

  3. SevenHillsDem says:

    I feel truly honored. I want a bumper sticker that reads “I pissed off Jim Thompson”

  4. God, Jim Thompson is a moron. The parts of Augusta that are in the 10th district are very Republican – North/Northwest Augusta and Columbia county. The major paper there is the Augusta Chronicle and they endorsed the major Republican in the race. Not unexpected, and nothing wrong with that, but that paper is trying to leverage Whitehead’s hometown Republican roots to put him into Congress.

    Now take Athens on the other hand. It is the only Democratic bastion in the district and there is only one serious Democratic candidate in the district, who has made Athens the home of his campaign and is very visible in that area. If anything, Marlow is the “hometown” candidate for Athens in the same way that Whitehead is Augusta’s homeboy.

    Whitehead is such an awful candidate that the only credible reason for a paper to endorse him is that he’s the local boy, which makes the Chron endorsement make some sense. So the Banner Herald couldn’t really get away with endorsing Whitehead, but their publisher would like to see a Republican win that seat so instead of logically endorsing Marlow they pick a Republican guy who has absolutely no shot at all.

    Now, newspapers are kidding themselves if they think the voting public really gives a crap about newspaper editorials anymore, which makes the whole Banner Herald charade even more ridiculous, but they are trying to divert votes away from the only other credible candidate in the race who could challenge the Republican status quo’s choice.

    The whole point of SevenHills comments and the comments of many others was that the paper has obviously made a boneheaded political calculation in endorsing this guy and they even kind of tip their hand with the whole Christmas comments.

    Hey Jim Thompson: we all know that if you really got to make your own decisions about who to endorse you wouldn’t be so defensive when you get called out on your bullshit.

  5. Mike-El says:

    Using my real name would cause me to be shunned by my colleagues in the largely conservative rodeo-clowning brotherhood.

  6. griftdrift says:

    inre the update: Erick, every time something that comes which to mind shows they are taking a step forward, Blake’s blog is a good example, something else comes along to prove they’ve just gone another two steps back.

  7. Jmac says:

    This is partially ludicrious position to be taking, isn’t it? I mean, you criticize the MSM for not being involved in the debates, discussion and criticism that is going on at the blogs, right?

    And here they actually do so as Thompson responds to a comment he found fault with … and you criticize him for ‘being out of touch.’

    Granted, I thought the actual endorsement of Pulliam was somewhat out of touch, but it’s terribly inconsistent to complain they don’t pay attention to the blogs and then, when they do, to criticize the fact they are.

    If anything, it sounds as if you’re somewhat jealous of the fact they didn’t criticize the actual Peach Pundit post and instead chose an average, everyday commenter to do so (not saying you’re average SevenHillDem … far from it my friend).

    In full disclosure, I know J.T., I worked with him for about seven years and, well, I enjoy the free publicity. Still, it makes more sense to, you know, criticize his actual position rather than shift your argument repeatedly so you can cling to this ‘out of touch with the blogosphere’ line.

  8. griftdrift says:

    Jmac, my problem is not with the interaction itself, it’s with the assumption that is made.

    In Jim Thompson’s world we are all SevenHillsDem. Instead of exploring the credibility of SevenHillsDem through the contents of its comments or mine through my own writing or for that matter someone who attaches their “real name” such as say a Erick Erickson, Thompson latches onto the comments of one commentor to take thinly veiled swipes at the whole.

    It is lazy, a cop out and a most common tactic among these “real journalists” and frankly I am tired of it.

    Yes, lay blame where it is needed, but give credit where credit is due. Until they are willing to take this same step, the conflict will continue.

  9. Jmac says:

    Also, I think a large reason why there was a column devoted to this was because their endorsement process had been called into question in the public square, which is different than actual criticism of the endorsement itself.

    Thompson felt the need to respond to that, which would explain why he singled out one commenter and not the post itself.

  10. Archibald Bulloch says:

    I may be new to commenting, but I read this blog often, and SevenHillsDem is not someone I would target for a piece. He/she does not post that often. That’s what is too bizarre is why the paper would go after someone that’s not a “big-wig” on this blog or any other blog.

  11. griftdrift says:

    Actually I agree with you Jmac. Their editorial process was called into question and as Rusty can attest, I recently commented, ( in real life of all places, hey I do really exist! ), if you start questioning the validity of old media’s processes be prepared for blowback.

    The problem is not the method so much. The problem is he just couldn’t resist that last stab at SevenHillsDem not using a real name. He could have easily invalidated everything SevenHillsDem said without using two careless sentences to continue the portrayal of the terrible anonymous internet people.

  12. drjay says:

    o.k i’m deaf, dumb and blind i guess–b/c i have scrolled through like 4 times and have yet to see the 7hillsdem post in question on the other thread…

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