Oakey Woods

I am not an environmentalist in the vernacular sense. I don’t recycle, I love my SUV, and I don’t buy into global warming despite sitting through the drivel that was Al Gore’s fantasy keynote presentation.

I am, however, a preservationist at heart and a conservationist at heart — conservatism expressed in a different way perhaps. It pains me to see beautiful old historic homes torn down and it pains me to see pristine wilderness enjoyed by so many bulldozed for McMansions that all look alike.

That neither the State has shown any interest in buying Oakey Woods is aggravating. The land is enjoyed by many. It provides a nice respite from the fast pace of growth in Houston County, and has become a haven for natural wildlife kids in these parts can’t otherwise see.

It’d be great if some rich person would cough up the money to protect Oakey Woods, but I think in lieu of that, it’d be money well spent for the state to buy it for all of us to enjoy. The state is already leasing it. Buying it is the next logical step.


  1. -ee,

    In 2001, when i formed the “Native Plant Rescue Crew of Macon & Bibb County.” Which by the way had commercial real estate land donated for us to dig on by three of Mid-Ga’s largest commercial developers… Jim Wells of Southern Pine Plantation, Charlie Jones of Ocmulgee Fields and Carl Amerson of Amerson Construction…

    An attorney suggested that the NPRC incorporate as a non profit and sell ownership to “A Tree” for $100 bucks a pop and buy up threatened forests in Georgia… It’s still a viable concept but unfortunately my heart exploded along the way and nobody stepped in to fill the shoes…

    Victor Jones
    Macon, Georgia USA

    p.s. Jim Wells “recently” mentioned re-initiating the NPRC, if anyone will step up to the plate to lead the effort, i’ll be glad to make introductions and share experience, strenth, hope and lend them some digging tools…My greenhouse still has about 1,000 plant containers to donate to the effort…

  2. Federalist says:

    Sonny’s fault. He wants to line his pockets, and the people of Georgia (sorry, the Republican voters in Georgia) think that is what the governor is supposed to do…way to go GOP. Corruption will continue if the voters want it to, a vote for Sonny was a vote for government corruption. Way to go Republicans, you wanted corruption,…and we got it. Thankyou very much.

  3. chefbeth says:

    To lose Oaky Woods as a Wildlife preserve would be tragic. For the owners to up the leasing price (up 25%?) is immoral. They KNOW the people of GA want this land preserved, so now they’re going to milk us for every possible penny. We need to BUY it. Sonny’s budget included far more for bass fishing than it would cost to purchase Oaky Woods outright. Oh…. but we “can’t afford” Oaky Woods. That’s a load of bass, and he knows it. Go fish for another excuse.

  4. Common Sense says:

    Sonny’s bought he land for $303,000…It’s worth $750,100 just three years later. (Note to self buy land next to the Gov’s house)

  5. The state could have bought Oaky Woods for about $35 million. My understanding is that Sonny’s friends who purchased it for that amount will now sell it to the state for between 8 to 10 times that amount.

    Gee, I wonder what kind of business “Perdue Plantations, LLC” (incorporated by Larry O’Neal’s law office) is into?

  6. Federalist says:

    When the Oakey Woods is cut down, and transportation to the new development is necessary…who are we going to be buying land from to build roads?…Sonny. Someone should look into the propositions made to GRTA and see if any were made before the purchase of the land next to Sonny’s house.

  7. Erick says:

    chefbeth, I don’t think the owners upping the lease price is “immoral.” It’s their property. They are entitled to do that and I’ve got no problem with them doing it.

  8. Erick,

    You must have missed this paragraph in Ms Duncan’s Article.
    If i catch you threatening to raise the Macon Police Department Lease on our precinct 3 as part of an unlawful attempt to get out of a crime, i’m gonna call you immoral too. It’s too early for you to start thinking like one of them, you ain’t even taken office yet.


    ” According to a DNR incident report, Ayer, who also owns The Sports Center in Perry, told Fox that federal regulations allow this type of dove hunting. The report said that when Fox offered to consult a U.S. Fish & Wildlife Services special agent, Ayer “responded by telling (Fox) that … the Department’s ability to lease theWMA in the future was dependent upon how officers elected to pursue prosecution – he plainly stated that federal involvement would adversely impact the lease.”

  9. chefbeth says:

    WHAT will be done with all the black bears? Hang their heads on Ayer’s basement walls with his other trophies? Move them? (where?) Who would buy a home in the middle of a development built on BEAR territory? Not I. Okay, hardcorechris….. HOW do we get GA to buy Oaky Woods…. ? The price today is less than it will be tomorrow…. the sooner, the better.

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