1. TPSoCal says:

    Wow, that honestly is one of the worst attempts at making a point that I have ever witnessed. Yikes, if that’s the best they can do, I am pretty confident that Whitehead will win in a cake walk.

  2. Observer says:

    Whitehead has participated in 8 debates. He is hardly hiding. Since when is a candidate obligated to take part in every debate any group comes up with. That’s nonsense, particularly when A) the other candidates are only participating bcause they have no other means to get their message out, and B) as the front runner, Whitehead only exposes himself to 9 against 1 attacks if he does show up.

    Whitehead is showing he has good political instincts and the smarts to know how to navigate a minefield.

  3. John Douglas says:

    How can you call it hiding when Jim Whitehead is all over the district? Seems the other candidates are in the desperation mode now. BTW, Jim will be getting around soon….all the way to Washington. Go get em Jim!

  4. Holly says:

    48 hours to go. . .

    A question for debate, because I find the chicken funny: where in Georgia is he in the picture?

  5. bowersville says:

    Why should we care what a fugitive from Colonel Sanders thinks?

    Next time, try the east end zone. You might get more attention.

  6. TPSoCal says:

    Ok, I guess I am the only one with a negative opinion on this video. I just thought it isn’t very clever or funny. It seems to try too hard and too obvious to make a point. It bored me. But what do I know. I am just a CPA who only keeps up with politics as a hobby. It is not my life or profession, so I will defer to the opinions of others.

  7. memberg says:

    Seems to be the lake at Piedmont Park…but maybe not.

    I think Shelbo picked the wrong spot to parody. The original is about Gravel making waves or something like that. That doesn’t really translate with the whole chicken suit thing.

  8. AlanR says:

    No, TPS you’re not the only one with a negative opinion. This is boring. It is not funny. It doesn’t really make the point, and I only stayed with it past the first 10 secornds because SpaceyG posted it.

    It’s sad that after all that has transpired in this campaign, the best Marlow’s supporters can do is hang around in a chicken suit.

    And I didn’t need a disclaimer to know Marlow had nothing to do with it. After last week, I know he has a sharp sense of humor and can cut someone while making them smile.

  9. TPSoCal says:

    And before anyone thinks that my opinion is shaped by my party affiliation, let me say that I do not know any of the canditates and do not have any opinion on any of them. I am sure Marlow is a great guy and I am sure Whitehead is a great guy. I was just not impressed by the posted video.

  10. CHelf says:

    Speaking of chickens…how do all of those poultry farmers in the district plan to vote? Since Whitehead is big on immigration I just wonder what agribusiness will do in this election? The inclination is to vote for Whitehead because he is the establishment candidate but his rhetoric doesn’t match their wants and needs.

  11. Doug Deal says:

    The chicken thing is pretty much overused. During the primary between Isakson, Cain and Collins, there was a “Wheeeeeere’s Johnny” meme, as he was avoiding the county party debates.

    In any event, I then came up with this poster and the idea of having a guy in a chicken suit follow Isakson around carrying a “Where’s Johnny” sign. Believe me, that stuff doesn’t work.

    A good rule of thumb is that the first candidate to pull out the chicken suit is the first one to conceed.

  12. Federalist says:

    Wow Doug Deal…you sure sound like you know what you are talking about. Too bad you are voting against you conservative values. A vote for Whitehead is a vote for fiscal irresponsibility…but it has been what, 20 years since the U.S. has had a fiscal conservative Republican elected official. Bill, why do you hope this eats at the insides of Marlow? Oh, because you do not care about politics, only the party. You party has abandoned you Bill, it is time to hold them responsible.

  13. Doug Deal says:

    I am not voting in that race, since I live in another district. To be honest, I do not really even care what happens, since it is clear the national Republicans are just as spendthrifty and undeserving of my vote as the national Dems.

    This is apparently what the voters (right and left) want overwelmingly, so it now seems pointless to try to fight it.

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