McCain in his own words.

Arizona Senator and Presidential Candidate John McCain came to Atlanta today to raise money and speak with about 100 supporters. I was at the event and present to you some audio of the Senator’s comments.

On the Senate’s immigration plan: Part 1 Part 2

On Iraq.

On Optimism.

On the situation in Gaza.

As with other supporters of the Senate’s immigration bill, McCain has staked out an unpopular position. I suspect it will hurt him in States where illegal immigration is a hot issue (which is perhaps every State). Nevertheless McCain’s support of the bill in spite of the poll numbers helps strengthen his “maverick” credentials in that he doesn’t support bills because they’re popular.

On Iraq in particular and the War on Terrorism in general, McCain is strong as are the other GOP candidates (sans Paul). Sending more troops was an idea McCain touted for quite some time and though the details of the “surge” came largely from General Petraeus, McCain will certainly benefit politically should the plan succeed.

It’s still a long time until the voting takes place, but McCain remains a top-tier candidate with substantial support in Georgia.

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