1. patriot says:

    It just might help motivate his staffers, to be persuasive, if we remind them that, along with HIM, they will also be looking for A JOB.

  2. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    Agree or not, he will most likely vote for the immigration bill, and he will win re-election. Like it or not.

  3. -ee

    Methinks you’ve been hanging out with David Corr too much. According to Dow Jones Theory, short skirts make the stock market go up. I’m trying to think of the new Wall Street Journal name if Rupert buys them out.

    North Macon Sin City Shopping Center street buzz: One of our hood’s hookers took two John’s home. When she woke up, her television set and purse had been stolen. Her suitors were nowhere to be found. Guess she can hook them but can’t reel them in, so much for cousin Sonny’s Go Fish program. I don’t think there will be a police report on this one.

    Did the giant pic of Mr Smith goes to Washington, hanging in Saxby’s office make you feel warm & fuzzy?
    I forget, what did Mr Smith go to Washington to accomplish?


  4. RRRoark says:

    Oh, he thinks he has it covered. here are the steps:
    First, he gets the symbolic funding for order security.
    Second, he votes for cloture (the best time to stop this abomination).
    Third, he gets to actually vote against the bill when they only need 51 votes to pass it.
    Fourth, the funding and most enforcement provisions get stripped in committee.
    Fifth, he runs next year on the “They lied to us, send me back to fix it” platform.

  5. IndyInjun says:

    Ragnar Danneskj√∂ld wrote –

    “Agree or not, he will most likely vote for the immigration bill, and he will win re-election. Like it or not.”

    Georgia has quite a recent history of dumping incumbent senators with FAR fewer negatives than Chambliss has.

    NEVER in my life have the people felt this angry and betrayed.

    Erick –

    We must not skirt the issue that Saxby will have trouble keeping his poll up.

  6. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    Indy, I could be wrong. And hope I am. I would love to see a Chip Rogers fill Saxby’s seat. But I feel that there won’t be a credible Repub. run against him, and I do not think a Dem will win in Georgia. I just don’t think it’ll happen; eventhough, GOP voters are disgruntled but not enough to vote for a dem

  7. Federalist says:

    If any Republican wants to fill their coffers with money from the lobbies and pacs of agribusiness they need to vote for the immigration bill. If they will not vote for it I can gaurentee that money and support will go immediately to any Dem. that will after their election in ’08. Agribusiness is big in GA,…kind of like labor is up north.

  8. debbie0040 says:


    P.O. Box 492378
    Lawrenceville, GA 30049

    June 15, 2007

    U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss
    416 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510

    U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson
    120 Russell Senate Office Building
    Washington, DC 20510



    Re: SB 1348, The ‚ÄúCompromise Amnesty Bill‚ÄĚ

    Whereas on June 7th the members of the U.S. Senate listened to the American People and rejected cloture on the Kennedy Compromise Immigration Bill (SB 1348) and effectively killed this disastrous bill.

    Whereas President Bush and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid have vowed to resurrect this ‚ÄúCompromise Amnesty Bill‚ÄĚ and news outlets are reporting that another ‚ÄúGrand Compromise‚ÄĚ may have been reached on SB 1348.

    Whereas recent polling data confirms that the 69% of the voters prefer an approach that focuses exclusively on securing the border and reducing illegal immigration.

    Whereas the enforcement only approach is preferred by 84% of Republicans, 55% of Democrats and 69% of the Independent voters. (Rasmussen Reports, June 13, 2007) rasmussenreports

    Whereas any bill that does not require those presently residing unlawfully in our country to return home and take their place in line behind those that are following our immigration law is AMNESTY.

    We, the members of the Gwinnett County Republican Party, resolve to urge our two great U.S. Senators to once again say no to Sen. Ted Kennedy and the pro amnesty lobby and to vote no on this Amnesty Bill.

    Whereas, we resolve to urge Sen. Chambliss and Sen. Isakson to fight to prevent this bill from even coming to the floor for a vote.

    Respectfully Submitted,

    J. Gregory Howard, Chairman
    The Gwinnett County Republican Party
    770 925-VOTE (8683)

  9. Jas says:

    Injun – It’s Gwinnett County. They don’t know any better. There’s a reason the rest of Georgia doesn’t like them.

  10. DoubleDawg3 says:

    Chip Rogers name keeps coming up (which I would absolutely love to see happen)..but he’s said he’s not running…how about someone else in the Senate – Eric Johnson? He’s talked about leaving the State Senate after this term or the next…I’d like to see him take on Saxby and he might actually do it, Eric Johnson has never been one to shy away from a challenge that I’ve known of (save the Senate’s decision to go with Sonny this year on the Budget) and Sen. Johnson has, in my opinion, been a Republican with great, conservative ideas and has clearly shown an ability to lead.

    He’s also likely able to get some big name backers in Georgia and would likely garner some HUGE endorsements (Jack Kingston maybe, Tom Price, Whitehead – not sure about their relationship though)

    I’d put my time and money behind him.

    Saxby and Sonny in office – Sucks for Georgia!

  11. debbie0040 says:

    Rumors are rampant about someone opposing Saxby in the GOP Primary. I have even heard Herman Cain’s name being bandied about.

    I think in the end, Saxby will vote against this amnesty bill and will win re-election.

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