Georgia Christian Coalition Needs Some Edukasion

They sent out an email blast this morning. Here’s the text:

On Tuesday, June 19th a special election will be held in Georgia’s 24th State Senate District to fill the unexpired term of Senator Jim Whitehead. A field of four candidates is vying for the senate seat. In an effort to inform 24th District voters, The Georgia Christian Coalition has released its voter guide. The guide is comprised of candidate responses to a survey developed by the Coalition on a wide range of issues. Two of the candidates elected to provide responses to the Coalitions’ survey. The GCC attempted to reach all candidates for their responses to the survey. The survey dealt with many societal issues that many Georgians care about. Some of the issues included were immigration, taxes, education, as well as several more wide ranging issues. Jim Beck, President of the Georgia Christian Coalition said, “With a low voter turnout, informed and engaged values voters have an opportunity to speak with a united voice when they go to the polls on June 19th.” According to Beck, “These voter guides will give the constituents some of the necessary information that they need to select a leader in touch with their collective values.” The scorecard can be view and downloaded by visiting .

The problem, of course, is that the HTML linked website is misspelled and, consequently does not work.

The real problem is that they’ve made the exact same mistake before and we called them on it then too.


  1. Jas says:

    I see the Christian Coalition is still doing it’s part to help give senible Christians in Georgia a bad name. Keep up the good work.

  2. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    Ditto Jeff. It is a character from Atlas Shrugged. The book is greatest piece of work ever. Ragnar was one of my favorite characters, aside from Hank Rearden and John Galt (which were both taken already), and I love Ayn Rand, so that’s why I chose this name.

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