Steering in a Different Direction

As I noted here, the Telegraph has prepared a series of questions for candidates to answer. I don’t want to fill up Peach Pundit with campaign related stuff, but for those interested, I’ve set up a “campaign trail” category here at my personal site.

I’ll be blogging my answers to those questions and would love any feed back you might have. I’l put an RSS feed up here in the sidebar so you can see when I’ve put something up there.

I’ll have a separate post for each question.


  1. liberator says:

    Eliminate spending on non essential items and get the Indians to build a Hotel with a Casino like the Hard Rock Seminole Hotel and Casino in Hollywood Florida would help get some fiscal solvency going in Macon.

  2. liberator says:

    Henry Ficklin will change his vote and vote against the Noble Project. This means it is an 8-7 vote and Hutto is the key as he may switch also.

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