Immigration bill coming back

The immigration bill is on the way back and they have the votes to limit debate:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will approve a new deal on immigration on Thursday and move to bring the once-dead legislation back to the Senate floor next week, Democratic sources told FOX News.

Details of the immigration compromise remain to be finalized, but top Democratic sources say Reid has closely monitored the behind-the-scenes dickering over policy changes and a finite list of amendments due for consideration. Based on the latest updates on the policy and amendments, Reid will approve the compromise and move late Thursday to put the bill back on the calendar for Senate consideration in the middle of next week.
GOP sources tell FOX News that the new bill has enough support from Republicans for Reid to prevail on a procedural vote to get the bill to final passage.

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  1. joe says:

    Rassmusen Polls say that “Just 20% of American voters want Congress to try and pass the immigration reform bill that failed in the Senate last week”

  2. shep1975 says:

    It’s starting to remind me of a B grade horror film. It doesn’t matter how many times the moster gets killed, it seems to always come back for the sequel.

  3. Jason Pye says:

    It’s starting to remind me of a B grade horror film. It doesn’t matter how many times the moster gets killed, it seems to always come back for the sequel.

    Oh, but I love me some B-grade horror films, especially zombie flicks.

  4. Icarus says:

    The zombies aren’t going to be happy, because it doesn’t look like there’s too many brains to feed on in Washington these days.

  5. patriot says:

    Interesting to research mow much PRESSURE the business community is bring to the issue. The Atlanta Business Chronicle has @ 800 Responses to a search for “Immigration Reform” on their keyword search.

    In the June 8-14 edition, the GA Employers for Immigration Reform is described as a group of @20 trade associations and individual businesses.

    The Associated General Contractors association wrote June 4th to Sen. Isakson that “we see this (bill) as a possible vehicle to pre-empt … state and local laws such as Georgia’s SB 529…”

    Georgia Chamber of Commerce lobbyist Joe Fleming says “… this bill is a reasonable step in the right direction… it ought to be universally accepted.”

    Gary Black has even weighed in, with concerns for ” …a guaranteed allocation of workers for agricultural jobs…”

    Wayne Lord, VP of Govt. Affairs at Pilgrim Pride Corp. (the #1 producer of chicken in GA and the US) said “… We need these workers in the economy. The business community needs to speak on this. WE’RE ONLY ONE CONSTITUENCY, BUT WE’RE AN IMPORTANT ONE.”

    That is the kind of Pressure (and DONORS) we are up against to get our voice heard, and to demand NO AMNESTY for illegals.

    “You have a right to free speech, but I have a right to try to speak louder, and with better logic.”

  6. GOPGrassroots says:

    I am very pleased to see our Senators pushing border security first. Their letter to the President was right on track and since then we’ve seen the White House begin to talk about the need to secure the border and to take immediate action. It’s about time!

  7. Ragnar Danneskjöld says:

    When a terrorists comes across the border with a nuclear bomb stuck up his ass and blows himself up in front of the US Capitol, they are going to think border security.

    That’s what we have to look at when it comes to immigration reform…security.

  8. patriot says:


    To see the Quotes from Gary Black, buy the print edition of The Atlanta Business Chronicle TODAY. p. 26a.

  9. patriot says:

    I think we will see our Senators doing a “high-wire” balancing act that would make the Wallendas proud. Do not underestimate the power of the large financial donations from the juggernaut of BIG BUSINESS. “FOLLOW THE MONEY.”

    If only this weren’t such a “make-or-break” issue taht could be so detrimental to the future of the United States of America.

    To quote loosely from the bill, “…it is the sense of the Senate that the provisions of the Prosperity Partnership SHOULD BE ACCELERATED.” OUR PRESIDENT HAS ALREADY SOLD US OUT, in 2005.

    I believe that “those in power” who favor this “unification” of the US and Mexico (and Canada) will be vociferously resisted by PATRIOTIC AMERICANS. If they can get ammnesty now (or soon), then all those millions will EVENTUALLY BE GRANTED THE RIGHT TO VOTE, ( AFTER ALL, “THEY ARE CONTRIBUTING TO OUR ECONOMY”, then they will be the voting block needed to pass the PP, the SPP, and the “NORTH AMERICAN UNION.’ (Those who are skeptical of this goal should Google “SPP- The Security and Prosperity Partnership” and research the SOCIAL SECURITY EQUALIZATION agreement with Mexico, which provides for “immigrants”, (even illegals) who “pay into U.S. Social Security for 18 quarters (6 1/2 YEARS) to be eligible for Social Security Benefits accounting for the time they worked in the US, and in Mexico prior to arrival in our WONDERFUL NATION. This is to continue to be paid to them even after they are no longer in the U.S. ( The Mexican Govt. will not be required to “pay in” the amount paid in their system.)


    Does this begin to sound Treasonous?


  10. Demonbeck says:

    (Scratches his head and does his best James Dean)

    I know someone who’s voting for Tom Tancredo.

  11. CHelf says:

    From the Houston Chronicle:

    An amendment by Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, made the final list, much of which remained under wraps Thursday night.

    Her measure would require all adult illegal immigrants in the work force to return home to apply for the “Z” visa granting them legal work and resident status. Currently, the bill requires a return home only for those applying for a green card, a process that would take at least eight years. Hutchison contends her amendment would “take the amnesty out of the bill” — and could garner more conservative support for the overhaul.

  12. Federalist says:

    There goes any working solution, right out the window. This just sounds like a right-wing conspiracy to get migrant workers out of the states, and keep them out for a little while (Sen. Bailey’s amendment). Hell, since the neocons want to send these migrant workers back to their country of origin,…why don’t we just outsource all of the agribusiness in america down there with them.

  13. CHelf says:

    It’s an odd situation. Cornyn seems to think this is a secret conspiracy where only a few select Senators get to drop amendments. Kay seems to be inside the conspiracy. Not sure if these two will be on speaking terms now.

    Divide and conquer even from within the party?

  14. Carpe Forem says:

    Here’s the “What” it must have.
    2. Illegals must be made legal without Amnesty.
    3. Enforce the Law.
    4. Need for workers must be met.

    Here’s the how.
    1. Use the latest technology to monitor the borders, camera’s and motion detectors, so border security can respond to attempt to enter illegally. Where there is no quick access to the border, build a barrier, fence or wall. Adequately staff the border patrol.

    2. Over the next 5 years require all illegals to find THERE OWN WAY BACK to the country from which they came and apply for legal entry into the USA. Allow illegals safe passage out of the US. Allow them to purchase airline tickets with minimal ID, only one way of course. Do not inhibit in any way any attempt by the illegals to return to their country of origin.

    3. In order to give illegals the push they need to leave and return legally, remove ALL incentives that would tempt them to stay here illegally. Still fines for those caught hiring illegals. Grandfather out all social services for illegals, including medical and education. After 5 years they are all gone.

    4. Application process to enter the US legally must be streamlined with a goal of less than 90 days. If the immigration service can not justify keeping someone out of this country within that time frame, entry will be allowed. There are plenty of ways with current technology and contracted companies to accomplish this. GET IT DONE!

    Of course this plan would not satisfy everyone. However, if enacted in its entirety, it would satisfy most.

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