Environmentalists file suit against new power plant.

It’s a pulverized coal fueled plant which I posted about here. The lawsuit could delay this plant for months:

The case is among the first legal challenges filed against coal-fired plants filed since the Supreme Court’s April decision that carbon dioxide was a pollutant that could be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

The goal of the filing is to block electric utilities from building the plant, but at a minimum it could force a construction delay of five months, said Justine Thompson, executive director of the Georgia Center for Law in the Public Interest.

“We need to go to building coal-fired power plants that cause massive health problems as a last resort, not a first resort,” she said.

The plant would be developed by Houston-based Dynegy Inc. and New Jersey-based LS Power.

Dynegy spokesman David Byford said it would be premature to discuss the claim, but he said the plant is primed to “fill a need in the region for clean, reliable and economic power.”


  1. CobbGOPer says:

    Of course, if we just built one (ONE!) more nuclear power plant in this state it would provide the power of some 15-20 of these coal-powered plants. And it would be safer and far cleaner.

    But of course try getting THAT past the environmentalists.

  2. ChuckEaton says:

    You folks should have been at our GA Power IRP at the PSC during the last few weeks. We heard presentations from people who are all over the spectrum on power generation. I never realized marijuana could be used as an alternative power source.

  3. Icarus says:


    While I agree with you, try putting one on Johnson’s Ferry Rd and see how clean your neighbors think nuclear power is.

  4. ChuckEaton says:


    The siting of the nuclear power plants in Georgia is not really an issue as they would be added to existing locations.

  5. Bull Moose says:

    I think that what environmentalists want to see is a combined effort toward cleaner energy.

    Why not propose building the added capacity for nuclear energy along with other alternative forms of energy production?

    Georgia is lagging far behind other states in terms of clean energy production as well as ideas and innovation to save money.

  6. Adam says:

    This armchair environmentalist would be happy to see some modern nuclear plants provide some energy.

  7. Doug Deal says:


    What is clean energy? Build wind farms, and people get something they don’t expect, a 300 foot tall bird eating monstrosity that generates around 5MW, meaning you need several hundred. People will complain.

    Build a dam, and get hydro-electric, and people will complain that it impairs the ability for fish to spawn, or a beaver might be inconvenienced.

    Build a solar farm, and people will complain that it is ugly, and might interrupt the habit of deer.

    Build a coal or oil plant and its too much CO2.

    Build a wave power plant and it clutters our precious beaches with unsightly mechanization.

    Build nuclear and it’s “we don’t understand the risks, so lets make other people fear it out of ignorance”.

    Nothing will satisfy “environmentalists”, so people need to stop trying.

    The one thing this case clearly illustrates is the need for legal reforms. These whackos need to pay for the added expenses in building the plant when they eventually lose and exhaust all appeals.

  8. Demonbeck says:

    I say we go with the Marijuana option.

    It’ll be a sacrifice, but anything for a cleaner environment!

  9. Darth Mike says:

    It is time to once again look to the wisdom of our children, and I quote/paraphrase one child, who is from a small mountain Colorado town:

    Fighting power plants, “Dolphins, eskimoes who cares ? Its all a bunch of tree hugging hippy crap” to me!

  10. CobbGOPer says:

    Or as Grover Norquist once said:

    “Trees? What do I care about trees? Trees killed Sonny Bono…”

  11. Icarus says:


    Your goal for the day, should you choose to accept it, is to work an obscure 80’s or 90’s song lyric into each thread.

    On your mark, get set, go.

  12. Demonbeck says:

    I think I can do that, because you know what they say, “Take your-passion, and make it happen”

    Not that 80’s music lyrics are my passion or anything.

  13. Icarus says:

    I don’t think it’s been safe for Republicans to discuss their passions since that whole “Mark Foley” thing.

  14. atlantaman says:

    “I say we go with the Marijuana option.”

    Well if we are going to pollute the atmospere, we might as well make everybody happy about it.

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