1. liberator says:

    An indictment isn’t a conviction. She has violated nobody’s right to life,liberty,or property thru force or fraud. She is a great woman and hard worker. Free Melissa Wolf (Lisa Taylor) now! This is a gross miscarriage of justice but she will be acquitted when the case goes to trial! We love You Melissa!

  2. liberator says:

    She used to come to Teasers in Warner Robins once a year and feature usually around Thanksgiving. She is a great entertainer and one of the classiest ladies You would ever meet! A sweet wonderful gorgeous lady. Sad that the nanny state would go after such a classy self made business owner!

  3. Chris says:

    Ok, I’m convinced Icarus is an elected official. I can’t imagine any reason she’d give him 90% off her usual rate.

  4. SpaceyG says:

    Free the McMansion Duo!!!! I’ve got the street campaign/signage all planned out. Video cam ready to go. And I cannot wait ’til we get down to some client names, which, should this get to trial, be made public. Right? I suppose a lot of folks would love for this NOT to get to trial. A perfect time to cause a wonderful stink about the stupidity of victimless “crime” and our ludicrous nanny state.

  5. SpaceyG says:

    Sentence above should, of course, read: A perfect time to cause a wonderful stink about the stupidity (and expense) of prosecuting a victimless “crime”…

  6. Adam Smith says:

    Liberator, I heard that the reason that they got into trouble was that they were screwing everybody, including the government (not paying taxes on their ill gotten gains)!

  7. Darth Mike says:

    I worry about Naughty Nikki, I believe that Melissa Wolf had to lay her off.

  8. rightofcenter says:

    I heard she was going to lay her off because Nicki had been getting off too early.

    Which come to think of it, wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

  9. liberator says:

    Adam Smith You are wrong pal. There were no charges of tax evasion. The Charges are for Prostitution,Drugs,and Racketeering. The racketeering charge was related to drugs and prostitution,both of which should be legal!

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