The Macon Mayoral Debate

It happened last night. A good number of people have called or emailed to chime in and the consensus is that Henry Ficklin and Robert Reichert really impressed, but that Ficklin was less than credible in talking about saving the city money when he advocates the Marriott Boondoggle.

It’s also a bit stunning to hear a Republican candidate advocating a government built high speed rail system between Macon and Savannah. My guess is that it would be there if market forces thought it was profitable.


  1. I think it is amazing that for someone who has been said has no chance in this race has established the agenda. For months I’ve heard some of the insiders, some that post here, that say Arlan has no chance. But the headline today is what this man has been talking about from the beginning.

    What I see, is that Macon politics has become a self-absorbed exclusive club of insiders who rehash the old ideas over and over again, and poopoo people who step up to the plate with bold initiatives.

    Arlan is a good and honest man with a huge heart and a desire to serve. For the past 16 months he’s networked himself around this city to identify the problems and propose solutions.

    This city is broken from the inside (the departments) and virtually NO ONE is discussing a remedy to bring this place back to vitality, except Arlan.

    So what do you want, a web of cronyism, a web of dysfunctional government or someone who actually will instill a new confidence in this community?

  2. liberator says:

    Why is former GOP Senator sending out mail to voters urging them to vote for Reichert stating he is the best man for the job? Maybe the local GOP should merge in with the Dems? Not a dimes worth of difference between the 2 parties.

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