I think Atlanta is doing the right thing. I’m not in favor of filling up the jails with grass waterers — the legal kind of grass.

Scofflaws of Atlanta’s outdoor watering restrictions would no longer face jail time for hydrating their hydrangeas if the City Council approves a recommendation made Tuesday by one of its committees.

The council’s Utilities Committee voted to remove all criminal penalties for breaking watering bans that are imposed to conserve water during droughts. State law lets — but doesn’t require — local governments to impose penalties of up to six months in jail and a fine of up to $1,000.


  1. Adam Smith says:

    The best incentive that people have is the protection of their own wallet.

    Law abiding people do not fear jail for something minor like this because “It won’t happen to me, I don’t have a criminal record.”

    Those non-law abiding people realize that jail is a joke and not something to be feared for something like this.

    Both types of people hate to lose their own money to the government as a fine (no matter if the money was legally earned).

  2. Rogue109 says:

    I agree. The idea that the Fulton Solicitor-General’s office or any City Solicitor would seek (or even get) jail time for this violation is preposterous. No one was going to jail before, anyway!

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