Drivin’ Mr. Whitehead

From the James Marlow For Congress blog:

(Athens) Standing before a group of Tenth District voters and members of the Georgia press corps today, James Marlow offered Jim Whitehead a free ride to a meaningful debate anywhere in the district. In the past week alone, Whitehead skipped two significant debates – the Athens Press Club debate on June 6 and the Atlanta Press Club/Georgia Public Broadcasting debate yesterday.


  1. CHelf says:

    Desperate? Not really. I’d hope an act of desperation would be a little more intense than that. But I have to say sense of humor. Better than blowing up a center of higher education….which makes me ask Holly – why would MCG be important but not UGA? Aren’t both very important to this district? 😉

  2. Marlow has run a good campaign. Their goal is to get to the runoff. This is a pretty Republican district, Whitehead is the clear frontrunner among the Republicans, and the other Republicans running are totally lame.

    If I was Whitehead I’d be hoping I cross 50% next Tuesday because I honestly think Marlow would eat him for lunch *if* they make it to the runoff.

    Of course that’s the big “if” and I can’t believe the party bigwigs bossed this thing for such a stooge as Whitehead.

  3. Holly says:

    I’m glad you asked, CHelf. You can go onto http://www.onlineathens.com and click the last audio clip and here about Jim meeting with the officials at UGA and Homeland Security regarding the bio and agro defense facility, which he realizes is vital to Athens future economic growth. Also, part of the meeting with the governor included discussions about the Athens satellite campus.

    As to the car, kudos to Mr. Marlow for being funny. 🙂

  4. Holly says:

    Hear, not here.

    I will be back to my normal sleep schedule next week, I swear, guys. Until then, we can at least all have a laugh about my crazy misspellings.

  5. jackson says:

    Maybe the debate could be in Midtown at Marlows house. Then they could drive back together and talk politics and such.

  6. Federalist says:

    The ball is in Whitehead’s court. He can man up and go talk to the people of the 10th, or be a coward and stay in the bubble.

  7. CHelf says:

    So blowing it up was not part of his discussion with the Governor or relating to Homeland Security I take it.

  8. Archibald Bulloch says:

    That’s hilarious. Marlow seems to have a sense of humor that the other candidates lack.

  9. I Am Jacks Post says:

    I think Jackson had it right. How about we hold the debate at Marlow’s house in midtown?

    However, if Marlow insists on debating Jim in the 10th, someone is going to need to get him a GPS or Mapquest so he can find his way there.

  10. Nicki says:

    He found his way to the 40 Watt in Athens Monday night just fine.

    And he does maintain a home in the district, does he not? Bill Greene doesn’t.

  11. ugadog says:

    I love how Republicans draw John Barrow out of his district and then give him shit about it.

  12. Jasmine says:

    And Erick,
    I think you’re still right. There is an air of desperation here. He’s desperate for media attention so they pull a stunt like this to earn some media play. I mean everyone does this sort of thing, but it’s also evidence of someone who is pulling out the stops to get in news.

  13. Observer says:

    Since Marlow wants to meet Whitehead halfway, why not Greensboro, halfway between Whitehead’s home in Augusta and Marlow’s home in Atlanta.

    I think Marlow is just hoping Whitehead will fill him in on what the district is like.

  14. Jasmine says:

    “James Marlow, candidate for the GA-10, with the car and driver hired for debate no-show Jim Whitehead” – from marlow’s blog

    Isn’t that “hired” driver a kid working at marlow’s office. Bradford I think, is his name.

    I’d be careful about putting Jim’s opponents to close to vehicles that Jim’s riding in though. Marlow may want get extra insurance against a punch-dent to the car…just saying.

  15. steelfist says:

    Aren’t those dealer plates on his Buick? He’s an internet salesman, not a car salesman so some car dealer support must be letting him use the car. I wonder if he’s reporting that as an in-kind to his campaign, or wouldn’t that be an illegal corporate contribution?

  16. Federalist says:

    I am sure, the only mercury it could be would be a milan…notice the slope on the trunk as it receeds from the rear windshield. Furthermore, the rims on the car in the picture are not mercury rims. Also the placement of the decals on the rear end are a give away, as are the tail lights.

  17. AlanR says:

    Marlow deserves credit. This is good fun and I hope he continues to use wit and humor. He should be writing for Spacey’s standup act. Its good to know that even though I don’t agree with him, I can at least expect good humor if he wins. A commodity in short supply these days — except here of course.

    But he still doesn’t give a damn about this district. If he did he wouldn’t have waited until there was an opportunity for him before he decided to live here. And I bet he doesn’t care about the democrat party, in this district or Buckhead. I’d be interested in knowing if he was ever a party activist anywhere before he decided he wanted this job. Does a contribution to Barrow count?

    And Federalist, I am in awe of your automotive expertise. You even know the rims.

  18. Federalist says:

    Look at the metallic door handles…that is not a feature of either mercury sedan. It is a buick. Check out the buick website and look at the Lucerne…that car is a Buick Lucerne. The only mercury it could be is the milan, and that is definitely not a milan.

  19. Federalist says:

    according to onlineathens.com, blake (who reported the story for the website) says it was a buick too.

  20. CHelf says:


    I don’t think Whitehead knows much about Greensboro except for the gated communities on the lake. There’s more to Greensboro than golf and the Ritz.

  21. jimbospond says:

    Marlow does have a sense of humor (he’s a democrat) and is a nice guy. Whitehead turned his back on old friends in Augusta to take advice from party gurus in Atlanta. Skipping debates and acting like a party flunky have not endeared him to the voters in the 10th.

    If you want someone with the guts to take a stand check out markmyersforcongress.com.

  22. bowersville says:

    The strangest thing about this election is the apparent inability of any candidate or candidate supporter to say anything about this race without mentioning Whitehead.

    You would expect Whitehead and his supporters to mention him, but all you folks….well, you and your candidate sound desperate.

    Newsflash, attacking Whitehead isn’t helping your credibility or your standing in the 10th.

  23. Archibald Bulloch says:

    If you know a lick about politics, you should know that knocking around the guy on top is what everyone does.

    Paul Broun and Bill Greene are doing it from the right because Whitehead has not taken a clear stance on immigration and James Marlow is doing it because of Whitehead’s position on Iraq.

    He’s the frontrunner on the Republican side in a Republican district. The only way for conservatives to draw votes from him is to hit him from the right and the Democrats gain ammunition by hitting him from left to get their base excited.

    Attacking Whitehead is the only way to keep your head above the water in the 10th. That’s why the “Big Three” in this race besides Whitehead are Marlow, Greene, and Broun. Whoever isn’t going after the top GOP candidate is not taking this race seriously.

  24. Observer says:

    The race isn’t against the frontrunner, but the second place guy, probably Broun or Greene. No one other than Whitehead has a chance if they don’t make the run off.

  25. Archibald Bulloch says:

    Going after the second place guy is irrelevant because: (A) no one knows who it is and (B) all it does is raise the profile of the second place candidate.

    The strategy for getting into the second slot is raising your own profile by going after the guy who everyone knows is in first.

    Paul Broun, Bill Greene, and James Marlow will not go after each other in ads because they will raise each other’s name ID. It’s more like a race to see who can get the highest profile by beating up Whitehead (such as pulling stunts like these).

    I would shocked if Broun got into a runoff. Ideologically, Greene goes to the right of Whitehead better than Broun. Broun does not seem to have all the pistons firing that would put him into a good position. And when the voters who are showing up are the active, attentive ones, intellect matters to a certain extent.

    Marlow seems most likely to make the runoff given the sheer numbers. With four so-called “serious” candidates, only one is a Democrat and three are Republicans. Most importantly, the Democrats have their own vote-getting mecca in the 10th with Athens-Clarke County.

    ACC will turn out strongly for Democrats, as they always do, and give Marlow a strong base of voters. Columbia County will turn out strongly for Republicans, as they always do, and give Whitehead a strong base of voters.

    I would be shocked if these two were not in a runoff with each other.

  26. Federalist says:

    You know, the GOP failed to make immigration the number one issue in Nov. ’06. What makes these political lightweights running in the 10th think they can make it the top issue in this special election? Fact is Iraq is the top issue, and these neocons do not want it to be…how many more georgia soldiers (not to mention Americans in general) are going to have to die to get them to start talking about Iraq in terms of legislative governance?

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