Better Fly Out of Macon

From the AJC.

If you’re catching a flight today, allow yourself some extra time.

Officials at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport were expecting huge crowds this week as the summer travel season kicked into high gear, but they weren’t counting on weather problems that contributed to unusually long security lines Wednesday morning.

It takes 5 minutes in Macon.


  1. katurner says:

    While it would take five minutes from entering the airport to boarding the plane in Macon wouldn’t you still have to go through ATL’s security?

    I don’t see Macon’s airport as thriving. It’s too close to Robins AFB and is badly landlocked. It would take serious efforts to condemn land and reroute GA247 and rip down several buildings.

    Even if there is no air traffic conflict (my further research found that in 1973 the Telegraph said the FAA found NO traffic issue) I think BRAC would like it better if less planes flew from MGRA.

    I say build an airport south of Perry. Let the state or some multi-county authority run it instead of the Doofus Brigade in Macon. But… only if there will be enough customers and if federal money won’t go to north of Atlanta.

    Then we can close that money-waster they call MGRA to all but general aviation.


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