1. Observer says:

    Where’s Whitehead? In Augusta, meeting with the Governor. Actually working for people rather than finding a juvenile way to slam an opponent.

  2. ToddH says:

    So, the time honored tradition of individuals standing in a public forum and debating the important issues of the day, an interactive argument that presents to the audience the beliefs and opinions that drive the candidates that they have to vote on is just “a juvenile way to slam an opponent.” Essentially worthless, right? I mean, it’s only been going on since the Roman Republic but it’s “juvenile,” right?

    I’ve seen many instances, on both sides of the political spectrum, supporters excusing the behavior of their preferred candidate, so I’ll just excuse Observer’s comments as another instance of the sheep protecting the shepherd. If Whitehead can’t face Marlow, Greene or Broun then how the hell is he to act as a suitable advocate for the 10th in Congress? If I was a CONSTITUENT of the 10th I’d be asking the same question, are “we” electing a coward to the 10th, or an arrogant politician who thinks he can just coast into Congress on the basis of a few endorsements and a heap of cash? Cowboy up, chickenboy.

  3. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Todd, I’m leaving a ticket at the door for you at the Whitehead election night victory party.

    Ugly Betty is in reruns, so I know you’ve got nothing better to do.

  4. AlanR says:

    Instead of worrying about where Whitehead was during tonights debate, why don’t you ask where the other guys have been the last 10 years or so?

    Look, Bill Greene doesn’t even live in the district, and runs a pac that sends 80% of the donations to his company instead of conservative candidates.

    Marlow lived and voted in suburban Atlanta until Norwood died then registered to vote at his lake house. But his father was mayor. Good vote for his father. Welcome to the district, Jim.

    And Paul Broun wouldn’t be anywhere if he didn’t have the name recognition of his father. He was the founder of the Georgia Republican Assembly. Of course it doesn’t exist anymore, but you know . . . its conservative and cool.

    Maybe the reason Whitehead is in the lead and can skip the beauty contest is because he has actually represented a pretty big part of the district as state senator and commissioner. Or doesn’t that count for anything? Its not like he never met a constituent or discussed an issue.

  5. ToddH says:

    I Am Jack’s Post,

    “Todd, I’m leaving a ticket at the door for you at the Whitehead election night victory party.”

    I think it was P.T. Barnum who once said, “You’ll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.”


    That was well reasoned argument…against the candidacy of Fred Thompson.

  6. MountainThinker says:

    As a sometimes 10th district constituent (my county is one of 4 that has and will likely continue to be bounced back and forth between the 9th and 10th) I find it troubling that ANY candidate would skip every televised debate and expect to actually get elected, let alone be viewed as the “only legitimate choice” to replace Congressman Norwood.

    Charlie Norwood was a staunch Conservative, but he was also a committed populist, believing and actively stressing the importance of his constituents. I never saw him publicly where he didn’t boldly state that his was an office of service, belonging to the people first and foremost and he went out of his way to reinforce that thought at every turn. Congressman Norwood was a champion of citizen outreach and constituent service; as a former constituent of his, I can say that I never doubted for one instant his committment to the individual people of the district, with little regard to their financial or political stature when it came to voicing their concerns or defending their rights.

    I can’t say for certain what sort of represenative Mr. Whitehead would be, everything in his record tells me he would ‘vote right,’ but then I can say the same for at least 2 of the other candidates. I could say that he’s probably well-versed on the issues and intelligent, but that too doesn’t distinguish him from several of his opponents in this race. In fact, the only thing up till now that truly separates him from ALL his fellow candidates, is an unwillingness/inability to present himself in the most accessible forums to the widely scattered constituents of his district. At best, he doesn’t understand the importance to rearrange his schedule to meet the greater needs of his constituents; at worst it may be an indication of flagrant arrogance on the part of an ‘establishment’ candidate.

    Personally, it gives me pause as to how he will serve if elected, when he won’t/doesn’t schedule this kind of basic constituent communication when he’s chasing votes… Can we will rationally expect better once he’s elected? I honestly don’t know.

    For now, I’m certain Mr. Whitehead will make the run-off (and there will certainly be one). I hope he’s forced to face off against a fellow Republican like Bill Greene or perhaps Nate Pulliam. At worst, it may serve as a friendly reminder that will make him work for it more and perhaps bring him back to the grassroots, where he’s sorely lacking. And of course if he doesn’t get the message, then I hope the people of the 10th are smart enough to elect someone else.

  7. Observer says:

    Norwood didn’t participate in a debate for the last 8 years, and it certainly didn’t make him any less a populist. Given that Whitehead is apparently taking the Norwood staff with him, I don’t think the constituents of the 10th District will see any change in how their representative relates to them.

    And, yes, ToddH, juvenile slams. Whitehead has appeared in at least 8 debates/forums. He has met any reasonable standard of fulfilling an obligation to debate. Any voter who wanted to see him at a forum has had the opportunity. And in fact, with the Comcast debate still running on cable, they can see him right now. Why should any candidates schedule be driven by when this or that group decides to have a “debate”, which in this race have become nothing more than opportunities to slam the only guy who has any traction out there. There’s no debating going on.

    The other candidates are agreeing to appear because they have no other means to get their message out.

  8. LakeGuy says:

    Folks, the fact of the matter is that these debates are pointless. Yes, people like Bill Greene and Eric Underwood think they are great because its the only damn way you can get your message out. But how many people watch these debates? How many people make their decisions off these debates? We may watch them because we follow such things, but the folks like us generally have made a choice.

    I think this debate and the others that Whitehead has skipped are irrelevant in his outcome as the winner of this race. It does not hurt to skip the debates and it does not help him to be there at the debate, so the question is, why the hell go?

    While these other 3rd tier candidates were at the forums with 15 people and TV debates where a couple of ppeople tune in, Jim Whitehead was raising money, meeting voters and getting his message out to EVERYONE in the district.

  9. Federalist says:

    Norwood did not have any “real” competition. Terry Holley was a terrible candidate, oh I forgot that Denise Freeman has run a lot…but can not raise money. “Not any voter who wanted to see him at a forum has had the opportunity.” That is a big reason why Whitehead’s skipping of the public broadcasting televised debate was a big deal. Many of the candidate forums whitehead attended were private (i.e. oconee real-estate forum and reynolds plantation.)

  10. Holly says:

    And he sent a surrogate to the ones he didn’t attend – minus Athens and Atlanta.

    The reasoning behind not going to Atlanta is legit. People are worried about MCG, not a GPTV debate. MCG means jobs and revenue for the people of this area. To suggest otherwise just shows that 1) you don’t understand what’s truly important to the people of this district or 2) you are mad that your candidate didn’t have another chance to get in a barb at the biggest opponent. Don’t worry, Greene and Marlow fans, apparently they managed it anyway, so all should be well.

    Denise Freeman did pretty well against Charlie in 1998. People forget that, but she got almost 40% of the vote.

    Also, Charlie as the challenger in 1994 didn’t go to the Athens debate against Don Johnson. He still won the election.

  11. Holly says:

    I am reminded of Terry Holley making an issue of Charlie missing a couple of days of votes in 2002. The comeback slap-down from Norwood for Congress was not good publicity for Mr. Holley, because Charlie had left DC to serve as a pallbearer at a friends’ funeral. Mr. Holley came off looking heartless.

    My point here is that candidates need to be aware that sometimes when they use something to make a shot, the blowback is not always favorable to them.

  12. Federalist says:

    Denise did win almost 40%, but any democrat on the ticket would have done just as well at that point in time in the state of Georgia.

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