Stan Watson for DeKalb CEO

What an odd quote in this article about Rep. Stan Watson’s bid for DeKalb CEO.

“We need a new horizon and some fresh ideas,” said Watson, a devout Christian.  “We need to bring the county back together again.  We are a little fragmented.  We have to mobilize our strength, and our strength is people.  The problem with DeKalb right now is image and perception.  It needs to be changed, and I’m the person to change it. I can bring the bacon home from the state, as well as, the federal level.”

I’m not sure what “some fresh ideas” has to do with being a “devout Christian.” And how is that related to bringing “bacon home from the state”?

This might, however, be a subtle hint that he’ll have no orgies.


  1. Ray4VP says:

    Fresh ideas and bringing home the bacon? That is one reason I did not consider a conressional run. I think the “bringing home the bacon” is the biggest problem we have right now with the way congress works. He definitely killed my support.

  2. Federalist says:

    Bringing home the bacon creates job for the constituents, and gets you reelected. What do you think all of those Lockheed contracts are? Are you opposed to job creation Ray?

  3. Rick Day says:


    If he were a devout christian, he would be working as a missionary in Africa, instead of licking toes of the cracker elite Jesus Club ™

    Disgusting. Politicians who drop the “C” word FOR NO REASON OTHER THAN POLITICAL will have a special tool inserted in their nether-regions in Hades.

    STOP DOING IT, y’all make the baby Jesus Cry!

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