Bloggers Rock!

Georgia bloggers made a little politico-techno mashup history yesterday at the For The People rally with those wacky N. Georgia Dems.


Managed to stream the event live via broadband for the whole planet. I can safely say we were the first to bring Dale Cardwell (below) to a global audience.

Blog for Democracy live-blogged the event and has some great snaps of the production team, complete with one producer and a rear view only Glenn Richardson could love., the online service we used to make the rally live, has simply amazing customer service. They weren’t able to help us get that annoying hum outta the line (that was on my end, and Lordy knows the Verge New Media staff was generously calling-in expertise and time to help too), but they were there, live, to email back and forth with and take our calls. What a company! They’ve got extraordinary vision for the future AND amazing, responsive customer service. Snap the heck outta some shares if they ever go public.

And the audio booth dude at the Georgia Mountain Center there in Gainseville was just as kind and patient with us bloggers as anyone could ever be, which is considerable when you think of how many backs have, quite literally, been turned, dismissively, on some of us as soon as we dare say, “I blog.” Thanks so much, master audio dude, for helping us patch-in.

A fine, seriously NEW media time was had by all! Thanks to GAPN for posting the release today too.

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  1. Ray4VP says:

    Yeah, it sure is nice when someone actually treats you with a little respect instead of just blowing you off because they don’t recognize your name.

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