Steve Stirring Up Trouble

My friend Steve Dillard down here in Macon is stirring up trouble for Rudy. We had lunch on Friday. He’s really excited about it. Oh, and he bested Chris Matthews on Hardball the other day.

On the Fourth of July, 37-year-old Steve Dillard will launch a national web site called

Despite his age, the Macon attorney describes himself as “the grandfather of conservative Catholic bloggers,” having operated a now-defunct site known as Southern Appeal until a couple years ago.


  1. SpaceyG says:

    Jeez…. as if we didn’t have to listen to the Fundies enough around here. I am about the point of ad-nausea with the “reliticos.” (Like that term? Heard it here first.)

  2. Doug Deal says:

    I don’t think you can really categorize a Catholic as a “Fundie”.

    The Catholic Church teaches that much of the bible, particularly the Old Testament is metaphor, and do not believe in Sola Scriptura.

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