Dirty Trick in the 10th?

From Bill Greene’s campaign:

“One of my supporters received a phone call from a female who claimed to be from my campaign,” said Bill Greene, considered to be the leading conservative candidate in the special election to fill the late Charlie Norwood’s seat. “The caller launched into a negative personal attack against my opponents in this election — just the kind of thing I would never allow in my campaign.”

Anyone know about this?


  1. SevenHillsDem says:

    Not sure about this, but the Athens Banner-Herald endorsed Nate Pulliam today, which begs a giant “WTF?”

    The powers that be at Morris News Service would never let the Banner-Herald show any sort of real independence or backbone in their endorsement. In this race more than any, their endorsement could play a real role and they have chosen to throw it away.

    They’ve been giving Whitehead and Broun pretty rough treatment lately whether it’s over debate appearances (the former) or campaign finances (the latter). That leaves them with choosing between James Marlow and Bill Greene, the other two perceived entities in this race.

    They’ve endorsed Democrats in the past, but never anyone that’s in a close race. They supported Mayor Heidi Davison in her reelection (something that was all but expected to be a win) as well as Becky Vaughn and Mac Rawson (all-but-certain defeats) in their races against State Rep. Bob Smith and State Sen. Ralph Hudgens, respectively. But when they had to make tough calls, they went against Democrats (Bill Cowsert against Jane Kidd in ’04 and ’06; Independent E.H. Culpepper against Doug McKillip in ’06 for the State House seat).

    I was hoping they would at least consider Marlow this time, but they decided to throw away an endorsement instead.

  2. Bill Simon says:

    Ummm…this is a “dirty trick” alright…but, it is perpetrated from the Bill Greene campaign itself.

    I cannot recall the campaign I first witnessed this “trick” being played-out, but it can occur in several variations, like:

    1) Have a Straw Man slam your opponent and YOU be the first one to react in defense of your opponent.

    2) Fabricate an event where you claim (as Bill Greene did) that someone was whispering evil things about one of your opponents to you (or one of your supporters) and loudly proclaim how “indignant” you feel and how it is all a “shame…”

    It is a sleight-of-hand designed to generate earned media for the Bill Greene campaign. Any reporter who falls for this is too green in terms of political experience.

  3. MidGaDawg says:

    “…Bill Greene, considered to be the leading conservative candidate in the special election to fill the late Charlie Norwood’s seat…” — Is that claim the dirty trick of which you speak? Gotta love the passive voice… “considered to be” by whom, Mr. Greene?

  4. Jeff Emanuel says:

    SevenHills, I was going to post on the ABH endorsement yesterday, but decided not to call the editorial board idiots on the front page at the time. Perhaps today.

    The E.H. Culpepper endorsement, by the way, didn’t just “go against Democrats” — they endorsed the Independent over both Democratic and Republican candidates (McKillip and Quick, respectively, and, for once, I think they explained why fairly coherently).

    If you think the fact that they’re owned by Morris keeps them from playing to their true-blue constituency here in the People’s Republic of Athens-Clarke, then you should read the ABH a bit more (though I don’t recommend it).

  5. SevenHillsDem says:

    No, I completely agree with you that they are much more liberal than any other Morris paper. But, whenever it comes time to do election endorsements, they don’t necessarily stick to that.

    Winders tends to write fairly liberal editorials, but once Jim Thompson gets his hand in the cookie jar when it comes time to endorse candidates, they seem to always tilt towards the right when they get a shot.

    And, I don’t think the Culpepper endorsement was out of the ordinary. He was generally more conservative than either McKillip or Quick on policy issues as well as being tightly connected with the Chamber crowd.

  6. I Am Jacks Post says:

    Bill, I hate to break it to you, but dude, NO ONE is wasting time or money trying to damage your campaign.

    As for the real dirty tricks . . . I hear that Tim Echols’ “rent-a-teen” group is making calls for Paul Broun in which the caller tells the recipient that a “vote for Jim Whitehead makes baby Jesus cry.”

  7. LakeGuy says:

    I wonder how much Echols and his “rent-a-teen” group are being paid to make those calls. Well, I mean aside from raw milk.

    Jacks Post, you better be careful, they may come slap you with a Bible, so you can feel the wrath of little baby Jesus.

  8. LakeGuy says:

    One more thing, I heard that Paul Broun had a new mail piece out that listed his endorsements. I heard that he had Jesus on there as an endorsement. I have not verified this.

  9. Jeff Emanuel says:

    SevenHills, I’ll buy that. One thing you can always count on when the Board as a whole writes editorials is unpredictability (unless you predict the most ridiculous outcome every time). From almost constantly endorsing losers, to using what long knives they have at their disposal on anybody and everybody they can reach, there are very good reasons why the free student-run hackjob paper runs circles around the ABH in circulation.

  10. Jasmine says:

    Well since Mr Greene and his posse don’t object to physical attacks, I think its at least cute to see him “object” to “verbal attacks.”

  11. Jasmine says:

    a pick-up truck. It’s humorous at best, not meant to seriously accuse Greene of laying the smack-down.

  12. Federalist says:

    In all honesty, Bill Greene probably did do this. If his “campaign” can do anything “dirty” to draw attentiont to Greene’s campaign it will be worth it for him. He can not afford media, and his campaign is sinking faster than the Lusitania. Where did that “leading conservative” statement come from? Have I been missing something in this campaign? Greene is leading in is family member attendance at candidate forums, though…I will give him that much. You can tell his level support by the number of kids that run around wearing those god-awful green[e] t-shirts.

  13. JayHanley says:

    Surprisingly, I find myself agreeing with Federalist’s last comment. Greene’s campaign has already sent out at least one negative autocall. I also find it funny that he is using the “leading conservative candidate” moniker. Leading conservative candidate? Only in his own mind.

    Also, it looks very unprofessional to have young children of your supporters running wild in auditoriums and disrupting debates. While I certainly admire having kids involved and observing the process, wait until they are old enough to know how to sit still and be quiet before you take them to public forums.

  14. MindyMay says:

    BILL GREENE would never do anything like that jayhanley and federalist you two dont know him!!!!!!

    hes a man of integrtiy and he loves kids and thats important because good people love little kids and dont think theyre annoyin and should stay out of the way. Jesus said let the little children come unto me and thats what BILL GREENE does too!!!!!!

    if BILL GREENE says someone was pretendin to be his campaign person but was lyin i believe that there really was someone lyin about bein from the campaign. ill bet it was the whitehead or broun campaigns. the whitehead campaigns been mean to BILL GREENE before and broun is desperate!!!!!!!!!

  15. Federalist says:

    And bill greene is desperate too. He has no money, no name recognition, no campaign, and no chance of getting in the runoff. Leave this type of observation to people that are not married to the candidate, and can see the truth behind the grim reality that is called political campaigning. Did you just compare bill greene to jesus?

  16. Holly says:

    Mindy, please tell me you’re kidding? Whitehead’s campaign has never been “mean” to Bill Greene.

  17. MindyMay says:

    im not kiddin and im not married to BILL GREENE. why would you think that???????

    i think BILL GREENE has better name recognition than all the other candidates except whitehead whos paid big time for it and not everyone has snooty rich people donatin lots of cash to their campaign like whitehead!!!! regular folks cant give like that but im glad to support a candidate who is for the regular folks not the snobs.

    BILL GREENE is a Christian and therefore is in the image of Jesus so i guess i did because hes Christ-like.

    whiteheads campaign is very mean to BILL GREENE. you keep fussin at him all the time on here so dont lie holly!!!!!! and then that one kid tried to run him over how is that not mean?!?!?!?!!?

  18. Federalist says:

    Whatever Mindy. Learn to spell and punctuate. Do you even know what name recognition is? Talk to me again next week when bill is drowning is sorrows with sacramental wine. Whitehead might actually have more in common with you than greene…mindy. I am still trying to figure out what your relation to bill is, something strong is the only thing I can come up with seeing as how he hates the US, and uses christianity as a means to garner what miniscule support he has.

  19. Bill Simon says:

    “BILL GREENE is a Christian and therefore is in the image of Jesus so i guess i did because hes Christ-like.”

    Bill Greene is a lying snake in the grass who is the anti-Christ, actually.

  20. Bill Greene is just that. …Green.
    The new kid on the block, no
    No, he isn’t on the block yet.
    He still lives outside the district.

    The only Name ID he gets is that
    His campagn teenagers are wearing
    Pink Floppy socks, and white Keds
    Coke bottle glasses, french braided hair,
    And can speak fluently in Latin and Greek.
    And they don’t date…courtship only.

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