Is This For Real or For Show?

After my post the other day and then going on Macon’s WMAC radio to talk about the post, the Macon police decided to do something.

Six women were arrested Thursday on prostitution-related charges after an undercover sting operation at three city spas, Macon police spokeswoman Sgt. Melanie Hofmann said Friday.Undercover officers entered the businesses and were offered sex acts for money, Hofmann said.

Of course, these are just two spas in town and there are dozens and dozens of such spas. I don’t claim credit for the police activity, but I do find it interesting that the police only do these types of raids after there’s been a big hue and cry about them. Then they won’t do anything again until another person speaks up.


  1. Andre Walker says:

    Erick, congrats on becoming “honorable.” The joke I like to tell is that the minute you become an elected official is the minute you become honorable; so if you weren’t honorable before, you most certainly are now. That being said, the police raid might be all a coincidence. It might have been an operation that’s been in the works for awhile and maybe you were fortunate enough to bring the issue to the light right when the raid was about to go down. Or the police could be sucking up to you because now you have a say in how much funding they receive. Either way, Macon is a cleaner city.

  2. Erick,

    May i suggest “we” start by thanking Chief Burns, Deputy Chief Carswell and the other officers that put their family jewels on the front line, on a daily basis for our public safety?
    Then we can thank the politicians who spoke up on the issue and call the ones that did not onto the carpet.

    Part of your and my job in Ward V and beyond is holding each and every elected official accountable for their action or inaction.

    Don’t just consider yourself unopposed, consider yourself a servant leader in training.

    Your next misssion is to closely follow the prosecution of these cases through the local court system and make suggested improvements in the Municipal Court.

    thanks for being loud and doing the people’s business in a public forum.

    p.s. Andre, try to get down to Macon in July for the Bragg Jam, we’ll pull out the red carpet for ya.

  3. SpaceyG says:

    Niether here nor there, but thanks Erick for putting the SGR on the blogroll. I need more blogroll cowbell ever since Creative Loafing kicked me off its roll. (Slung too much mud over there for their precious, delicate sensibilities… but absolutely NONE of it directed at their (good) decision to feature you in their otherwise utterly lame cover story about 5 Atlanta blogs they liked last week.)

    Warms a politico-mercenary’s small dark heart, that it does. And I wonder why Dick Morris is starting to look better and better every day… as a role model.

  4. liberator says:

    The 3 Spas have reopened and the other 14 0r so remain open and Thailand Spa opens next week. That police would waste our tax dollars on a consensual activity between adults in private which harms nobody is despicable! They need to focus on real crimes against real victims. Things like rape,murder,and robberyNotice there were no charges for slaveryslavery. Anyway the spas remain open to serve the needs of locals and tourists and Macon is better for it. Get ready for that Adult Video Superstore to open soon. Don’t forget The Thailand Spa opens next to Just Dentures on HWY 247 next week. Maybe a ribbon cutting ceremony is in order.

  5. liberator says:

    I notice there were no charges for sex slavery. I guess the good folks who own the Spas were libeled and slandered and are owed an apology Ya think?

  6. Mike-El says:

    We have one spa here in Athens that for the longest time had a hand-scrawled sign hanging from the front door that said, “Rear entrance available.”

    Yeah, I bet.

  7. katurner says:

    Stay on these people’s bottoms about these dens of ill repute and potential slavery. If there is slavery and prostitution going on let’s close them all down. Let’s go after the pimps when we get the primary mission done; drying up the services available from them.

    I hope MPD put a bug in the FBI or DHS’s ear if there is reason to think sex slaves from overseas work in these outfits. Let’s go “sting” all of the spas.

    Yes we’re going to have bordellos and we have since gosh knows when. We will have prostitution until Vienna freezes over. But let’s not encourage a facility come close to advertising it .

    And no, prostitution isn’t “harmless” Diseases can be spread around, possibly non-STD’s. You have the door opened for organized crime. No, the pimps and higher-ups aren’t Sam Walton.

    As a South Bibb resident I dislike having Georgia 247- as trashy as it’s been since the Forties- having a spa. Then again I heard in the Seventies a rather large house on Houston Road was used for “partying”.


  8. liberator says:

    There was no cases made against the spas for slavery period. Prostitution is a harmless consensual act between adults. There is no evidence of anybody in Nevada where prostitution is legal getting any std’s. The women are checked weekly and condom use is mandated. You let’s the nanny state legislate morality folks don’t understand what freedom is all about. This bust was all about show. The cases will be dismissed or plea-bargained for peanuts and business will resume as usual till the next election cycle bust for show. The Thailand Spa opens on HWY 247 next week next to just dentures just south of raceway gas station. We should welcome all businesses to Macon not just the ones we like! Let free-market capitalism rule,not nanny statism. How many spas should Macon have? As many as the free-market system will support.

  9. liberator says:

    Hope everyone read Gene Carswell’s article in Sundays Viewpoints in the Macon Telegraph. He is correct ie… doesn’t matter where the convention Hotel is built near the Centreplex if we don’t get rid of our nanny state blue laws and get some Nude Bars with alcohol sales in here like Atlanta,Fulton County,Dekalb County,Augusta,Forrest Park,Gainesville,Lagrange,Savannah,and Columbus have we will not get as many conventions here. Folks come to conventions to party as Carswell says. Now let’s get these Fascist Blue Laws repealed and move away from medieval times.

  10. liberator says:

    No problem Samuel the 3 spas raided have all re-opened so You can still use any gift certificates or coupons in your possession. Have a ball!

  11. hankreardan says:

    You are dead on. If there is slavery going that is one thing, If is consenting adults leave them alone.If you want the government to use force to shut these down than you DO NOT want freedom. A crime needs to have a victim. Who is the victim here. ( if you say society I will puke) Either you understand freedom or you dont. It sounds like most of you don’t.

  12. liberator says:

    Thank You Sir. It is great to see others who understand and support true freedom as do I. As You point out society can’t possibly be a victim. In fact such a collectivist notion is evil because collectivism is a philosophy which denies the concept of the individual and thus the concept of individual rights.

  13. Federalist says:

    Man, with all of these prostitution busts we are going to need some sure “cheap sex” labor…sounds like a job for illegal immigrants.

  14. liberator says:

    2 of the 3 spas are back in business. They claim the police are lying and no sex was offered or occurred. Sounds like the cases will be dismissed for lack of evidence as it is the officer’s word against the spa employees and that surely doesn’t constitute guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

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