Jim Marlow’s Numbers: $84,162.00 on hand

He raised $122,183.09 and spent $38,021.09. He now has cash on hand of $84,162.00.

Interestingly, Marlow filed the wrong form. He filed a Pre-General Election report and should have filed a Pre-Special Election report.


  1. ToddH says:

    I’m assuming that Marlow is just chilling until after the runoff and then he’s going to start throwing money everywhere.

  2. Paul from Jefferson says:

    He is spending some money. Today’s mail brought a colorful ad addressed to my late wife. I hope that his other mailings are better targeted.

  3. Federalist says:

    That is bad, not to defend him though…the lists used for direct mailings are compiled from voter registration lists, and when a person passes…their name is typically not taken off of that list. I will not defend any candidate on your complaint, but campaigns outsource direct mailing operations to direct mail/campaign consulting firms.

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