1. MindyMay says:

    where is your post about BILL GREENE’S disclosure?????

    thats so unfair that you give only your favorites a mention there are other better candidates in this race and BILL GREENE is who im talkin about!!!!!!!

  2. modcon says:

    Bill Greene has $25,552.51 on hand. $15,000 of which is from his own pocket.
    But here’s what I thought was interesting, only 3 of the 35 itemized contributions to Greene’s campaign were from sources inside the 10th District.

  3. profg says:

    modcon – that would be because, out of over 1,000 donors inside and outside of the district, almost all of them gave in small donation amounts, which aren’t itemized on FEC reports. This truly is a grassroots campaign, and the grassroots simply don’t have the kind of money that donors to certain other candidates give.


  4. jackson says:

    Bill Greene – FYI, if you are running a campaign and trying to show “grassroots support” you just itemize the individual donors no matter how small the contribution. Sounds eerily familiar to Ralph Reed’s claim of 6000 activists across the state working for him.

  5. Federalist says:

    Is she his wife? I have been assuming that, only because Greene will only get 2 votes…oh wait he can’t because he does not live in the district.

  6. modcon says:

    I was just pointing out something that I noticed and thought was noteworthy. The fact that Greene is running a “grassroots” campaign does not explain away the fact that most of his funding seems to be coming from outside of the district.

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