Miriam Paris for City Council

This is awesome. One of the people on City Council in Macon who does not have a clue is Willette Hill-Chambliss, who recently wrote the Telegraph to explain the Macon Hotel Deal. She’s the Chairman of the Property committee for City Council. Stunningly, she got *every* *single* *detail* wrong.

Miriam Paris, having decided not to run for re-election, has had a change of heart. But, instead of running for her old seat in Ward IV, Post 3, she’s going to challenge Willette for her city-wide seat.

That is awesome news. Count me in.


  1. Ooops, stuck between the umbrella and mud puddle for now, gotta go neutral on this race pending further info. Not so sure the mysterious re-entry wasn’t special interest money motivated. more later… remember to mark the date when financial disclosures appear check.

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