Hahaha. Yes, I Am Supporting Lauren Benedict

Lauren Benedict just called me and pointed out I had not mentioned her candidacy on Peach Pundit. I was actually focusing on people in contested races for City Council, which neither Lauren nor Rabbi Larry Schlesinger are in, so I have not mentioned them.


  1. Demonbeck says:

    Is Lauren supporting you? Cuz I haven’t seen her on here spouting off the need for a Swedish Chef on the Macon Whoopee Council.

  2. MidGaDawg says:

    This sounds like a bad way to start a joke… “Two lawyers and a rabbi walk into a blog…”

  3. Dear Lee,

    Reviewing your website and the last sentence of your Teddy Roosevelt quote brings to mind some Jerry Falwell quotes:

    “Christians, like slaves and soldiers, ask no questions” and “If you’re not a born-again Christian, you’re a failure as a human being”

    and some other guy named Adolph is quoted as saying:

    1) “believe today that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator.” and 2) “All propaganda has to be popular and has to accommodate itself to the comprehension of the least intelligent of those whom it seeks to reach. ” -Adolf Hitler

    but i do like your position on Georgia Ethics Commission appointees.

    think bro, think and go forth in peace,

    Victor Jones
    Macon, Georgia

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