Sonny’s War On Drugs – Expensive Crash and Burn

Is hunting down redneck weed growers in million dollar machines with millions of dollars of OUR state revenue really worth all this utter nonsense? Especially when law enforcement resources are so desperately needed elsewhere? Get what you go looking for I suppose… mere crash and burnage. From the Georgia AP:

CEDARTOWN, Ga. — A helicopter being used to spot marijuana fields for the Gov.’s Task Force for Drug Suppression crashed Tuesday afternoon in northwest Georgia, injuring three people who managed to escape the wreckage and hobble away just before the chopper caught fire and exploded, the Georgia State Patrol said.

Polk County chief deputy Al Sharp said the helicopter, one of several choppers used by the patrol for the joint state-local task force, was based at McCollum Field in Kennesaw. (Larry) Schnall (GA State Patrol) said Polk County and neighboring Haralson County are “hot spots” for marijuana growing.


  1. liberator says:

    More lives lost in the insane war on the American People falsely named the war on drugs. Will we ever learn that drugs should be legalized. The War on Drugs (American People) costs billions and accomplishes nothing but high crime rates,bloody turf wars,corruption,and lost lives. End it now!

  2. liberator says:

    Exactly! Wonder how much that plane cost us taxpayers that crashed? And it’s a shame people die because our nanny state government thinks folks who prefer pot to alcohol or nicotine should be in jail.

  3. bowersville says:

    The helicopter was probably excess property disposed of by the US military. A better question to ask is, why was retired Patrol pilot Joe Zebeau in the helicopter, and since he is retired, is his pilot certification valid and was he piloting the chopper?

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