1. IndyInjun says:

    There is little or no doubt that Charlie wanted Jim Whitehead to succeed him.

    On matters of principled conservatism, Charlie showed extraordinarily good judgement and if he picked Whitehead, it speaks volumes.

    15 minutes devoted to a dear friend, about whom he cannot even speak now without tears coming to his eyes, is vastly superior to debating Cynthia Tucker about illegals voting, no?

  2. CHelf says:

    Is there a reason that the GOP is in this funk of trying to rally around the dead? No disrespect here but can we not be our own people and define ourselves? At the Presidential level you have just short of a dozen men trying to be the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan. Here you have a few trying to be Charlie Norwood. Can we not set our own bar here? Can we not be ourselves instead of trying to wear the shoes of the deceased? Make a name for yourself. Be your own person. Set your own agenda. Stop trying to dwell on others.

    Instead of creating your own legacy, you hold yourself to a standard that clearly cannot be duplicated and you’re more prone to failure. Try to surpass the legacies before you. Don’t try to duplicate them.

  3. jackson says:

    Its called respect, CHELF. Plain and simple. I dont think you can run in a special election after one of your good friends dies, and 3 months later not even mention the dude. And doing it in 3 – 5 seconds doesnt show much respect.

    Glad to know there are some people out there that have a little personal integrity and not just run over the dead (or dying, in Paul Brouns case) just to get a political office. Whatever happened to being human and honest, and giving a crap about lifelong friendships or relationships instead of talking politics all the time.

  4. CHelf says:

    You can have respect and not base your entire campaign on someone else. There is a difference between mentioning and making this whole election out to be about this person. I find it odd that instead of making his focus on building one’s own legacy the focus is who was Norwood’s best friend.

    Jackson, this is beyond being human and honest and going to claiming to be the truly annointed person rather than letting the people see who YOU are and voting off of that. People hate politicians grovelling. People want someone to be their own person and to set their own agenda.

    This election has become about Norwood rather than the 10th District. Norwood was a servant of the people. Certain candidates are trying to wear Norwood’s clothes….everything short than wearing some suspenders. Norwood worked for the betterment of this district. If you want to honor him and show respect, do what Norwood did and make this about the betterment of the district and not resurrecting the dead.

    The same goes for the Presidential race. Not to sound crass but stop digging up the dead. This is about public service and representing a district and a nation. Honor those people by doing what they were known for, not some “he’s MY best friend and he loved me MOST” type debate.

  5. Federalist says:

    Talking about being one of Norwood’s friends is the only topic Whitehead can orate without shooting himself in the foot. This is a responsible approach to putting a moron in office.

  6. AlanR says:

    Its very appropriate to acknowledge Norwood and his contribution. How can you not?

    As to working for the district, Whitehead’s credentials for community service are a lot better than Broun or Greene or Marlow. What offices have they held? What record for representing the public do they have? What good have they done for anybody but themselves? Oh, wait Marlow’s father was mayor, Broun’s father was a much beloved state senator and Greene doesn’t even live in the district.

    Did Whitehead not list four issues in the ad? Lower taxes, better jobs, secure borders, war on terror. Pretty good summation of Whitehead as a conservative. And in less than 30 seconds.

  7. CHelf says:

    Wow. Amazing. Squeeze bullet points with no substance. I can do that. Can I run too?

    And the line of who has more public service is a waste. If that standard was applied across the board, we’d be stuck with career politicians. Oh, my bad. We are. And how well of is our system now? Community service are much more than election to office. People are actually more effective OUTSIDE the political arena serving their community.

    So Alan, it was a nice try to justify the ad. But quick bullet points does nothing to prove someone’s credentials, qualifications, or agenda for a district. The top issues in polls are mentioned by all of the candidates. What separates Whitehead from the rest of the pack? I hope career politician is not what he’s hoping on nor on how he was Charlie’s best friend.

    To add what Jackson said people hate most about politicians is being patronizing. Don’t give the latest talking points. Don’t give the words and phrases every poll indicates are key issues. If this slate was so focused on emulating Norwood try duplicating offering ideas and solutions. Stop focusing on the past and how sleazy the other guy was. Focus on yourselves and where you want to take this district and how you can best serve the people here.

  8. IndyInjun says:

    CHelf – Whitehead says repeatedly in his commercials that he ‘can’t be Charlie Norwood” just Jim Whitehead.

    He is way out in front, frustrating the Dems, who want a shot at the seat, and the GOPers, looking for something – anything – with which to attack him.

    Reminding us that he will TRY to emulate Charlie Norwood, one who was TRUE to principles, serves to remind us that the rest of the GA GOP delegation are imposters and liars who will say and do anything to get elected.

    Embracing a dead REAL CONSERVATIVE instead of live hacks should be worthy of praise rather than ridicule.

    Give me Whitehead any day.

  9. Federalist says:

    I am sure that Norwood had more intelligent friends than Whitehead. Having experience as an elected rep doesn’t make a better candidate…it may make a more electable candidate, but not a better candidate. Denise Freeman was a school board member, and who thinks she is a good candidate?

  10. There are two points to be made: one the district belongs to the people of the 10th district, not a former officeholder no matter how much one loves Charlie Norwood.

    Second, from a campaign perspective elections are about issues not some dead guy, regardless of how well liked the guy was. That’s why Mac Mattingly got nowhere with that stupid Nancy Coverdell ad talking about how much Paul would have liked Mattingly and why this ad probably isn’t doing anything to help Whitehead, or at least as much as it could.

    I bet your average voter wants to know if Whitehead is hosting some sort of memorial for Norwood if they aren’t paying attention. As a Whitehead opponent, I’m glad they’re running this stupid ad. The only thing better would be if they put the widow on the air (like Mattingly).

  11. CHelf says:

    Indy, I don’t think anyone needs anything to ‘attack’ him. He does his own work on that account. Even state and national pundits agree on that. That is why he’s avoided the remaining debates and stuck with controlled situations for appearances. That’s reminiscent of Hillary I believe.

    As for ‘out front’ do you have any polls on this race? I’d love to see some. I keep hearing things but have yet to see any proof.

  12. Federalist says:

    True as well, but I do not think that the people of the 10th that will be voting in this election are going to care about the issues. This is a special election, in a non election year, and for congress. The only people that will show up are those old party hacks that vote for the leading (R) or (D).

  13. Holly says:

    The major difference that you miss, Chris, is that Mack Mattingly’s opponent was Zell Miller, a popular former governor and the person who currently held the senate seat in question. People knew him well.

    Jim Whitehead is the best known candidate in this race. Some people in the Athens area know Broun, but few outside that area do. Denise Freeman has some name ID from previous Congressional races. The others are virtually unknown.

    The ad is what it is – a positive ad to remind people that we’re currently unrepresented in Congress, so therefore we need to vote on June 19th, and if we elect Jim Whitehead, he will continue working for the district in the same vein that Charlie did. People will respond well to that here.

  14. IndyInjun says:

    Well, I have butted heads with Jim Whitehead a number of times and I don’t agree with a LOT of his positions. I support him because of WHO AND WHAT HE IS, which is a pretty successful businessman, who actually listens to people. who has shown me that he is honest, and who can be convinced with a superior argument.

    He will be a new congressman in a minority party, meaning that his dedication to constituent service may be more important than his votes.

    I am not particularly impressed with his embrace of Republican party status quo. After the destruction of America under that awful party over the last 6 years, I am having a hard time voting GOP even when someone like Jim Whitehead is running.

    The Republican brand is repulsive. If not for Jim, I would be voting for Marlow.

    He is latching on to the wrong people just as the tide of public opinion is shifting, even in a supposedly red state like Georgia.

  15. CHelf says:

    “if we elect Jim Whitehead, he will continue working for the district in the same vein that Charlie did”

    This can be applied to any of the candidates. Does being someone’s friend give you superior ability? Does being someone’s friend make you more qualified? What besides a personal connection makes this sentence any less applicable to anyone else in the race? Anyone else can be just as dilligent and productive even more productive but not have to say how close they were to someone. Again, try setting yourself apart and even dare I say better. NOT making yourself to be a carbon copy which surely you are not.

  16. Holly says:

    No, it doesn’t. But people associate Charlie with a conservative, hardworking Republican. Why not promise to continue that tradition in a district where Charlie was popular?

  17. CHelf says:

    Again, you’re missing the point. Why tell people a line that can easily be filled in by a few others’ names in this race? Why not utilize the time to distinguish yourself as someone different, if not better? The line you gave could easily have been about Broun, Greene, etc. Is that all Whitehead can do is use cookie cutter lines? And compare himself to other people? I’d like to hope he has more setting himself apart from others including Norwood.

    Anyone can say “I’ll do what Charlie did”. What if people are looking for something more in their next representative? Is that the bar Whitehead has for himself? Again, if he’s trying to be Charlie, he’s already failed.

  18. Federalist says:

    IndyInjun, are you voting for Whitehead then? I did not fully understand your last sentence. Marlow is a successful businessman, and from what I have heard at the forums he likes to listen to people…primarily because he is not a career politician and still does not know everything about every policy. I was getting confused with who you were talking about for a minute. I have a little concern that if Whitehead is elected, we will have another special election before the end of the 2nd session of this Congress.

  19. Holly says:

    Nah, not missing the point. I just don’t agree with you.

    This election is a very short cycle. There are 21 counties. Jim has represented five or six of them in the state senate, which left him unknown in 15 or 16 others.

    We lost a popular Congressman. It’s smart to tell the voters “Charlie was my friend, and I’ll continue voting as conservatively as he did” as long as it’s true. After all, people know and like and trust Charlie.

    Jim will have the next year and a half to work for the 10th district, giving people a chance to get to know him better. His strategy will likely be different for the 2008 campaign, but this was a wise strategy for a special election.

  20. jackson says:

    CHELF, since you are so quick to criticize Whitehead for talking about Charlie, who is the one you believe is doing the best job talking about themselves and their campaign.

    There’s Paul Broun, who’s campaign has been to trash Whitehead for NOT respecting Norwood ENOUGH while attacking him falsley on his immigration stand.

    There is Bill Greene, who doesnt live in the district, who has never done anything except make money off of another dead person (Terry Schaivo).

    Marlow…who lives in frickin Midtown for goodness sake..and who hasnt talked anymore about his plans than anyone else.

    So who is it? You have the hard*n to attack Whitehead, but you dont even have an alternative dude.

  21. jackson says:

    “Why not utilize the time to distinguish yourself as someone different, if not better?” Different isnt better just because its different. Im sure Whitehead will be different. But letting folks know he has something in common with a very popular, affable and hard working congressman isnt a BAD strategy.

    “What if people are looking for something more in their next representative?” What if they are? What if they’re not? That’s the whole point of the damn campaign.

    “Is that all Whitehead can do is use cookie cutter lines? And compare himself to other people?” False statement and premise. He has done more than that. Obviously, you dont see the mail or other activities that he has been involved with.

  22. CHelf says:


    I don’t have to say who I am for. I’m not running for office so I don’t have to offer an alternative. I’m not sure what sexual issues have to do with this. I’m afraid to ask you why you mention that. No need to explain.

    This is a topic about Whitehead so I’m sticking with the topic. This is about his ad. This goes along with his ‘rebuttal’ with Broun about Norwood. This has to do with Whitehead making this race out to be more about Norwood than himself. I am sticking with that theme. Perhaps you’d like to post something about another candidate on the front page? I’d have little to go on since I’ve seen very little comparatively speaking from the other candidates trying to be Norwood’s Siamese twin.

  23. CHelf says:

    “False statement and premise. He has done more than that. Obviously, you dont see the mail or other activities that he has been involved with.”

    Well let’s see. The discussion by all of his supporters on blogs, his ad here, speeches, etc. This ad is enough proof to show my statement is not a false premise. Sorry to break this to you Jackson but he’s done as I’ve said.

    I guess I have higher standards than you on what I want out of my elected officials. I prefer someone who is more about his own agenda rather than reminding us he was friends with Charlie and how much he misses him.

    While we’re on that subject of mourning and missing, we previously spoke on how ‘sleazy’ Broun was for campaigning prior to Charlie’s passing. How long afer a funeral is it OK to bring in money and have your committee set up? Any takers on a mourning period? Waiting period? Any reason to rush to start bringing in money and setting up a campaign committee?

  24. AlanR says:


    You said: ” This is about public service and representing a district and a nation. ”

    Whitehead has been a successful local businessman forever. He has been a county commissioner and state senator. What public service do you attribute to Marlow, Greene or Broun?

    As to leadership and how he will represent the district, Whitehead is trying to tell you that he is philosophically right where Norwood was. For conservative voters, thats what they need to know. And as to bullet points, you need to watch more television. Thats all you get these days.

    Forgive me for speculating, but I think the reason it is hard for you to get beyond the Norwood references from all the conservative candidates is that it doesn’t mean anything to you. I suspect that nothing Broun Greene or Whitehead can say about Norwood will lead you to the same conclusion that most republicans will come to given the same statements.

  25. CHelf says:

    As I’ve said before, there is a difference in telling people what you plan to do versus making this race about Norwood. Call it style or whatever. Clip the first half of that ad and make it all about the second half and it is much better. Take that last half and elaborate on HOW you plan to do those things and HOW you are different from everyone else is time better spent. We all know Norwood. We all know he passed away. Tell us about Whitehead/Broun/Greene/etc. Set yourself apart. Going back to the original point with this being the same way at the Presidential level, no one will be Ronald Reagan. No one could even come close. Stop trying to be Ronald Reagan and surpass that expectation with what it takes to show how you can make America/Georgia/10th District better.

  26. jackson says:

    Your previous statements and comments are FALSE. Whitehead has done much more than talk about Charlie Norwood. While he has talked about Charlie. While you dont like it, I can show you mail pieces I have recieved that DIRECTLY contradict your silly notion.

    AlanR has a great point. Telling people you are going to support many of the things Charlie did is a simple way to tell them about what you believe on many fronts. Its the same reason many folks fight over the label “Pro-Life” it means much more than opposing abortion to many voters. (BTW, I am not interested in getting into a debate on pro-life/pro-choice. Its an example).

    Its obvious by your post you dont want him talking about Norwood at all. Why else would you tell him to completely ignore his work and death in order to say where he stands. FYI: a 30 second ad isnt enough tim to tell how you plan to do all those things and how different you are and how much you are going to do. Its an intro. I am sure there is more to come.

    “We all know he passed away.” Well, if that is the case, by that logic, we all know where a conservative republican stands so why even talk about that?

    Again, being different for the sake of being different doesnt always appeal to voters. Sometimes they want the same type of person. The idea is to win an election, not to get voted most original campaign.

  27. IndyInjun says:

    Federalist –

    In THIS election, I am voting for Jim Whitehead, a man I know well and who is most admirable, although not the most gifted orator around.

    Alas, I feel that Whitehead is in lock step with a party that has become an abomination and wish that he had campaigned on the basis of his announcement speech, which was very even-handed in its criticism of both parties.

    If he has an Achilles heel, this is it. The tide is turning against the GOP, just as Jim is embracing it.

    If he were not in the race, I would be voting for Marlow.

    The two fine fellows I support in this special election, Whitehead and Jackson for the 24th GA Senate know that my disaffection with their party is complete.

    The time has come for the good folks in politics to dump the Dems and GOP.

    Dems=GOP=BAD for you and me!

  28. joe says:


    “Dems=GOP=BAD for you and me! ” seems to be a truism. For a long time, I have voted for the individual, not the party, but now it often seems I should vote against both parties. Any suggestions?

  29. CHelf says:


    See his ad. Fact is fact. Call me false all you want but the facts speak for themselves. Live in denial.

    I encourage you to actually read my post and counter the points I make instead of invent what you think I said. I’m not sure what you’re arguing but it’s clear you’re not responding to what I said.

    As for 30 second ads not being enough time? Well spending half of it saying how much you miss someone and reminding us he died is not the wisest way to spend your donors’ money. He doesn’t have much time left. Perhaps wasting his own time and his donors’ money shows us his fiscal methods?

  30. bowersville says:

    If it’s not wise to run an ad and spend the money the way Whitehead did, then it’s Whitehead’s problem, not yours. If you don’t like Whitehead’s ad, counter it.

    If you know of a better way to run an ad, spend the money and run an ad for your candidate.

    I will suggest that who ever it is you are supporting doesn’t have much time left, so quit hiding behind “staying on topic” and support your candidate.

  31. jackson says:

    CHELF, your being ridiculous.
    I reread all of your posts, per your request. Ill use your words, like i have before.

    “not base your entire campaign on someone else.” His ENTIRE campaign is not based on someone else. Talks about him alot? Yes. Basing his ENTIRE campaign on Charlie? No. Its obvious that you dont live in the district or dont see what the campaign is doing, besides what you see here on peach pundit, if your contention is that ALL Whitehead is doing is talking about Charlie

    “but can we not be our own people and define ourselves” Again, obvious that you have not recievd any whitehead mail.

    “Make a name for yourself. Be your own person. ” Whitehead has with a life of integrity and honesty. And he is now with folks that dont know him. And recognizing someone who has been a friend for a long, long time is part being his “own person.”

    “There is a difference between mentioning and making this whole election out to be about this person” Again, I dont think Whithead has made the WHOLE election about Charlie.

    The problem is CHELF, you have obviously never lived here in the 10th. Charlie and his legacy were a big part of this area. Denying that, not acknowledging that, is foolish.

    Since you are an armchair quarterback, let me fill you in on something: Campaigns are about winning people over to your side, persuading them that you are the person that can represent who THEY are. They are not about being the guy that is the most different. If that were the case, guys like Ron Paul would be leading the presidential race.

    You make statements like “Don’t give the latest talking points. Don’t give the words and phrases every poll indicates are key issues. ” but the reality is, THAT IS WHAT PEOPLE WANT. I do agree with you on one point: I wish it was different, but its not.

    But most people dont vote that way. Campaigns this size dont have the time or resources necessary to talk to everyone about what everyone cares about personally. They have to have a broader appeal. They also have to take into account what is going on in THAT community.

    The fact is, a very respected, revered and well like Congressman died and these guys want to replace him. Part of the campaign is going to be about him, about who can be like him.

    People like stability. They would rather go with a known commodity, even if it might not be as good as an unknown commodity. Not all people, but MOST people.

    Those are the facts.

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