Harbin Hit Again

This time by the Governor.

Last week, Gov. Sonny Perdue added insult to (narrowly averted) injury, cutting a number of Harbin’s pet projects, including the Golf Hall of Fame. In an Augusta Chronicle column that ran on April Fool’s Day, Harbin invoked the memory of Bobby Jones to justify his request for an “emergency” appropriation for the museum.

Perdue was not persuaded. His veto of $575,000 in state spending for the Golf Hall of Fame was the knockout blow in a nasty budget fight that dragged on through the legislative session, and left the Augusta area a budgetary loser.

As chair of the House Appropriations Committee, Harbin was one of the most powerful lawmakers in Atlanta. “Fiscal conservative” or no, Harbin’s supporters expected him to use his influence to steer state funds back home.
Perdue finally hit Harbin where it hurts — in the pork.

The governor didn’t hesitate to pounce while Harbin was still reeling from his encounter with an Atlanta utility pole.


  1. Samuel says:

    If Deacon Harbin has learned anything, he will keep his little putter at home under wraps and not take it out to play in public again!

    Between vetoes and lightpoles, Deacon Ben is scoring nothing but triple bogeys; he’s stuck in a sand trap and in desperate need for someone to let him have a mulligan!

    Resign Benjie; that would be a good first start!

  2. drjay says:

    harbin’s troubles aside the augusta paper had an article about howun-influential the augusta delegation has become–they (augusta specifically-columbia was not mentioned in this story) have very little seniority and only one member in the majority party–and she’s a freshman–quite a drop after having walker and cheeks and then burmeister all w/ a lot of clout over the years…

  3. memberg says:

    Who writes these stories? Perdue is no hard-hitting political opponent. He’s not doling out retribution. The only thing he ever “pounced” on was a good land deal. Even his own party can’t wait for ’10.

  4. Holly says:

    It can’t include Columbia County, Dr. Jay. Ben Harbin is the chairman of appropriations, Barry Fleming’s the whip, and Jim Whitehead was chairman of homeland security in the senate. Barbara Sims also represents a portion of Columbia County. She’s the freshman you mentioned in Richmond.

    Part of the problem with Richmond County is that most of the reps are new-ish, like Barbara and Ed Tarver. Or. . . they’re the J.B. Powells of the world. Mostly the former, though. Richmond County only has one representative in the majority party, and that’s Barbara. The rest are Democrats, and while that’s not a bad thing, it does mean they’re part of the minority, which makes it harder to gain clout.

  5. Samuel says:

    drjay -…just taking a few clubs from my bag and slicing away………I would use the “hook” metaphor but Benjie knows more about hookers than I do………

    Resign Benjie, for the good of the party!

  6. Lee Benedict says:

    Sonny SHOULD have vetoed the $575,000…it’s nothing but PORK. Regarding Ben Harbin; it’s been 2 1/2 weeks and still he hides hoping that this “will simply blow over” and he does not have to answer to his constituents, i.e., his employers. What arrogance!

  7. Lee Benedict says:

    In the words of Columbo, “one more thing”, the GOP really does need to get back to displaying honor, integrity, and principle. Otherwise, what’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans???

  8. drjay says:

    walker’s son still pops up on the augusta scene from time to time–but it is interesting that augusta had until very recently a lot of clout in ga–and that the nexis of that power has shifted away so quickly…

  9. RuralDem says:

    “GOP really does need to get back to displaying honor, integrity, and principle. Otherwise, what’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans???”

    So, I take it you will not accept votes from Democrats, since they lack the above?

    Yeah, thought so.

    Sometimes the rhetoric spewed by both sides gets quite silly.

  10. Lee Benedict says:

    I would gladly accept votes from Democrats…actually, a few asked me for yard signs.

    My point is: Bill Clinton, Marion Barry, any Kennedy, Tom Daschle…they all act rather inappropriately and are embraced, reelected, and adored by the media.

    Remember Bob Livingston? He was going to be the Speaker after Newt stepped aside. He then took to the House floor and admitted having an affair and withdrew his name from consideration and recommended that Bill Clinton resign. This prompted several on the Democrats’ side of the aisle to hoot and hollar, “You resign”…he then resigned and suggested that Clinton do the same. THAT is the glaring difference.

    Pat Ireland and her NOW gang stood by Clinton. Well, I thought that the majority of Republicans have no tolerance for, not mistakes or shortcomings, but the refusal to face the music and explain yourself to your constituents for whatever you might have done.

    As for myself, if elected, I wil not put myself in a situation that may lead to…well, what happened to Harbin, Livingston, and the rest.

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