Christian Coalition voter guide update, part II

Billl Greene points out in the comments of a previous post that the GA Christian Coalition has corrected their apparent mistake in the published results of their voter-guide questionnaire. They have corrected the incorrectly-printed “No” answer to the question “Would you Vote to override a presidential veto of pro-life legislation?” to Mr. Greene’s actual answer, which was “Yes.”

Hm. This, combined with the fact that the GCC misspelled their own name in their press release announcing the release of the voter guide, does not lend itself to much confidence being placed in their competence.


  1. bowersville says:

    It may not lend much to competence, but one has to wonder how much damage this did to Greene’s campaign with the social conservatives.

  2. Federalist says:

    Nobody should have “faith” in a voter guide released by a religious organization. It is un-American.

  3. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    This was hardly the first clue that the Christian Coalition is not competent.

  4. liberator says:

    Let’s stop using the term social conservative. These religious zealots are authoritarians who wish to use government to pry into the bedrooms of consenting adults and legislate morality. True Conservatives like Goldwater are rolling over in their graves. The Christian Coalition Types are like the Taliban.

  5. MindyMay says:

    social conservatives are not terrorists!!!!!!!! terrorists kill people, duh. that comment makes you look silly.

    im glad BILL GREENE is in this race because he wants good, christian values and thats what we need.

  6. liberator says:

    The So-Called Social Conservatives are terrorists as far as the Bill of Rights are concerned. They want government to tell you what you can or can’t see,hear or read,ingest in your bodies,do with your bodies and reproductive organs etc.. They are truly deserving of the term Christian Taliban.

  7. MindyMay says:

    no theyre not but i dont expect someone as radical as you to understand common sense.

  8. Federalist says:

    MindyMay, what is your concept of common sense. You just said that “good, christian values” are what we need. You madam are wrong. We need American values in D.C. not your so called “christian” values…they do not apply to democratic government, nor do they apply to the rule of law. Radical? You ma’am are the radical.

  9. liberator says:

    Mindy radicalism in the name of liberty is no vice. And BTW You haven’t refuted a thing I’ve said. Does the Christian Coalition support legalizing pot,prostitution,nude dancing,abortion,consensual sodomy,gambling,etc… ? Of course not as they are the anti-liberty radical fascists! But of course I don’t expect someone as theocratic as You to understand that!

  10. ConservativeCaucus says:

    Against my better judgement of entering this discussion, here goes:

    Liberator, do you support the use of narcotic drugs, polygamy, insider trading , removal of all seatbelt laws, eliminating alcohol age limits, legalizing adult incest, legalizing assisted suicide/euthanasia, etc.

    Just because society has laws does not mean it reduces liberty. Without laws, it leads to anarchy and anything goes.

    The question comes down to how does a society(and also, how does an individual) determine what is right and wrong and what will be permissible behavior within that society. There is also a difference between what I believe is morally wrong and what should be the law of the land. There are many freedoms that you mentioned above that although people may find immoral, it is nevertheless an individuals right to do them.

    I specifically did not include in my list anything in the line of murder, physical or sexual abuse, exploitation of children, etc. because you would correctly bring up that it harms another person. I would like to respectfully remind you that the reason that “social conservatives” oppose abortion is because they believe that it takes the life of another human being.

    One more question. I don’t ask this next question in a snide/condescending way, but rather because I would like to understand your beliefs better:

    why is it wrong to harm another person?

  11. liberator says:

    I don’t support many things whch should be legal. Laws against activities which harm nobody thru force or fraud certainly restrict liberty. You have lost the arguement when you resort to incest,etc.. The fact is drugs should be legal,seatbelt laws repealed,laws against assisted suicide repealed or stricken,laws against prostitution strickn or repealed. The drinking age should be 18 not 21. Adult Incest is legal in Alabama? Just joking. Insider trading should be illegal as it constitutes fraud which harms others. It is wrong to violate the life,liberty or property rights of others thru force or fraud. When government passes laws criminalizing consensual acts between adults which harm nobody then government has harmed those participating in those acts and violated the 9th and 14th amendments.

  12. liberator says:

    BTW the Fascist laws we have now against drug usage,prostitution,gambling,etc… creates chaos and anarchy by placing distribution in the hands of the gangs and crime bosses leading to black markets which increase violent crime rates,bloody turf wars with innocent folks killed in the crossfire,corruption of government officials,higher std rates,high tax rates,etc… Surely You realize the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing (War on drugs) and expecting to get different results.

  13. ConservativeCaucus says:

    liberator, I ask again:

    “One more question. I don’t ask this next question in a snide/condescending way, but rather because I would like to understand your beliefs better:

    why is it wrong to harm another person?”

  14. liberator says:

    Because they have a right to their life,liberty,and property! In other words there is a moral principle of self ownership (I own me You own You). For another person or government to violate our rights to our life,liberty,or property thru force or fraud is morally wrong! Go read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand or listen to Boortz. and Hope that cleared that up for You? Next

  15. Bill Simon says:

    Well, at least when Sadie Fields was in charge of the CC, everything was spelled correctly AND the survey results were reported correctly.

    Jim Beck must be tapping the bottle of Jack Daniels too often during his Monday – Saturday workweek.

  16. liberator says:

    I had a dream last night that Sadie Fields was dressed in drag. What a nightmare,but then Sadie Fields and her anti-liberty gang of theocrats are nightmares when it comes to liberty and the bill of rights.

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