Whitehead dealt a blow in the 10th CD race

Unfortunately, he was the unlucky one to be endorsed by the Georgia College Republicans. Ouch. According to an email:

After carefully reviewing each candidates’ credentials and examining the political dynamics of this race, the leaders of the state confederation of CR chapters (GACR) requested that Georgia’s College Republican chapters provide support to Jim Whitehead’s campaign. They also organized a 72 Hour Get Out the Vote Campaign for Jim Whitehead that will take place on June 16th-18th.

Interestingly, as Blake Aued pointed out in his blog this weekend, the Whitehead camp — despite receiving the highly-coveted endorsement of a handful of college undergrads — is apparently still having to pay its own staffers and volunteers “$100 each to hand-write postcards to send to 1,300 Oconee County households.” Good, free volunteers must be hard to come by, even if they do want to get involved in the campaign.

I guess the “leaders of the state confederation of CR chapters” were too busy “reviewing each candidates’ credentials and examining the political dynamics of this race” to get over themselves and actually volunteer.

Or maybe they just couldn’t get into the bar where the “group of Whitehead supporters – including Brandon “Don’t Punch My Pickup Truck” Phillips – showed up…and ordered drinks” while writing out the campaign postcards. They just don’t make fake IDs like they used to, do they? 😉


  1. jackson says:

    Jeff, I love how you RE-post second hand information as fact from a blog who’s only reference is to a self-proclaimed left wing advocate .

    Whatever happened to good journalism? $100 to hand-write envelopes? C’mon. If you cant figure out the guy you are quoting a guy who doesnt even know what he is talking about, you only need to look to his next post, in which the first line reads

    “So it looks like a Spurs-Pistons final”.

    Seriously, people. Are you THAT desperate for campaign gossip that you will print ANYTHING?

  2. Capitol Bee says:

    Jeff must really be a dumb-ass. There is obviously nothing to it. Talking about regurgitating someone else’s rumored story…

    Why would you re-post something that has just been posted a little further down the page? Sounds like someone’s got a personal vendetta against Jimbo or either he just sucks at “reporting”.

  3. mr_underhill says:

    This is also a highly unorthodox move by the GACR. Speaking as a former GACR state board member, years ago we would never have endorsed a candidate in a primary, in fact I was under the impression that GACR is expressly forbidden from doing so under its own constitution.

    The only time I can think of GACR previously getting involved in a contested Republican race was when it endorsed Ralph Reed over David Shafer for State GOP Chair in 2001, and I remember Paul Bennecke (who was GACR Chair at the time) saying that it was only OK because it was a party office rather then an actual governmental post.

    Even in 2002, when most of the GACR board was working for Sonny Perdue’s campaign in the primary, there was never a formal endorsement or instructions to individual chapters to support the Perdue campaign.

  4. drjay says:

    isn’t this “technically” a non partisan, open primary b/c of the nature of special elections, even though affiliation will be listed on the ballot–hence a loophole for groups to jump through if they normally sit out primaries as far as “endorsing” candidtes goes?

  5. drjay says:

    and maybe i’m missing an inside joke or something–but is there something inherently sucky about being endorsed by the college gop that i’m not privvy to–i just don’t get it…

  6. Holly says:

    This isn’t a primary. There isn’t one in this race. It’s a special election in which Democrats and Republicans face off on June 19th.

  7. GrandOleDawg says:

    In the words of Ron Reagan,”Here we go again…

    In the words of prominent GOP activist in Georgia: “For someone who has traveled the world and is supposed to have done so much, Jeff Emanuel is the smallest, most petty person I’ve ever met”

    Has Jeff ever posted anything good about any Republican around here? So the GACR endorsed Whitehead? Most the the members were already volunteering for him anyway. My understanding of this was that it was done just to go ahead and let the other candidates know instead of just ignoring their request for volunteers. Do you really not have anything better to do than to sit on front of you computer and throw elbows at a bunch of college students who are trying to help the cause? When was the last time you made a phone call, wrote a postcard, or put out a yard sign, Jeff? Oh, thats right…your contribution to the conservative movement is attacking fellow Republicans on you have petty differences with on PeachPundit.

    And by the way, if the earlier post about the postcards didn’t get much traction, it’s because NO ONE CARES. For one, it’s an unsubstantiated story from a liberal activist / bartender. Secondly, paying volunteers isn’t all that uncommon. People are busy now-a-days, and occasionally respond better to incentives (ECON 101, anyone?). Especially when it concerns a low interest, low turn-out, odd year, special election. As much as you wanted the volunteer rumor to get legs and make someone look bad…it didn’t. So just let it die.

  8. GrandOleDawg says:

    And I await having my comment deleted…further proving my point about pettiness.

  9. rugby_fan says:

    “paying volunteers isn’t all that uncommon”

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but that sounds like the opposite of a volunteer.

    Sounds more like one of those, oh, what’s the word–that’s right, “employees”.

  10. My name is David Ballard and I the head of the University of Georgia College Republicans. I am also the author of the e-mail that Jeff quoted in his post.

    For the benefit of the organization that I have the privilege of representing, I would like to briefly offer a few points of clarification and rebuttal.

    First, it is important that everybody understands that UGA CR and GACR are two separate organizations. Based on some of the phone calls that I have received, it appears that a lot of people have misinterpreted Jeff’s post as being evidence that UGA CR has issued an endorsement in the race to replace the late Charlie Norwood. This is not the case.

    Although a large percentage of our membership has chosen to volunteer for Senator Whitehead’s campaign, UGA CR has not officially endorsed a candidate. Instead, I sent out an e-mail to our 2000+ members that included information about each of the candidates who took the time to either talk with members of our Exec Board or speak at one of our meetings. I recognize that our members are among the best and brightest students in the State of Georgia; I feel that, if provided with good information, they are more than capable of choosing which candidate deserves their support.

    Also, I feel compelled to defend my friends who lead the GACR. I understand that the College Republicans’ brand invokes a number of negative connotations. In the interest of brevity, I will abstain from elaborating on that point. I, after all, imagine that most people who read this blog know what I am talking about.

    The students currently leading the GACR deserve to be exempted from this stereotype. They are hard working, intelligent, open-minded, and humble servants of the conservative movement. They are currently in the process of transforming the statewide CR organization into an entity that will be capable of delivering a significant amount of grassroots support for GOP campaigns in 2008.

    Finally, I feel an overwhelming urge to counter the insinuation that College Republicans are all talk and no action. It should be noted that a large of number of CRs decided to get involved in District 10 campaigns shortly after the Governor announced the special election. According to my records, CRs have already put up hundreds of yard signs, made thousands of phone calls, etc. Moreover, despite the fact that school is currently out of session, it looks like UGA CR will be sending a strong contingent of volunteers to work on Jim Whitehead’s GOTV campaign.

    Jeff, Erick, and company are correct when they point out that College Republicans is an institution with a lot of problems. The CRNC has been plagued with scandal in recent years. Petty personal politics divided GACR for years. Even though I am very proud of what UGA CR achomplished last semester, I recognize that I have my flaws and that my organization has room for improvement. There is a great deal that can be done to strengthen the largest CR chapter in the nation.

    At the end of the day, however, I feel that the GOP would be much weaker without the grassroots support provided by the College Republicans. We may not be wealthy power brokers or influential policy wonks, but we are hard-working and intelligent individuals who strive to bring our peers into the orbit of the conservative movement. We also have historically provided a tremendous amount of free labor that has often made the difference between victory and defeat in close races.

    I encourage conservatives who have a negative view of College Republicans to be careful to avoid the fallacy of division. When you launch broad attacks on CRs, you also disparage the efforts of a lot of good people who are sincerely attempting to make a positive difference in the world. At time when the Republican Party is falling out of favor with the 18-35 demographic (in Georgia and elsewhere), it would be foolish for GOP supporters to indiscriminately piss on the individuals who are best positioned to reverse this disturbing trend.

  11. Overincorporated Fulton says:

    My experience has been that College Republicans at UGA have always been more interested in their own internal machinations and opportunities to put on a power tie than in actually volunteering. No surprise to me their “volunteers” have to be paid.

    Moreover, it’s about time they quit beating this 2000+ members statistic to death. Unless your Constitution stipulates otherwise, being on a listserv doesn’t make you a member.

  12. Holly says:

    Matt Suber, Will Arnold, Esther Clark, and many other CRs have been to Whitehead’s Augusta office time and time again during this election to volunteer. I’ve seen firsthand the time and effort these guys have put into the campaign, and we love them for their great attitudes, willingness to do what’s asked, and their creativeness with bringing new ideas to the table. All right, perhaps we also love them for being themselves, but we don’t want them getting big-headed or anything! 😉

    I’m sorry, I didn’t see where it had been said that the GACRs were the ones who were paid. Can someone else point me to that?

  13. Brian from Ellijay says:


    GACR is Georgia Association of College Republicans, not confederation.

    And this is not technically a primary. So according to the bylaws of the GACR it is free game.

  14. Jack Bauer says:

    I had thought about posting on this thread a month and half ago, but I didn’t because I thought it was to insignicant. However, in light of the results, I can’t hold my tongue any longer….

    Mr_Underhill is correct. The GACR has made a HIGHLY unorthodox move by endorsing and campaigning for Jim Whitehead as he ran against other conservative Republicans (what was that Mr. Ballard said about being “servants of the conservative movement” Since when is the conservative cause furthered by going against another conservative??) for an open seat.

    Having served on the GACR a little more recently than Mr_Underhill, I can confirm that we never endorsed a candidate during a primary. In fact, during my tenure, we amended the GACR Constitution so that, in addition to banning primary endorsements, no elected GACR Exec Board member could be employed by a primary candidate. This was done in response to 2002 when elected GACR officers had been employed by Sonny Perdue’s then primary campaign. While everything worked out in that particular, the GACR General Assembly saw how this could have opened a huge can of worms. Thus, we amended our constitution accordingly.

    Now, I am aware that many say this race was fair game as it was “technically not a primary” and involvement in this race was, therefore, technically not a violation of the constitution. Those who say the have completly missed the heart of the matter.

    Leading up to and during our Constitutional Convention, we knew that it was important for our assocaition as a whole to keep a safe distance from primaries. Why? Because, as a state REPUBLICAN association, it was (and still is) important to stay in the good graces with the party as a while. This includes party leaders, candidates and donors (keep in mind that the latter two can be found on the losing side of a GOP Primary..not just the victors). Thus, it naturally made sense to keep a friendly distance from primary campaigns. Sure, you could give all sides equal air time but making formal endorsements and taking official GACR campaign trips is a great way to make enemies within the party…enemies that should (and would otherwise) be friends.

    While this race may not have been, by legal definition, a primary; it was a race that did consist of conservative Republican candidates campaigning against other conservative Republican candidates for an OPEN seat. By making a formal endorsement and campaigning against other Republicans, the GACR has opened up Pandora’s Box.

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