V is for Vendetta

Again, Cardwell v. Jones should be interesting.

Cardwell made no mention of Vernon Jones, the CEO of DeKalb County and the only other Democrat who has expressed interest in the race. But standing behind Cardwell at his announcement was Eddie Moody, the former DeKalb County police chief who said he was ousted by Jones in 2004.

Now, I do have a question on Cardwell. How long do you think it will be before the GOP starts digging through his investigative reporting trying to raise allegations that he was out for partisan motives? I think that’s probably shaky ground, but it’s probably also to be expected.

Cardwell also says he won’t take “special interest” money a la Russ Feingold. We’ll see.


  1. rugby_fan says:

    Erick; to answer your question the GOP started doing that today around 9: 00 AM.

    I do wonder, if unions count as special interest groups and if the DSCC also qualifies.

  2. atlantaman says:

    I think the GOP will be pefectly content to see Vernon and Cardwell duke it out for a while. No need to be overly motivated about researching any particular Democrat until the Dem primary starts to shape up. The front-runner may not be Cardwell or Jones.

  3. Chris says:

    I think its Saxby’s immediate goal to make sure Vernon wins.

    I think it should be all our goal to make sure Vernon wins. That way we prolong the entertainment past the primary and into the general election.

  4. The Comma Guy says:

    This could be similar to the Democratic primary for Governor – Cox and Taylor killed each other. All Sonny had to do was recycle the loser’s negative ads to continue to score points.

  5. ChuckEaton says:

    “This could be similar to the Democratic primary for Governor – Cox and Taylor killed each other. ”

    The only difference being that Vernon Jones has raised $8,000 and Cardwell has sworn-off raising money from people associated with special interest groups – so it will be a stealth killing.

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