The Soda Fountains Are All Gone Now

A goodbye podcast for Doug Monroe, or Peachtree Screed, is now online. As a PP reader you likely know that Doug is moving to NYC to pursue a grossly more noble career than that of blogger, a medium he mentions in the comments here as being much more akin to talk radio than writing. (He’s got a point there.)

Comments within this podcast are from Atlanta bloggers Rusty, Amber, TrackBoy1, Catherine, and GriftDrift. And me.

Trackboy1 (future blogger) refers to Doug as “our Yoda.” It’s true. I seem to be constantly calling him for advice or emailing him for an answer to a, typically, Atlanta-based question you weren’t exactly going to find by Googling around for it. Doug always knew the way-insider answers.

At one point, I tried to get him to install IM-ing so I’d have even more instant access to The Mind of Doug Monroe. He never was keen on techno stuff, but it wasn’t necessary as he never failed, at any point in time, to make himself 100% available and accessible anyone who needed his time, mind or attention.

What is kinda funny though is that I’d just bought this gi-normous Yoda Pez dispenser for Doug’s going-away present. Only thing is, I’ve become so attached to it, I think I’ll just keep it here by the computer. That way, when I need a fast answer to something Georgia-oriented, I’ll just ask Yoda The Gi-normous Pez Dispenser. I ain’t Doug, but that’s what I’m left with.

I put a milk carton next to it so you can get some perpective on the size and scope of this dazzling Pez dispenser.


  1. SpaceyG says:

    The week is young. If we’re lucky, we’ve got lots of pithy posts and comments, just like Tommya2b’s, to look forward to.

  2. Icarus says:

    If we’re really lucky, we’ll get a haiku from Erick.

    (because a Sweedish Chef Pez dispenser is just too much to ask for…)

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