Douglas Upset His Pork Got Vetoed

It seems Governor Perdue can no longer count Senator John Douglas as an ally after the Governor vetoed $2 million for the Conyers library.

Political Insider has a letter from Douglas to his constituents today.  Here is an excerpt:

I deeply regret this turn of events. What we have seen is poor leadership in action.

Just the courtesy of a call from even the lowest member of the Governor’s staff to warn of the impending veto would have satisfied me. But that didn’t happen and we will deal with the aftermath.

I apologize for what has happened but cannot tell you it won’t happen again.


  1. Misunderestimitated says:

    I have heard from several sources that many in the Legislature were not told of the vetoes until after they were done.

    Of course, at that point…Sonny had left town.

    The governor seems to enjoy his hands off approach, until he doesn’t. He refuses to lead and then gets ticked off when other elected officials attempt to do what they think is best.

    The governor has no real support left in the House and a very little left in the Senate.

    His veto message also essentially says, “We don’t really need a Legislature, just give MY departments the money and we’ll decide what’s best.”

    I think he’s better suited to one of those old “sole commissioner” counties, not the governship of this state.

  2. Icarus says:

    I think the legislature needs to plan on a 39 day session next year, with no sine die. They can then reconvene 60 days later for one day and override anything that gets vetoed.

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