Yes, Blake…it is unusual

From Blake Aued:

I received a dispatch over the weekend from In the Loop’s Senior Environmental and Catering Correspondent, a friend who splits his time between running various left-wing advocacy groups and working in a local bar/restaurant.

Apparently a group of Whitehead supporters – including Brandon “Don’t Punch My Pickup Truck” Phillips – showed up at the Athens bar Friday and ordered drinks. My correspondent reports that they were paid $100 each to hand-write postcards to send to 1,300 Oconee County households.

The staffers were instructed to “write only what is written” on a sample, and to sign their names “John.”

“I suppose they didn’t want anyone named Keisha or Tyrone talking about ‘my friend Jim Whitehead’ standing up for ‘our conservative values,'” my source quips.

I have heard of campaigns sending letters to voters printed in a faux-cursive font, but never of one paying people to write them out. Does this strike anyone as unusual?


  1. StevePerkins says:

    I volunteered for a campaign back in the 2004 Presidential primaries (no comment on which one), and hand-wrote a couple hundred letters to people in Iowa and New Hampshire. Of course… we weren’t told to follow a script, and we weren’t paid for it either. Signing with a phony name is a little over-the-top crass, too.

  2. gmcdaniel85 says:

    People get paid for that? I should demand back pay. I’ve done several hundred too; mostly when doing phonebanks/door-to-door and it got late. Scripts are common, but not required. As for assumed names, I’ve seen that some, but as a result of sleep deprivation, not instruction.

  3. Federalist says:

    The only candidates that pay to have that work done are the candidates that are not popular enough to get volunteers. Whitehead has no friends.

  4. Federalist says:

    O.K. Chuck P. Be a little more original. P.S. you forgot the apostrophe before the s in Jack’s

  5. Whitehead and Broun had the same number of signs in Columbia County…until today when DOT cleaned up the right of ways and intersections.

    Now Broun has two or three times Whitehead.

    From the signs, Broun has a larger base than Whitehead in Augusta!

  6. Holly says:

    I seem to drive different roads in Augusta than you, martinlutherstreet. I’ve seen many signs for Jim today.

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