Cardwell v. Jones

Given stuff like this, we could be in for one hell of a great Democratic primary for Senate.

If you care about Jones, you probably know about problems with his lavish expenditures on security guards. What you haven’t read is how a critical part of the story came to light — and was deftly managed by damage-control agents of the volatile DeKalb CEO.

Some of the most incisive reporting on Jones has been by WSB/Channel 2 reporter Dale Cardwell. Intriguingly, his best reports haven’t exactly been welcomed by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Cardwell says he wonders what’s going on at the newspaper, but he doesn’t want to get sideways with the AJC.


  1. Trackboy1 says:

    Ben Smith also wrote a long, long piece on very shady greenspace bond purchases by Vernon, one especially that involved Wayne Mason. And then Smith was off the AJC DeKalb beat. I had heard that Vernon met with AJC editors asking them to get rid of Smith and Eric Stirgus, but I never thought a bigtime newspaper would cave that like.

    After reading this, guess they did. And the word on the street is that AJC DeKalb editor Larry Conley has a man crush on Vern. Been a long, long time since the AJC called out Vernon for anything, and he’s given them tons of opportunities.

    Man, Dale vs. Vernon will be better than a day at Six Flags.

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