“Your prayers ain’t been answered, ’cause I’m still breathing”

Ouch. With the revelation of that statement — allegedly made by Norwood, to Broun, last year — I think we can almost stick a fork in Paul Broun, Jr.’s multiyear campaign to fill the late Charlie Norwood’s 10th CD seat in Congress. From the Athens Banner-Herald:

John Stone, now a consultant for Republican candidate Jim Whitehead, attacked Broun at a Banks County forum Thursday night for running for Norwood’s seat as early as 2005. Broun sent out letters more than a year before Norwood’s death stating his intention to run should Norwood retire or run for governor. [Auth. note: The letters are here 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5]

“This is something that’s really got a lot of people across the district hacked off, and it’s hard to hold your tongue about it,” Stone said Friday.

Several of Broun’s letters that have been posted on the Internet don’t specifically ask for money, but say he’d received $250,000 in pledges.

Every letter, I flatly stated I would never run against Charlie,” Broun said. “I supported him 100 percent. I asked everybody to pray for his health. I continued to do that until the day Charlie came home.”

Broun collected six campaign contributions for a total of $9,800 before Norwood’s death Feb. 13, according to documents filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Broun said Norwood knew he’d seek to be his successor and approved of it. They discussed his future candidacy last fall at Broun’s church, Prince Avenue Baptist, and Broun described the conversation as “cordial.”

Stone, however, said Norwood considered Broun “the one guy he didn’t ever want to have this seat … after reading those letters.”

When Broun told Norwood at church that he’d been praying for him, Norwood replied, “Well, as you can see, your prayers ain’t been answered, ’cause I’m still breathing,” according to Stone.

As ABH writer Blake Aued points out in the article, “In February, shortly before Norwood’s death, then-candidate Ralph Hudgens was widely criticized for telling the Gainesville Times that he would run for the seat if Norwood died. Hudgens, a Republican state senator from Madison County, later dropped out of the race.” As noted here on Peach Pundit, that was an absolutely despicable act on Hudgens’s part, and, regardless of whether there was any actual impropriety on the part of Paul Broun or not, I think that the more play this “early campaigning” topic gets, the worse the public perception of him, and of his acts, will be.

Ultimately, while he won’t drop out of the race (like Hudgens very correctly did), this subject could make Broun radioactive enough that it won’t make any difference if he stays in the race or not.


  1. Observer says:

    If he actually reported to the FEC that he collected money before Norwood died, this is pretty clear cut. Broun is a scumbag. I bet when Broun told Norwood he would run for the seat one day, Norwood thought Broun would at least wait until he was gone.

  2. CHelf says:

    So Whitehead has elected to avoid running on his own record and issues and instead go negative by attacking someone else as a greater sleazeball? If one is so far ahead in the polls and as some have said beyond a runoff, why do you send your face out to go negative and point out the faults of the other guy – you know the ‘non-threat’? What is the point in attacking like this if you have nothing to worry about?

  3. Jeff Emanuel says:

    CHelf, if you take a look at this and at the previous posts on this, then it appears that this was brought up in response to Broun’s accusation that Whitehead was disrespecting Norwood. I don’t doubt that the Whitehead camp has been waiting for the right time to drop this bomb (or re-stir the hornets’ nest, if you prefer); however, Broun’s attack and press release this week gave them the perfect opportunity and excuse to do so.

  4. John Stone says:

    Let’s please refrain from any personal derogatory comments on Dr. Paul Broun.

    Dr. Paul Broun is no “slug”. He is a good Christian husband, father, and physician. He has honorably served his country as a U.S. Marine. He has been a steadfast friend over many years to Georgia’s homeschool community, of which I and my family have been proud members.

    My unhappy comments were necessary because in spite of his many talents and accomplishments, Dr. Broun does not have the political skills to successfully represent this district in Congress. That political judgment was obviously faulty based on his three unsuccessful campaigns for Congress. But his fundraising for Charlie’s job while Charlie was ill was such a grave and tacky error that it renders him unsuitable for this job, in which a key requirement is conducting yourself in a way to get 218 people out of 435 to agree with you on anything. That takes very specific political skills, which Dr. Broun lacks as evidenced by his political actions.

    But that’s no reason to attack him – or any other candidate in this race – personally. I know lots of great conservatives who do fantastic work for the cause that just aren’t suited for Congress. Georgians would be fortunate to keep Dr. Broun as the only physician still making house calls and standing up as a private citizen for conservative values after this election.

    John Stone

  5. Observer says:

    Whitehead going negative? You’ve got to be kidding me. He’s the only one out there running positive ads touting his record. Of course, none of the other candidates has a record.

    The rest of this campaign has been nine candidates attacking Whitehead (foolish strategy by the way since the initial race should be to come in second.)

    Whitehead finally responds to the latest outrageous accusation and you accuse him of going negative.

    If Broun was raising money while Norwood was in the hospital, then the voters need to know this. It says volumes about the man’s character.

  6. dingleberry says:

    Wow. Everyone GOPeach endorses is bound to failure…I wish she would have simultaneously endorsed Mark Taylor and Sonny Perdue in the 2006 election.

  7. CHelf says:

    Yes, I said going negative. First, if this info was already known why bring it up again? If people were already outraged, why hit someone yet one more time? You see, I hear one person saying it was just being repeated and another saying there is no issue with getting this out there to begin with. Now which is it?

    I just see something strange in hearing how positive Whitehead is, how far ahead he is in polls, and how he won’t even have to do with a run-off. But then with all of this positive spin, he turns around and thrashes the so-called non-threat. Why not take the high ground, or keep it as some say, and just move on? Is Team Whitehead so concerned that these attacks are sticking and feel the need to repeat old news? Are they scared? Or is it as wrapped up as we are led to believe? Whitehead could have easily taken the high ground, ignored this, and kept a somewhat clean image. but instead we have people coming out quoting the dead and attacking others while claiming to be nothing but positive.

    So what is it? Is it as wrapped up as claimed? Is this as positive as some claimed? If the attacks are false or pointless why even give Broun the time of day? Sounds like fear and a tinge of desperation.

  8. Jeff Emanuel says:

    Um, CHelf? Did you even read the response I wrote you? Or have you just already decided how it is, and are just asking rhetorical questions?

    If it’s the latter (which I have a pretty good feeling it is), then I really won’t waste my time trying to reason with you or answer your questions.

    Have a nice day.

  9. CHelf says:

    Oh I read it. And obviously you’ve ignored my point since you’ve refused to acknowledge it. I wouldn’t call legitimate questions that need answers rhetorical. Or perhaps you see no problem with one side claiming one minute to not even need to waste their time with this but the next minute dig up old news and attack.

    As I said before, this whole attack, counter-attack is clearly uncalled for. While Broun has the right to attack the ‘frontrunner’ I’d expect a little more from someone who is allegedly so far in front they don’t have to even address this to begin with. It’s getting to the sick level of digging up dead bodies to say they support X candidate over Y and Z. Just run on a record and not even touch it. Or is that too much to ask?

    Have a great day.

  10. CHelf says:


    To put this simply, what is the point in even acknowledging Broun? Why even touch this? If his words and actions are so bad, just let him go. My original point was that it seems odd that anyone so far ahead would even get in the mud and fight this fight. You could either just keep rolling with the ‘success’ you’ve been deemed with having OR you can get into a tit-for-tat fight which adds great risk to success. In fights like this you have more chances to lose support, say something stupid, or just make this race so negative no one wants to even show up to vote. Personally I’d go with the high ground route. I’d let the other guy sling mud or whatever and let him implode. That is assuming that everything is as wonderful as is claimed.

    If you can read anything by recent elections, people are really sick of this and other behavior. Until we start preaching a new attitude and shockingly LIVE by that (you know pratice what you preach) we’re going to keep seeing the same worthless crap come out of DC. Or we can keep up the ‘garbage in, garbage out’ mentality that seems to inspire so much from not only the base but from the American voter. So call it wasting time or whatever but it is fact.

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